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Lettre 1

I’m tired of being alone.
I need somebody to take care of me.
Maybe it will be you. Why not?

I’m sure that everybody starts the letters with the words :”Hello, my name is...I live in... “. I don’t want our letters to be ordinary. They have to be different in order to catch on. That’s why I’ll start every my letter with a kind of "status". These 2 or 3 lines will reflect my mood on the whole. And will describe what I feel now. Having read it, you will understand who is in front of you today: cold, provident and inaccessible woman or tender and sensitive person, who needs love and caress.
Well, Patrice, my name in English means “Love”. And in Russian it sounds like Lubov Bondarenko. You may think that the person who has such a name is the personafication of this feeling. You are right. And you'll understand it if we correspond with you. What else can I tell you? Well, I was born on the 5th of May 1984. Almost the half of my life has passed and I’m still so lonely. The town Orehov, where I live is not big, and , obviousely, it is tiny. I have doubts that it exists on the map. But I really like it. Maybe not even like, but I’ve got used to it. I was born there and I’ve been living all my life there too. And I would like somebody to share my lonely living in Orehov. Someday.
I work as a hairdresser. And I am fond of my job very much. I like to create some unusual and original haircuts. I would like to take part in a competition of the hairdressers but I don't have such an opportunity now, maybe someday I"ll be able to realize my wishes.
I live with the family of my sister, though my parents live in Orehov too. You may ask me, why don't I live with them then. Well, my parents are people of another generation and they have old-fashioned habits. Sometimes they don't understand me and blame me for my actions. That's why it's easier for me to live with my sister. She can always understand me, regardless of the situation.
I want to tell you at once, Patrice. I like to write letters very much, but they are especial. And these are not the empty words. I use letters to tell you about my reasoning, I like to describe in all the colours my attitude to something you are interested in about me. I don’t write them in order to inform about some events from my life or just dry facts. If you are not afraid of talking a lot, than I am waiting for you and your letter. I won't answer your questions now. Not in the first letter, you will know everything a little bit later. OK?:)
P.S. The golden rule: write only the truth and nothing except the truth, Patrice.

Lettre 2

You know, what makes me surprised most of all in a human being?
They are tired of childhood.
They want to grow up and then dream of becoming a child again...

Thank you for a response, Patrice. Now I see that you are not afraid of talking, I mean writing much about everything we want. The men nowadays are too lazy. They are enough only for the short sms like “I’ll come at 6,cook something tasty for me”:) And you are the broad-minded person. Respect to you:)
You have written one truthful phrase: "Love is not a game!" I agree with you! And I also think that there is nothing except for truth, trust and devotion should be in real relations. I want to create serious and long-lasting relations here in the Internet with some good man. Maybe, you can be the man of my dreams... Who knows? We will see.
I understand that family is the main thing for you. And I appreciate your attitude to the family. I think that there are no people, who will support you always, except for the family. They don't care about your beauty, amount of money. They love you always, not paying attention to the situation. Do you agree with me, Patrice?
If you want besides our usual communication I will explain to you the "status" I have at the beginning of every letter. What it means and why I’ve written it. Well, it’s not difficult to understand that all children want to become grown-ups. And I wasn’t an exception. Beautiful wedding dress, wonderful fiance near. Yes I had it all, but like in the fairy-tale about the Cinderella my carriage turned into the pumpkin. Now I'm really eager to become a careless child, like my niece Ira. She is 8 years old and she is the daughter of my sister. We like to play together and I envy her. I want sometimes to become a child again and have somebody to save me from problems. But now I have to decide everything by myself.
I didn't study at the university, but I don't feel sorry about it. I have a wonderful life without a higher educational establishment. I have the work I like, healthy relatives and good friends. What can be better, Patrice? I didn't enter university, because I didn't have such an opportunity. After school I went on the courses of the hair stylist. And after it I had to work, in order to earn for a living. But I"ll be frank with you, sometimes I imagine my life in another way. Like I have beloved near, who will always support me in a difficult minute.
And do you like your work, Patrice? Would you like something to change in your life? Well I really don't understand people who spend their health while earning money and then spend their money while earning health. For example I won't like to live in order to work. Because I'm that kind of a person who works to live.
And what are you busy with if you have free time? My usual day off is spent with my sister and her family. We can stay at home, go for a walk or just visit our parents. My parents are really happy to see us altogether. And my mum at once rushes to the oven to cook our favourite dishes:)
I like the hours spent with the family of my sister. Someday I am dreaming to have my own family, close-knit and friendly. And what about you? What are you dreaming about, dear Patrice?
With respect to you.

Lettre 3

People don't understand each other any more. But it isn't the worst event.
The most terrible thing is that they ceased to understand themselves.

Well, Patrice, I don't know what to say. I really can't understand my own behaviour. I say that I don't trust men after one unpleasant event in my life ( If I want I'll tell you about it a little bit later). Nevertheless I am ready to tell you about my life. Though I have never seen you before. Please don't be offended. But it's the truth. Frequently, we are ready to tell everything we want to people in the Internet, but sometimes we don't have any wish to communicate with the closest people, for example parents. Isn't it strange? What the unusual creatures people are. Don't you think so, Patrice?
I would like to tell you once more. If I started communicating with you, then I really liked you. And all my words are just reflection. So don't take them to your account. By the way, it was my sister who advised me to use Internet for my searches of the good man. Now she asks about my progress on the love front with you:) And I'm really tired of explaining her that we just have a communication for now.
Well, dear Patrice be sure I will tell nobody about your secret.:) Teddy bear?:) How could it manage to survive after so many years?:) I have doubts that it is still in a good condition:)
So, you have written that you have told your mother about me! I must confess that it is very pleasant to hear! Tell her please that she shouldn't be suspicious, because I am an a honest, decent and good girl on the whole:) So, seriously speaking, I am glad that you understand what I want to say! I hope that you have the same aim to find your second half and to be happy! I want to create long-lasting relations and I hope that I will manage with this task. Who knows, maybe you are a man of my dream? We will see...
My niece Ira is having the birthday party in two days. And I'm thinking over what present I should give her. I really don't know. She will be 9 years old. On the one hand she is already a grown-up girl:) But on the other hand she is still a child. And such circumstances make me confused. Well I asked her about her wishes. She says that she wants cosmetics for girls. As you see women are not becoming they are born:) When I was in her age I dreamt of having a big bicycle. I wanted to ride it in the yard and to boast for one girl. She has always the most beautiful clothes, but she didn't have the bicycle. And I was eager to have something that she didn't have. Yes, childish whims.
But don't you think that our childish whims turn into the adult ones? Do you agree with me, Patrice? For example have you ever wanted to do something better than your acquaintance? To have the car or the house better than he has? All our life consists of the competition for the right to be the best. But I really don't understand what for we do it. Where is the judge who will say: " Lubov, you have the better dress than your neighbour Anya". Even the elderly argue about the best grandchildren or the recipe of the cake:) It is in the nature of things.
Oh, I'm really sorry for talking so much:) But I have warned you about this my weakness, Patrice:)
Write me how are you? And just write me something.

Lettre 4

I've always wanted to end my relationship in such a way, Patrice. To go away without a single drop of tears. But eveything was on the contrary. I didn't have a drop of tears. No. I had the ocean of tears. Do you remember I told you about one unpleasant situation in my life? I think I have enough trust to you to tell you my story completely. I hope I'll find support and sympathy.
Well, my boyfriend gave me up at my wedding day. Exactly he didn't come to the ceremony at all. It was the worst event in my life. But now I'm OK, though I tried my best to forget everything.
That is all. I'm glad that I've told you everything. Now you see that I have the reason for mistrusting people. I'm not just a wild and unsociable girl. Well I'll tell you honestly. I like to correspond with you. And I'm ready to believe you, but at the last minute I retreat again and again. I think I need some time else. But you are good company for me. You may consider these words like the step towards you, dear Patrice:)
You have written that it is easy for you to talk to a woman, because she feels people better, I think that if a woman talks to a man, it is easier for her to do it too, than to communicate with a woman. As you know women are very envious in relation to each other, that is why I think that women and men coexist in this world:)
Dear, you have written that you want to meet your princess. I think that I have a chance to be your princess, if you want!:) I hope that I will try to do my best to be liked by you!:) You don't have to do the same thing, because I already like to communicate with you and I find you to be a very interesting person!
Oh, I am eager to tell you good news. Well as a matter of fact they are good for me but you can also be glad:) I am going to take part in the exhibition of wedding hair cuts. I'll have to show all my skill. There may also be television. Great! But I will have nobody to support me. My sister and her husband will be at work. I would like very much to see you there. For the moral support:) Because I'm a big coward. And when I see television I will turn into a stone at all!:) I am not a very shy person but it's another case. I'm afraid of saying something wrong or looking like a true fool!:)
Today I'll have to work for a long time. Maybe even at night. I have to make five paintings of my haircuts. So will you be so kind to help me catching my muse? Can you tell me something that will inspire, Patrice? I hope:)
And what are you going to do? Do you have any plans? Maybe you are such a busy man, that you don't even have time to sit, enjoy the silence and have a cup of something hot. And we are having a wonderful weather today. There are many couples in the street. And I feel sorry that I can't enjoy the good day too with a loved person:( It's the real truth that support of a beloved is of great importance for us. Don't you have the same opinion? I don't know what happens to me but I miss your letters and I become disppointed if I find no letters in my mailbox. That's why don't forget me, write me as much as possible please. I'm looking forward, dear Patrice!:)

Lettre 5

I envy children. Even little trifles can make them glad.
And their happiness is sincere.
Grown-ups lose the skill of smiling for no special reason:(

Wow, Patrice, we had the wonderful birthday of our little girl Ira! She was the happiest child in the world, I think. I would also like to receive as many presents as she had. Her parents presented her with the big collection for painting. There was even the easel! And I decided that it is time for Ira to turn into the young lady and that's why I presented her with a complect of cosmetics for children. She was "in the seventh heaven":) We had a nice party with the great amount of balloons. Her father Dima even dressed in to the clown. Though frankly speaking I don't like clowns. They remind me of the cruel characters from the horror films:) But I also felt like I had a holiday of childhood. When Ira's friends has come we started playing different games. And it seems to me that grown-ups had even more fun than children:)
What about you? What have you done, dear Patrice? Do you have anything interesting to tell? You know, I really like the style you write. It's so vivid and at the same time attracts my attention:) It's a great plus for you in my eyes. Because it's usually difficult to make me interested in something. I'll put a checkmark in front of your name:)
Thanks, for telling so many compliments in my address:) I even started blushing, I didn't know that you will like my photo in the high boots most of all:) Ok, I will send you one more in my letter!
Dear Patrice I would like to thank you for your support and understanding concerning my last letter. I appreciate your friendship (and even more) very much! And I also hope that our communication will last for ever. Now in correspondence and then maybe even in reality! What do you think? I consider that we should tell each other everything we want and ask all questions we are eager to! do you agree with me? You know I was glad to read that you will laways have some time for me and please be sure that theses words are mutual! I will try to write you every day, even if fall asleep every second!:)
My parents were also at Ira's birthday. Oh, at once they started critisizing me. According to their words, Ira is too small to use cosmetics. And it will only spoil her innocent look. But how could I explain that it is special make-up for children, she has to learn to be a woman, I think. But you know, if I were a parent I would also take care of my child in such a way. My mother sometimes tells me that I'll be able to understand something, when I will become a mother. Maybe. I don't know. A kind of psychology, maternal instinct. I'll have to ask Dima, Ira's father about:) He works as the psychologist in the hospital. To my mind it sounds strange, that a man can be a psychologist. I got used that this profession concerns women. As for me, it is easier to tell woman about your problems, then to open your soul to a man. But as you know, Patrice, tastes differ. For example I wanted to work with the computers, to repair them, but then I've understood that this job will be "above my bend". That's why I've chosen the female job. Though the male's spirit is presented there too:)
And have you ever wanted to have the profession that is unusual for you? And what it would be then? Maybe it would be the hair stylist too?:) Write me as soon as you can, my dear Patrice.

Lettre 6

People need so little in order to be happy,
but why do they ask so much?

I'm sitting in the internet cafe again, Patrice. I've already become the regular visitor here. They have to give me some discount card as an encouragement:) I tried to leave home as fast as possible. My sister is quarreling with her husband. They didn't share the household for today. Can you imagine? Well, having lived with them, I've understood that family life is not only love, understanding and sweet relationship. Life with the beloved can be also bitter. Even such little problems like household or something like that can destroy the idyll. It's a pity:(
Dear Patrice I don't understand why you like my photos of long boots:) Can oyou explain me please?:) I havce some other photos too, but I have to find the ones where I am in boots:) I think that it is boring for you to watch the photos, whish are nearly similar:) Would you like to see other photos?:) And then you will be able to post them in your room:)
My darling, I agree with you that millions of letters can't replace the real meeting. You can't the smell of hir, touch or kiss through the letter, that is why I think that it will be great to meet someday, and to experience ourfeelings in real life, and not only in the letters! Don't be offended, but I can't say that I love you. I like you very much, otherwise I won't communicate with you, but I am afraid of saying such serious words and I want them to be said in some special situation, for example when we meet with you! What do you think? I must confess that I have already thought of spending time with you, and maybe even all my life. And I think that we have a chance to do it, don't you think so? But of course we will know it after we will meet, and discuss everything watching in each other's eyes!
You may think that the words I write in the beginning of my letters are taken from the books or from somewhere else. No, these words are my own thoughts and feelings. Do you have any dreams, Patrice? For example I am dreaming of writing my own book. I would like it to be similar to the diary. I'll write everything I want. And I don't want to think up any events which has happened to me. Everything will be the truth. And imagine if someday I'll become famous all around the world. On the book in the black cover will be written: "Lubov Bondarenko":) It's great! You see I'm already happy. And I've only thought of my name on the book. Really people need so little to be happy:)
And what do you need in order to be happy, Patrice? Many people will be happy if they eat a piece of their favourite chocolate:) And some of them won't become satisfied even if they have a car, house on Hawaii and millions of dollars in their pocket. And at the same time they think that they are very poor and have nothing. For example if I have everything I've just described, I'll share it with the closest person. And if this were you, I would spare nothing for you. I'm very kind girl and if I see the homeless animal in the streat, I always buy something to eat for it. My heart is bleeding when I see that they are so defenceless and hungry. Frankly speaking I even don't feel a pity to people as much as to the animals. And do you have an animal at home, Patrice? I like when strong men like you hold in their arms little kitten. It looks so touching:) But the one creature I will never accept is a spider. And if you are fond of them then I'll ask you not write me:) I'm joking. I just hope that I'll never see it!:)

Lettre 7

Hello, my sweetheart Patrice, how are today? You know, I had some free time today at my work, and I decided to run to the internet cafe and to write you a letter. I didn't know whether you have written me the answer, but I really hoped to see it! I am very glad!
My darling, it is so strange that you are the man, who believes in chiromancy, because I know that men are ususaly sceptical about this subject:) I have convinced one more time that you are very unique!
I would like to say, that you make my heart beat faster. I don't know what happens to me, but when I see a letter from you I am eager to jump, sing and dance, but I think that other visitors of the internet club simply won't understand me:) That is why I prefer to do all these things in my soul, though you know I am humming a melody silently all the same:) You make me feel better and I notrice that my mood is rapidly rises to the mark 100%. But sometimes it frightens me a little bit, because I don't understand what happens to me. I haven't had such a feeling for 3 years, and it seems to be so unusual!
My dear, I want to meet you, Patrice! Yes, of course, I want to be a part of your life and to feel you like a part of my life! Would you like to possess the main place in my heart? I really hope for your positive answer! That is why I don't need any time to say that I want to be with you, at least just to try. What do you think? I cosider that it is impossible to communicate in the Internet all the time, I think that it has no sense. Because people can't know each other properly well through the monitor of the computer. Do you agree with me? It is better to see once to write hundreds of times! when people communicate in reality, they can say nothing, but all the same understand everything just having looked in the eyes. Millions of letters can't replace that emotions and feelings which people have when they see each other, all these slight touches, breath, looks, kisses....That is why I think that I am ready to risk, and to give my fate in the hands of the chance. I think that I have always planned my future, and what did I have in result, Patrice? Broken heart, and oceans of tears. That is why I want everything to be different with you! I think that we have to trust our feelings. And to act in such a way, that is told us by our hearts!
My darling, my angel, I want to be happy, I want to be happy with a nice, kind, loving man. And I think that you are the one I have been searching all my life. It seems to me that I have known for many years. I know that it is silly to trust people after some letters. But I am not light-minded, I just feel that you won't hurt me and that you are a wondeful person! I am sure that I don't make a mistake! That is why, I want to come to you and to live happy, silent life full of love.
Yours Lubov

Lettre 8

Hello, my darling Patrice! I am so glad to see a letter from you and I am very glad that you want to meet me too. I would like to thank you for the compliments concerning my photo:) Well, you have asked me what clothes I would like to wear in order to seduce you...:) So, I think that I won't dress any clothes, I man I would be dressed like on the photo I have sent you:)
My sweetheart, you have told me that you want me to start doing my documents, but I won't be able to do it without your help. Will you give me a helping hand? Yoou see, I have to make my passport and it will cost 150 dollars. I cn't afford such a sum, because my monthly income is 200 dollars, that is why I will appreciate if you help me financially. That is why, I think that then i will be able to make my documents as fast as possible and in a week we will meet. What do you think, my darling Patrice? Will you help me?
My future husband Patrice!:) I often imagine how we will meet for the first time and you know, my dreams are so close to reality that I think that I have already experienced these events with you!
Every day new ideas come to my mind. I'm thinking how it'll be great to go with you here and there, to do these or those things. Do you want to hear about my dreams? I really want to tell you about them. Maybe someday my dreams will turn into life.
I've dreamt how it would be amazing to wake up in the morning and see your face, to see your face everyday. Some people say that they are tired of observing the same face every day. But I don't agree with this opinion. I think it means that these people have never been in love. Imagine that someday we will have our first date. First.... So it should be the best one! And what would you choose then? To go to a cafe? Boring, to my mind. To go to some club? Very loud, we will hear everything except for ourselves:)
To have a supper in a boat? Hmmm. What would you say if I invite you to a romantic walk and say that at the end of our way there will be amazing surprise... Specially for you! So I tie your eyes and lead towards romantic first date! You become a little bit nervous, because one thing is to see everything with your own eyes. And the other one is to be led somewhere by a strange girl:) Don't be afraid I am not a killer, though you can't be sure, as you see me at the first time:) I open your eyes and you are extremely surprised! You look at the boat with candles and little table inside. There is a bottle of red wine and fruits. You turn to me and say that I am the most wonderful woman in the world....
We are on the middle of a lake. Stars are shining brightly and the moon is the biggest one of all I have ever seen. But, I don't pay attention to it. The brightest star has fallen into my life and it is you! You have lightened my existence, you helped me to guess my wish and it has come true! You ask me why I didn't let you to arrange our first date, Patrice? I am laughing and telling you that the first date is a privilegy of a woman. So she chooses the place. But I knew that you will like it! I turn around and look at the silent water of a lake. You ask me to hold something and I don't turn around and just straighten my hand. Oh....... I am speechless and I am afraid to look at my hand. Something round, little and cold warms my heart more than anything else.... I see the ring and you standing on one knee. You don't have to say anything. I have read this question in your eyes. I agree.... You are so happy that start jumping! You have forgotten that we are in a boat, it was your fatal mistake:) The rest of the evening was spent in a warm kitchen with hot tea:) but everybody was happy!:)
So, how do you like my dreams, my dear Patrice?:) I am realy waiting impatiently for your letter and for your answer. I feel that our meeting is coming closer and closer... By the way, my dear if you want nd if you can, you may call me. I would like to hear your voice. My phone number is +80634667492
Yours Lubov

Lettre 9

Hello, my sweetheart, how are doing today? I am in a good mood, because I know that we will meet soon and even the rain that is behind the window, can't spoil my mood!:)
Ok, you have asked me to send you the photo where I am in my black boots:) I am sending you the one today, where I am wearing these boots, the photo was made at work:) I hope that you will like it!
So, what do I think about your story?:) I think that it isn't good! It is grea, Patrice! Do you believe I have told you that I forgot what romance means, you have taught me to believe in romance again and I am very grateful to you! Because I have always thought that such nice things happen pnly in TV, now I know that impossible is nothing. And do you believe that i have never seen diamonds?:)
My dear you can send money through Western Union. I have asked about it, my acquaintance have told me that it is possible. Frankly speaking I don't know if you need some information from me, that is why I will send it all the same. So...
70500 ( index of my town)
Zaporozhskaya obl
Dovganya St, 48
Lubov Bondarenko
So, I will be waiting for your answer, sweetheart, and I hope that you will be able to call me soon. I want to hear your voice!!!!!!!
And now, you have told me how you see our first meeting, and I would like to write how I see our life:)...........
Just imagine how our life will be like if we live together in some silent place. I'd like to have a big beautiful house, where we'll live together with our domestic animals:) We'll have a wonderul garden where we will have a rest after working dys. And on weekends we will arrange small private parties for our friends. Just imagine... Silent music is playing, for example Garou:) Do you remember I've told you that I adore this singer, dear Patrice? We are eating shish kebab. I've leaned how to do it:) And I've cooked it myself:)...
Every week I'll add some unusual thing to the interior of our house. And everyone who will come to it, will admire how wondreful it looks like and what especial atmosphere we have there.
Sometimes we will go to the city to visit some place: cinema, theatre or anything else. Without any doubt we'll have a good time there, but as they say "east or west - home is best". So we'll come back home...You are driving the car and I am dozing on your shoulder, silently snuffling:) When we come, you carefully take me in the arms. But carefully, you don't want to wake me up, don't you?:) Uhh, you are so reckless, I've awoken:) We decide to sit in the garden for some time. We are discussing plans for the nearest weekend, where we should go. I want to go to the river and to cook shish kebab:) Now I can do it, that's why I am eager to cook it on every occasion:) You would like to visit your friends and to play billiard. Well...Ok. Relations is the mutual understanding, that is why you may go where you want and I'll stay at home. But take into account I'll cook, (have you already guessed what?:)) and I won't leave a single piece to you:)
And don't be offended then, my darling Patrice!:)
Write me as soon as possible, I want to hear from you!:) And I wish I could see you right now! Oh, I almost forgotten, darling my finger is 16, I hope that you have the same system as in our country!:)
Yours Lubov