Scammer Natalia Natalia Semyonova

Natalia Semyonova
Republic of Buryatia 14 Gagarina st., Apt. 5

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Re: 抱睡着

发件人:busegiluna <>
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收件人:xxxxxxx <>
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Dear Li Shi,
How are you? Did you have a nice week-end? I hope you are fine and this will find you in good health. I want you to know how much is important our relationship to me. I feel myself closer and closer to you with each new day. You are the man with whom I wanted to meet all my life! We have the same dreams, souls and hopes. Now I am thinking about you always...and I imagine us in very romantic situation often.
My dear Li Shi, I am so sorry to say that again, but unfortunately I don’t have any financial possibility for the travel to you…..I am so sorry darling…..I asked everybody, but nobody can help….I am very sad because of that….My love, may be you could to help me with 750$? Could you send me this amount my love?
I went to a bank to find out how it is possible to send money here and I learned about Western Union system for the money transfers, it is a large international system, it is very fast and safety to send money by this way.
If you need my information, it is following:
Full name: Natalia Dmitrievna
Surname: Semyonova
Street address: 14 Gagarina st., Apt. 5
City: Ulan-Ude
State: Republic of Buryatia
Zip code: 670024
Country: Russia
They told me I should to know your full name, the amount and the money transfer control number. I will send you a copy of my passport too. Please try to help me, my love!!! My darling, we have a big New Year’s Holiday here from the 31th of December till the 9th of Januray and everything will be closed. So if you can send me the money, could you do that the 26-28th of December, please?
Please, know I consider our meeting as the most great event in my life. You have changed my life and my perspectives already. I take this very seriously and I want you to be sure about it. I believe we are a great match that means our hearts, souls and minds match each others perfectly well. I feel that we will have a great life together so I want to make it happen for us.
I think about you all day long. But, I miss you the most when I go to bed and turn the light out… I have one pillow for my head and then, the other one, I hold close to me with both arms and dream that it is you! I fall asleep with a picture of you holding me close to you in my mind. When the alarm clock rings in the morning, I am always in the same position, holding "you" close. When I wake, I am still thinking of you…I even want to kiss my pillow "good morning".
I feel my heart and my feelings are so strong for you! I am looking forward to the day when I will see you at the airport! With love, your Natalia.