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Hi ! Thanks for your interest in me:) I am very pleased to hear
from you, and to see your photo too:) I was waiting for you....How are

I am glad to learn more about you and now i want to tell you a little
bit about myself and my family... so where to start???? My name is
Tatyana, but you may call me simply - Tanya - like my friends do. I
have daughter, and her name is Lera.... she is almost 3 years old
(2.9))))) She is just amazing little girl!!

I was born in Luganks, and had been living there all my life...until
one day when i personally experienced how horrible is real WAR((( I
had to move, and now i live in Vinnitsa. Teacher is my profession, but
i don't work as teacher right now!

My mother have to stay in my native town, she needs to take care of
grandmother - my grandma is 83 year old and because of her age she
can't move a lot(( My father - well, i remember nothing about him. I
was a little girl myself when he left us. But well... life goes on!

Time is passing, i have grown up, and i am mother myself already!!!
And i have daughter, my angel, my joy and my sense of living. If
someone would ask me - are you ready to go through all the things
which happened in your life again? - i would certainly answer YES,
because thankfully to all i have my treasure Lera, who i simply can't
imagine my life without!

I had been married. I can't say that we had bad life, but everything
changed after Lera appeared in our life. He started to pay attention
to other girls, from time to time he was very late from work for no
reason, later he started to drink more than normal, and all in all
rising his hand on me. One day i just gathered all the things, and
left him.

I am tired of being alone, and i need reliable man, i am here to find
the one and only for me! You know, we all have these days, hours,
minutes when we need nothing else but to hug the dear to you person,
to lead head on his shoulder, we need love, we need care, we need to
know that this is the one and only or you, the person who will never
betray you and your feelings, who will never hurt you!

Enough about sad things:))) I know that life is not the bed of roses,
but also i know that first we have difficulties, black side, and after
the white side comes too... it should to come! I strongly believe that
everything will be fine in the end:)

And what do you want to tell me about yourself? I am interested in
everything:) Your plans??? What are you searching for in your girl,
qualities you believe are important? Your interest in life????

I will be waiting for your letter back:))) Hiiii and hellos to you
from Lera, have a very nice day! bye-bye))) Yours Tanya!