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Hi again ! Why you long did not answer me? I am ready to speak on the phone with you as soon as we learn each other is better.
Today a great day, and I have a good mood, in my head a bunch of good ideas. Now I see your letter and on my face a fabulous smile. We have a cold today, but the weather usually does not prevent me to spend a day at work or engaged in your favorite business. Also, it did not stop me and now when I can once again turn to you. I'll be glad to receive your letters always and always answer you. We can talk about anything. Tell me how are you today? I hope we can talk more, and of course I do not want to rush. But everything in this life is possible and I hope that one day meet you and we can talk more. Who knows what will happen and everything is possible in this world. If I ask myself targets, I will definitely achieve this.
We'll just have to choose the right time and approach the issue from all sides. And if we can achieve something together and when we know each other better at the right time. We can only discuss it and then decide what we want. I would gladly have talked with you more in the real situation. So we can at least see each other and have a conversation. But I think that first we need to know each other, the last time I do not trust men. But I think that there is even the pros, we are now talking in letters. So we will be able to understand us better, and then if we see each other. And no matter how old, age should not matter for us, no matter where we live and what we do. In fact, I came back here to use the computer.
I do not use social networks I do not have time for this. And often ride to work and communicate with customers in my country, Azerbaijan. I can use the phone, but you need information on how to use international communication. since I have close friends who often travels abroad for a vacation. I tried to call back and tell me that my statement is not set and you can not make a call. When I try to call in another country then it is always available, but it is cheaper for my calls within the city. I've never been approached by the operator in this regard. If need be then I'll do it and it would be better to go to another city, our capital Baku to resolve the issue where the main office.
I have previously traveled to neighboring countries for work item and brings huge sets of items and various souvenirs to sell it. It brought from Turkey, Georgia, or Israel, but also I did not go further. So it all started in my business, and time consuming. This is not the time to make such a trip, and especially in those countries. And even had to change the schedule and make some changes in the work. Then time passed and I stay still here in my country. It is a certain period of employment for me and that gives me an income. I do think that we put ourselves in this world. So we always feel. If we do not want to go down and up only. And look forward to the future and develop. We will be sure to succeed.
And I think that if you agree with me on this. Also, I think that you know it all. I have in you interest in every person there is an interest. And we just need to be interesting. I have an open heart and feel it. So I actually live and hope only for themselves and hope that everything will be fine. We will definitely happy and remain alone. as I said, I believe in change and only the best. I'd better chose another place to travel, and more romantic place. And where we could relax and enjoy with your loved one. But there is no danger, and I do not need all the more. I told you that now practice meditation and Yoga classes. I've never even smoked a cigarette and treat alcohol as a caution, I do not use any drugs,
it is prohibited for me. I also wonder, and your way of life? What would you like to change only for the better? I think you're like all men love sports. But what's in your heart? I think that you do not have any bad thoughts. But everyone wants to change something. We just should not be afraid of these thoughts or any changes need to set specific objectives and that can be achieved and can only aspire to it. Everything should be in a positive mood and manner. I want to during your day you've always been collected, and thought only of the beautiful. And in general I try to push away all the bad thoughts away from myself and also not to think that there are impossible things. We just need to make some effort to come to this.
Tell me your thoughts about all this? I want you to also pushed all the bad away. When I go home yesterday, then I remembered about you and think that we are interested in each other. And I think that we can talk more today. I think that now you know a little more about me. I shall examine the computer longer to understand everything here, and all of the programs. I only hope that my letters come to you properly. you can answer me when you will have time. I'll wait for your answer with excitement.