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Lettre 1

Hi there=)!
I'm interested in you.I am very serious
inmy intentions to find a man
whom I have been waiting for all
this time. May be this man is you? ;0)
Please,write me back to the my e-mail address:

Lettre 2

Hi friend,Patrice,
how are you? how is your day?
I'm pretty busy today at work, and when I have found your letter
in my mail box, I was so happy;)) Because now I have reason to stop,
to read your letter and to abstract from working troubles. So, thanks
a lot for your letter and photos, you look so cute;))
Ok, I guess it's interesting for you to now me. Here we go..
My name is Katya, it's a short variant of Ekaterina. My mother called
me in honor of the russian queen Ekaterina II. Maybe you've heard about
this person?
I'm 25 y.o. I come to such life line, when it's time to think about
future. Yeap, you an smile, but I want to have a serious relationship,
which will have a happy end. Probably it sounds like a dream of little
girl, but as we know each person has little child in his soul, do you
Ok, return to my life. I'm working now and dreaming to finish my studying.
I have bachelor degree, but dream to obtain higher degree. My speciality
is landscape gardening economy. Unfortunately, it's hard to find the
work here by my speciality, thus I didn't luck to find the work according
to it, but I had luck to find the work at florist salon.To make the long
story short, my work consists of making bouquets and sell it.But I can
say I like it, I think in such way I present piece of happiness to people
and it glads my heart.
Perhaps, you are curios, why I am here, but not walking along the streets
and looking for my soul mate. I even don't know how to explain it. I didn't
have luck to find my man here and that's why I decided to try my fortune
at internet. For me miles are nothing, the main thing hearts love each other,
do you agree?
Also, sorry I forget to tell you where I'm situated. So,I live in Nikolaev,
but my family is at suburb of Lugansk. How it has happened? I had come here
with my friend in hope to find work, and did it. My friend has returned
at our native town, but I remained here.
So, I think it's enough for first letter, I don't want you get sleep
during it;)) If you have some questions please ask me, I will gladly
answer for all of it;))
Hope to her from you soon,
P.S. Sorry, I miss some information, I think for you it has to be important.
My english is very poor, or it's better to say very very very very poor..
I have to use the help of translator, for me it's not problem,what about you?

Lettre 3

Hi dear, Patrice,
how are you? I hope I don't bother you with this question.
We know each other just few days, but I'm really interested
about your life. Yeap, such I am, curios girl;)) I hope you
are not scared with it. I know what means limit;)))
Patrice, I make make-up each day, but I like light one, I like
to look naturally.The same with nails.
Patrice, I have never been abroad and I have never thought about
my relocation to other country, but if i have to make it to be with
my soul mate. I'm ready for it.
So, I have understood, that last time I told you nothing
about my family. I think, this information can be interesting for
you. Here we go..
My family is ordinary one. I have father, he is wonderful man.
He and my mother is 25 years together. and you know, it's so pleasant
to see that they still have very strong love between each other.
Thus, when people tell that love disappears after few years, I don't
believe on it. Love lives forever if people really love each other,
what do you think about it?
Also, I have brother. He is 17 y.o. now. Very clever guy, this
year he will enter to college. He dreams to work at police and
I do hope his dream will be realized.
I love my family very much and on the level I miss them very
much. I live far from them an I don't have chance to visit them
often. But I try my best to see them once or twice per month.
What about your family?
Patrice, you know, I'm optimist and I try to find positive things
even in bad things. Maybe you can think such position is wrong. But
in such way it's easy to live and I try to keep such point of you.
Also, I think all that we have in our life is a result of our
actions, thus if something bad happened with us, we are guilty on
it and anyone else, do you agree?
I don't have a lot of friends. Sure, I have a lot of acquainters
from work and from other fields of my life. But I have only few
real friends. I like them very much and we like to spend time
together. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of spare time, because
I work usually till the late evening and when my working day
is finished I have power and energy to get home. But I try to
see them each weekends. Do you have a lot of friends?
Ok, sorry, but for me it's time to return to work, but I'm waiting
to hear from you again and promise you to answer on your letter
at once.
Sorry, if I confuse you wit following words. But seems you are nice
person and I like you, I'm really interested in our communication
and hope you feel the same;))
Kiss you, Katya

Lettre 4

Hello dear Patrice
I was very happy to see your letter again in my mail box..I'm very exited about
our communication and i do want to continue..I just hope that one we will have chance
to communicate face to face..I understand that I don't know your language and you
don't know mine..but it wont be a problem..I think we will be able to learn a little
bit each other languages to understand each other..I wait for this day..really..
Dear, I do hope that this letter will reach you, cause i have tried many times
to send you letter and everytime it bounced back to me with explanation, that here
is some problem in connection with your mail box.Hope, it's ok now and you will
be able to read my letter.
Patrice, don't offend, but I send you such photos as I have.
On the level, I should say that since the time I first got your letter
something has changed in my life. Now I wake up hoping to hear from you
as soon as possible;0) I have a good feeling about us and I do believe
that we will become a good friends… You know, once one said that there can
be friendship without love, but no love can exist without friendship. So I am
sure that we will become good friends and even more…
As I told you I am very family-oriented girl and it seems that we have a similar
aims and priorities, I think this is things which make you so close to my heart.
I see that you are looking for the same. I want to ask you one thing. Tell me
are you ready to have relationship with a girl from Ukraine, the girl who does
not know your language yet who has different tradition and culture?
The matter I want to know it, in order I can know to which stage we can develop our
communication, which we have now.Please don't think nothing bad, I don't press on you
and will never make it, but I'm just curios for what I can count on.
I do not want to lose our contact after few letters. I believe that thing goes right with us in the
future and I think we should meet in person one
day and maybe I will stay with you forever. I know that it is not a simple thing
to move to a strange country but if we are in love it will not be a problem for you, is not it?
And again I want to repeat. I don't press on you, but I just guess what future can
bring to us.
My sweetest man,I want to know more what do you like and what you don't like.I want to hear it,
just to learn the way in which I can make you happy!!!
My angel, you know,I don't go to many clubs , but sometimes my friends and I get together and
we all go dancing. We also go to comedy clubs to watch comedians.
I have a good sense of humor, after all if we can't have a little
fun in our lives what good would that be? I have had dreams about finding my soul mate,
and sharing with him everything in my life, I think I found HIM and it's you!!!
Sorry, probably I should not to tell such things so earlier, but I can't supress my heart,
and now when I'm siting here, I'm just scribbling the words of my heart to you!!!
I would like to read of your dreams, and to know a little of what you want, what do you expect
from our communication? I understand that probably it's earlier to speak about future, but
anyway..each of us has some expectation.
Delight, I think we have a lot of common thoughts, interests and I think it's good basement
for firm knot
So, I guess I shall stop by now…
I hope to hear from you soon.
I wish you to have a nice day. ;0)
P.S.Send you billion kisses to your sweet cheeks;)))

Lettre 5

Hello my sweetheart Patrice,
I'm so glad to sit here and read your letter, Patrice I think
we are really two half of one. It's so strange you are there
and I'm here, but I feel so close to you. You know even this
distance which exists between us doesn't bother me. I know you are
on miles, but you are everytime in my heart and mind. I can do
nothing with it. You have won my heart..
Patrice, I'm sorry, but I don't have black boots to take photo for
you on it.
I'm very happy that I've found you, I feel you're my soul mate.
Only you can bright my days during this routine life.
My angel I know I don't have right for it, to ask you about
something or something like it. Just know I like you very
much and I don't want to lose you. You know that my english is
very poor and to communicate with you I have to use the help of
translator. Don't think in bad way, but now I get in such situation,
not very pleasant I have a little problem at work, maybe I even
would lose it, as a result I have a problem to pay for translation
of our correspondence. I can't afford it. That's why I have to keep
silence. I don't know when I'll be able to write you or read your
letter again. But I do want it so much. I need you and I need to
hear from you often..I feel blue about this situation, because I really
don't want to lose you.
I don't push you to anything just.. may be you will be able to help in
this situation and to pay for translation of our correspondence. I don't
ask too much, all that I want to be with you and to develop our relationship.
Probably you also will be not able to help me, but anyway if you can, and
if you still have desire to communicate with me and if you need as much as
I need you, please me to pay..I'm sorry that I ask you about it.
But I even don't know to whom I can address in this situation to ask about
help and support,
In love with you..

Lettre 6

Hello dear Patrice,
I'm so happy to hear from you..please forgive me that I
put you in this situation..but I really like you and
don't want to lose our communication..
Patrice, I'm just scared that I will put you in expense,
because translation of one letter, cost $6..
Patrice, I don't have photos with me. I will look in my
album, maybe i will find such one as you asked.
Kiss you, Katya

Lettre 7

Angel, please forgive me for my silence yesterday.
But I have to fill and form some documents at work, my last working
days will be on Wednesday and that's all..
I'm lost a little bit about this situation, because of crisis it's very
hard to find work here, but I do hope for better and for my luck.
Patrice, I have found few photos for you, two first was taken by my
friend, when she were learning for photographer and two last was taken
a little bit later, at the house of my colleague. I do hope you will
like it.
Patrice,as I have told you, for translation of each letter I pay $6, for scanning
or printing photo $2. Also, translating firm provide unlimited services it costs $240,
it means that whole month we can exchange unlimited amount of letters and photos.
Patrice, but everything depends on you, you can help me to pay per each letter
or for example for unlimited services.
I understand that it can be expensive for you and thus you have to decide yourself,
which way is more convent for you.
Patrice, I have spoken with manager here and she told that if you want you can pay
directly to them or you can transfer money to me and I will pay them. It's also up to you.
Also, manager, told me that the quickest and easiest way for transaction is Western Union
or MoneyGram. I don't know much about these systems, cause I have never get touch with it,
but manager told me that you will need the following information:
My full name is Ekaterina Medvedeva.
My address: Ukraine, Nykolaev, Stroitelei st.140.
But I don't know is it convenient for you to use it or not.
wait to hear from you, my love, yours Katya

Lettre 8

My sweetheart Patrice,
I will send you everything on Tuesday or Wednesday.
We have Independence Day on Monday and everything will
be closed, and I will be able to use the service of
photographer only on Tuesday.
Sorry for my short letter, but I persuaded translator to
write you few lines on free..
I do love you, my Patrice and I'm missing you much..
yours forever Katya