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I am very glad to get letter from you today. And - very
I'm glad you still want me to write. This is a very
Well, this is my answer on a volume that does not live in Russia
confused. Your country, I believe that this is a very interesting and, of course,
It differs from mine. I like to learn new things.
We live far from each other ... This is a very big distance for both of us. but it
Like long distances only. It doesn't scare me. It seems
And she was particularly interesting. You don't think that's so? I read in
Newspapers (at that time a long time ago) that in other countries
(Europe and Northern America) meets situation, that women are more
careful than men. This is important, isn't it? And I'd really like
Study the opinion, also, why looking at women
The Internet? And the first time I have a connection via
The Internet. I want to tell you about me directly. I've never been
I got married and I want to marry. I want you to meet someone who wants
Calm and strong families. I need someone who is righteous,
It is also a careful, warm and sexy. I would like to have a friend who
and then (if OK), you can become a friend on
only. An important part of relationship, love, trust and
understanding. These three things must be present together. love
it is important, but you need to believe blindly in another person, if
I am very because you should know its true love you know
In the end, you. You probably have the question "why Russian women search
for men in other countries. "As it is for many reasons, I think, and
The first is the level of economic, Russia. Russian men cannot
to take care of his family. Very lazy. Drink a lot and sometimes
very concerned about women and the family does not want such a future. if
They get a lot of money, and so they began to seem all
the use of alcohol or other women. In our country women are more
than men. Russians to run the household, children and a lift
on a permanent job at the same time. There is an opinion that Russian
Men are worse now. I want to get married abroad, but I am interested in my
Future. I want to have a normal, quiet life, although I would like to leave
Friends and culture. It is very difficult. Here are just a few of the reasons
So, I think it's better to be alone than
with someone and sad. I have no children, but
you want them to have. I think that would be a good mother. live
parents, mom and dad, we are for families. my
Call Mom - Svetlana, 50 years old, and he is very concerned that I
of them. However, fully supports me in my belief of this family. my
Father - Vladimir K 53. This is a real man, as he is always ready
he came to help you in any situation. I would like to visit cinema and to read
books. I have a lot of free time in their work, so
the ability to read. I love various love stories, detectives and very
very, very fond of Russian classical literature. I also love
the variety of music. When I was sad, I listen slow, sensual music.
Jazz and the Blues. When I'm in a good mood, I listen to modern music.
American music is very pleasant for me Jennifer Lopez, Aerosmith, Moby
other groups of us. In winter, skiing and fashion.
What do you enjoy doing in your free time. My hobby, if it is likely to say -
English. I loved English language during long time when
He went to school. The training program necessarily includes
Foreign languages in Russia, as a rule - in English, German or
French. I started a group English and
still happy that I managed. After school continued learning
The English Language Institute. I know that I can make mistakes, but
Hope I don't have to be bad.
I have a lot of ideas, about which I wrote the following letter. I
send your pictures and expect the photos.
Your friend Svetlana.