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1er message
Hello, my friend xxx.
My name is Veronika Svetlanova, I am 30 years old. To say truly I'm happy. I am happy, that will get acquainted with a man who will help me to see the new colors of life.
Immediately want to tell about myself. I was born in the glorious city
of Nizhniy Novgorod, which is famous for its armory. Great, the old city where I lived the most
beautiful years of my life. Or maybe not great. After all, life has just begun. Do you agree with me, my friend? And I'm not going to stop there, so I write you
a letter. At the childhood, I dealt with ballroom dancing. So I grew up moving, and elastic. At 16 I left these sessions, because grandmother has sick, and I had
to take care of her. Had to travel far, so I often left her at the weekend. Like to baked pies with my grandmother and placed flowers. And you love flowers?
Unfortunately, grandmother has dead soon, and I was admitted to the Nizhniy Novgorod University of Light Industry. Now, easily and naturally I become a hairdresser.
But it is not for me, I feel. In my romantic soul placed creative personality. Even if the evil speaker said that the creative individual is not constant,
but no one so much did not want to constancy and mental rest, as I have. No wonder I love all beautiful, I love in different ways to decorate my lives, everyday
life. For example, take a fascinating trip to a nearby town or on the environment, or even go to the world round trip. Michel how you relate to a picnic?
And, you can get a bunch of different colored flowers and make bright, cheerful flowers compositions. Baking cakes and painting also one of the few of my hobbies.
My mother-confectioner, so I'm fascinated by her since childhood. I have a cat named Riba. He got to me quite by accident. I went to walk and all of a sudden rain,
then a strong wind got up, he tore out of my hands umbrella, and I got up first got under the tree. Through the rustling leaves and wind noise, I heard a cat
crying. Raised my head up, I saw a small kitten. He was among the branches, sorrowful looked at me and wept. I can not forget his sad eyes. There was no time for
reflection, because the weather worsened. I had to act. I withdrew kitten from the tree, wrapped in a blouse and ran to home under a heavy rain. So he began to
live with me. He loves me, but I love him more. But most of all want to love a man.
I wish with all my heart, have a happy, friendly family.
I sometimes write poems and stories, funny and sad, about love and separation. Sometimes i tell my friends, and they judged by their dignity. But when the
history of my happiest will be writing, when started works in my destiny?
I have many friends and acquaintances, who are already married. Many of them have children. I often see with them, we go on walks, in the circus, theater, cinema.
I see these happy faces, and my desire to become a mother and wife is increasing in geometric progression. I love kids. There is nothing better than their loud
laugh. This is the most beautiful, that world can give me joy. I believe that inside of me is a good mother. Moreover, I have little skill. I often sat with the
children of girlfriends. And how are you, dear Michel think about the children?
I just dream about children and family, but I can not find the person who will carry out my dream into reality, and so badly wants. For me it has become the
meaning of life. I think I am the right age for the plan, which was prepared for me in heaven. I have to finish my letter, as much about myself told. Now I would
like to know about you and your opinion about me. A gentle and passionate embrace you, my new friend, Michel.

2ème message
Hello, my dear friend xxx.
Honestly to say, when I received your letter, I become very glad.
This is fine, talk to a man from another country.
And if such communication appears common interests and hobbies, it means only that the message would be useful and enjoyable for both interlocutors. What do you
think about it, xxx?
In our time in communicating with someone is very difficult to find exactly what is really necessary. After all, you need very little. Warm heart, joy in the eyes,
and, of course, respect.
I think you look like a man, and I am very happy for you and for myself.
As I already wrote to you in last letter, I am pleased the lives of at least trying to be happy. Why try? Because there are moments in life when it's needed.
For example, at work. I work as a hairdresser in the salon.
Here comes, different people, mostly women. I welcome customers with a smile on face, I can do the various services.
But when the girl came and asked to do hair, haircut, or stacking. She says that she was a friend of the bride, or marries, a smile on my face did not disappear,
instead, it will be happier. But what is happening in my head, what thoughts torment my brain, you can go mad. God, my family is fine, this is not what the
holiday is an event. This is a result of the love of two people. The birth of a child, a beautiful thing that could happen in this world. I, personally, to the
birth of a child in the family or part-time at home, where there is falsehood and hypocrisy.
Yes, and I am all about family and about the child? Probably just my time is going to come. But in such cases, a rush to anything. Michel, you agree with me?
What do you think about this? Knowing the seriousness of the situation, I do not hurry, hurry, and not with whom. There is no single, beloved man, who would be a
good father and loving husband.
Last year I went to the Black Sea. A holiday, a friend suggested a trip. Why not. Not once was there. Were on an excursion. One trip, I particularly remember.
We brought in the rocks, mighty and strong. Beautiful place. Because these rocks to open a view, such a space. And why is this place called the Cup of Love?
Do you know why this name? Bowl, because there is a small bay, and the height to the water is not significant. Imagine, the diameter of the bay does not exceed
20 meters, and its shape is perfectly round. Long story about love, even in the whole legend. Years ago this place was of a young couple. He came to experience
and learn about the fate of their future. They took each other by the hand and jumped down. The meaning of all these actions is that during the flight, and at
the time of immersion in water lovers should not divide their hands. If this happens, then share their fate in the near future. It was very interesting. Many
were preparing to jump. Some jumped, some were afraid to tempt fate. They jumped, and I was sitting on a big stone, and thought that I was not with whom to test
fate. I would probably not become to do so. And you, my friend? For some reason, at that time was a little sad. But then we just ran to swim, and my mood has
improved. Arriving at the holidays, I chatted with the men. The only thing that I realized that everything in my country there is no suitable person with whom I
would be happy.
Dear friend, xxx, I am glad our acquaintance, and I hope that you too pleased about this. I finish my letter, because a little bit tired, and I want to sleep.
Today was a difficult day. We look forward to a new letter from you and look forward to your positive feelings about me. Kisses and I embrace you tenderly and
With respect and hope for the best, your Veronika.

3ème message
Hello, dear friend xxx. I am pleased to once again receive your letter as a small child. It is as a letter from a beloved friend who moved to live to another city.
From an early age have these happy feelings. As a child I have a lot of time spent in the village.. And your writing is a pleasure to read. As I see in your
letter, the kindness and sincerity. This happens to me in something incredible. In my heart there were sparks of hope. I wish by heart, that these sparks has
never gone out.
Was one moment in my life where happiness sparks fire in my soul and then suddenly disappear. Only my mom knows about this incident. Only a mother could support
in difficult moments. Of course, I told her all about it and about this incident, which occurred with me. It was winter. As usual, the evening I went slowly home.
I tired, was hungry and frozen. On the roadway were parked a car foreign brands. Suddenly the man got out of a car. I did not understand his age. But age is not
important, more importantly, how he communicated with me. He was a cultural, polite and offered me to get there by car. I refused although he beg and it was very
cold. He went with me until my home. During this time, we talked a little bit. We stood at the entrance, a good conversation. And he invited me to celebrate New
Year at the tourist base, which is far outside the city. With regard to the holiday remained a few days, I was forced to refuse him. Because everything was
planned before. We with friends decided to celebrate New Year in night club. After long conviction, he began to chafe. He started yelling at me and insult.
I told him that he talking like an animal, and that he is not man, and began to open the door. He grabbed me by the hand and another hand slapped in the face.
I was scared and cried, but he quickly left. I was bad and you can not imagine how strong. I was afraid to leave the house, afraid to meet with this terrible man
again. Seek assistance from the police has not. Not what can not help, because they have a lot of work. They are always talking about this. My mother suffered
from the same as me. Only the suffering it lasted for several years because my father was in the same poor man. Probably all Russian men are. Maybe this is a
drug addict and alcoholic is still alive, but for me does not exist. I hate my father. Domestic violence is terrifying, especially for children. Dear friend,
but what do you think about this? Tell me about your family, what was your childhood?
Today I went with friends to the cinema. I do not remember my last tour to cinema. It was so long time ago. We drank Coca-Cola, eating popcorn and cheerfully
kill time. After cinema we went for a walk in the park. We talked to each other funny stories. For example as in childhood I did hair –style to grandmother when
she slept. I cut pieces of fabric, would sew new clothes for Barbie dolls. And I remember that grandmother wanted to go to the hairdresser, but not enough at
this time and effort. Frankly, I wanted to do good work, and surprise. She sweetly slept after a heavy working day. I made a hair-do. Her head was without hair.
Surprising was the fact that I was not criticized for it. Friends laughed to tears. The truth is, ridiculous? And such cases, you can remember a lot.
xxx, write about you is something fun. How do you treat humor? Write me about your character. I want to know as much as possible about you. Tell me something,
as any who do not know. . I add my letter. I would wait for your response. Kisses you gently and affectionately embrace.
Your Veronika!

4ème message
Hello, my sweet friend xxx. When I could not believe that people find so much like me.
Unfortunately, I do not have web cameras,that very old computer and no instant messenger. But I am very pleased to communicate letters, it is very motivates, because the expectation in the day your letter is very interesting and touching. .
I am happy to communicate that to you. You have to imagine. I can open your heart and soul. How would I now wanted to meet with you to talk. Take your hand and
walk on the night deserted beaches or the city. O God! I imagine it, and my heart jumps out of his chest. I think I fall in love. I have not experienced these
feelings, since the University. As a student, I have fallen in love with a student from a parallel group. Name of Grisha. I thought he loved me too. Our
relationship lasted 2 years. All this time, we were most in love all over the world. This was my first serious love. I thought we married, because everything
leads to this. We chose the dress, rings examined. Think how we can
name our children. Waiting for graduation, to get married. The whole
world, I smiled, I bloom and smelled like a flower. I remember the evening. I was home, lying on the couch and dream. I phoned a friend and said if I want to see
something interesting, I must come urgently to a night club. I do not understand what she said. She told me that it relates to Grisha. I quickly gathered and went
to the club. Manage time. It is not my Grisha was drunk. Smooch with a girl. They flirt. Later, left, holding hands.
At this point, I lost everything. My hands fell, and the closing of the soul. Imagine, I trusted him as himself. What to do in this situation? Imagine how hard?
House sitting, or which do not go, the world is dead to me. But everything went, and I have started a new life. And I want to live it at 100. How to live it any
normal person on this earth.
My director has promised to give me leave. I certainly want to relax in the fall of the year. Imagine, my dear Michel? I so badly want to meet you. Because this is such a great
opportunity to meet with you, my sweet. Another such opportunity is not a very long time. Only the following fall of the year. I do not know what to do. I can not miss
this opportunity to be with you. What should I do? After all, if a person had the chance to build their own destiny, we should use it. If I do not use this
opportunity in the future will blame themselves for it the rest of their lives. I do not know what to do in this situation. I cry, I can not restrain the tears.
My gentle xxx, I can not spoil your mood of her tears, so I send you some of his photos, and leave you to your next letter.
Waiting for it eagerly. Exact you a million times.
Your love and tender Veronika.

5ème message
Hello, my dear dear xxx You always amazed me with his writing. It's so nice to talk about me and the light feeling to me. I fell in love with the real within you.
I can not imagine life without you. I believe in destiny and in the similarity of our senses. It's a magical feeling of flying in my head, my heart and in my
soul. I can not express all my feelings to you. I so want to meet with you, that at the first opportunity to fly to you on the wings of love. xxx, I want
closer to you, I want to see your kind eyes. My heart beats with great speed, when I am writing you this letter. I consulted with friends who have gone abroad. They
said that I went to a travel agency and learned all about the trip. But I can not get there because there is no time. At work, a lot of regular customers. All
day on their feet. And I rest one day a week, on Sunday. And in this day closed all institutions. My dear, dear and beloved Michel, you want to meet me? I
Very, very, very much want our meeting. And as soon as possible. Only Live Meeting, live communication will help us to understand, really, we have created for each
other. I am sure of it. Such a man as you love a woman like me. It's fate, and I believe in it. I am a little afraid for their nerves. They can
Nor does such a passion. Therefore, we must meet as soon as possible. I want all of his happy heart, which is open only for you, my dear sweet pie
xxx Tomorrow I get time off from work and similar to a travel agency. Learn all about the visa and passport. And that my director will give me leave. xxx
You want to meet us? I send you some pictures, and I want you to know that better than you in this world is. You are very kind and gentle, the most sensitive
and most of all, you understand me. Only you, Michel, supports me and inspires happiness. Unfortunately, I do not have a very recent photo, but I did not change the color of hair over a year, so I am sending you a photo where I am a brunette. I have experimented on their appearance, would like to change your life. Dyed his hair in a blond, but it did not bring me happiness. Because happiness is not in this, and to accompany you through life faithful companion and a reliable man. Such as you, my xxx. Kisses softly, gently. Hug.
Your soft fluffy Veronika.

6ème message
Hi my love xxx
And again your letter makes me glad. Your words are wonderful and moreover are fantastic!!! Your letters mean very much for me. Every your letter is part of your
heart and your soul. Now I understand that why I can feel you warm and your smile on the distance. It is happen because you are just that man that I tried to
found very long time. I understood it and I can say you with honest that I want to be with you and spend all my life with you only.
My darling xxx, do you think ever that you can find love through the Internet? I never can imagine that. I thought about it many time and now I understand that
it is not so easy. I can talk with you, I can understand you, I can feel you but I can not do something more for you and it is make me unhappy. ? I know that it
is only start of our relationship and that everything will be better than now because we are teach to understand each other. And now we are ready to check our
senses in real life. As I said it is very important to me and I understand that it is very important step in my life. I want to tell you with sure that I’m ready
to do this step!!!
My love xxx, I want to talk with you about my travel now. It is not easy to me to say to you these words!!! But I want to be honest and open with you. Honey we
went very long and sensible way to be with you together and we need to do one a little step for realize our dreams. Honey I found travel agency which can help us
to be together. Manager told me that they can prepare all travel in very short time. They do everything: visa, international passport and tickets. It is very good
and comfortable to me because with my job I have no time to do it by my self!!! Lovely I need your help. I have no so much money to come to you! It is very
difficult situation and I can rely on you only. My darling xxx, I asking your help with this! I asking my dad about it, but he also has no money right now and
he told me that my real man must prove his senses to you. And that it is real chance to do it. Honey I asked help from my friend but nobody can help me. You are
my only hope!!! My sweety if you are really ready to be with me, please write a letter to travel agency and ask them about me and my travel to you. Manager gave
me their site and their support:
I love you and I will wait for your answer with impatient. I kiss and hug you.
Your angel Veronika.

7ème message
Hello, my dear friend and esteemed xxx vermicelli. I am very happy to meet you, but I apologize, because flying away after two weeks in Norway. I want you to find the woman who will send you a photo from a piece of paper with your name and surname and date of birth and number of health insurance and bank account number. Find yourself another fool who will run to the store to buy an expensive camera to make these photos. But she would die of starvation. Farewell, Mr. xxx

8ème message
Hello my dear xxx. I apologize for my words. Very bad mood, because it will soon leave, but do not what, because there is no money. If I could fly to you, make sure you would do it, but apparently not destiny. You're talking about the phone. I had a good phone that was stolen at the beach this summer. Very sorry. I recently very rdko vizhus with friends, because I spend at work, I continued working out the loan, which would take care of his mother. She did a complicated operation. Thank God that it saved her life. I do not have an easy life, believe me, and if it were possible, I would have called you. Can you send me your phone number? this will guarantee my reality. Otherwise, I can not prove to you that I am real. Now I must go to bed, because tomorrow is a very hard working day. Goo-dbye my love.

9ème message
Hello, my dear friend xxx. Why do you need my address? I am not very pleased because I know what you my address. You check where I live. City of Nizhny Novgorod, ul Nagulinskaya, house 66. I live on the edge of town and I do not care what you think about me, because my feeling you do not change. Yes, I am a village, a stupid woman, but I will not let myself be hurt for a rich foreigner. If your good intentions and a pure heart, I am very happy, because my hope for happiness, simple, and women did not lose its force. I still hope for mutual love.

10ème message
Hello my dear xxx. I do not know my other address. This is my real address, which I now live. I am very pleased that you want me to send yvety, but maybe we can plan our meeting? I very much want this and I thought much about it. We are long enough to communicate and I do not want his life to correspond with a man Oei dreams of letters. I want to actually meeting real hug and kisses, I want to see your chuvsta to me, and I want to feel that you can see my passion. Please do not torment me, my young girl's heart is very heavy. I am waiting with impatience for your letter. Your Veronika.

11ème message
My sweety if you are really ready to be with me, please write a letter to travel agency and ask them about me and my travel to you. Manager gave me their site and their support:

I love you and I will wait for your answer with impatient. I kiss and hug you.
Your angel Veronika