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Hello my dear friend John!

I  say my friend because frankly speaking I am not sure how to address
you.  I  do  not  know  how  to  address  you because this is only the
beginning  of  our  communication and I am not sure where it will lead
us.  I  think that first of all I should tell you that my name is Olya
and  that  I  hope  to find my life here! Well, my dear fiend, I think
that  I  should explain you why I decided to join the meeting site and
why  right  now  I  am  writing  to  you.  Not so long time ago, I was
standing near the window and watching to the window, you know, i could
not  even  imagine  before  that  the life around us is such a mess:-)
Well, I was standing near the window watching the people on the street
and  suddenly  I understood that there billions of people in whole the
world  and  I  still do not have the only one! Have even thought about
it?  There are so many people in the whole world, and you have to find
only  one! That the only on! As for me, it is practically impossible!!
And those people who manage to find the second half are really blessed
by the God, who know, maybe I am also blessed, but I still do not know
about  it:-)  I  was  trying  to find my soulmate here in Ukraine, but
probably  it  was  the  wrong place for the search:-) That is why I am
here  right  now  and  I  am addressing you, I hope that I can find my
soulmate  in  you  probably.  Yes,  I try to look for my soulmate in a
stranger,  because I did not manage to find my life, my love here!! Of
course  I  had  the affairs before, and each time I had a hope that it
was  for  the  rest  of  the  life,  but  you can never guess the real
intentions  of a person you stay with, that is why "for the rest of my
life" was only from my side. Now I hope that the situation will differ
and  I  WILL  DO IT!! I will build happy family. So please, if you are
not  serious,  do  not even waste my time and do not write me back, it
will  only  mean that I am wrong again! But if you are serious, please
answer me and I hope that the things will work out:-))

Best regards........Your Olya, I hope to hear from you very soon,
you can send me your letter  here: