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Hello xxx, I am very glad that you have written to me! I wantedto send the letter at once to several people. I looked at profiles fora very long time, but I liked yours most of all, and I have sent theletter only to you, I think that I have made correctly. I at once wantto inform you that I search for serious relationships. I was saidthat, some people in the Internet get acquainted with girls only forreception of naked photos, is it trust? I use services of the Internetfor the first time, and it is difficult for me to trust it. I do notwant to be in such situation! I want to find a person with whom Iwould be able to live a whole life, and if you want only naked photosof me I ask you not to answer my letter. But I hope that I was notmistaken in you! I shall tell a little about myself. I am 27, also itwill be very fast my birthday on September, 10 th, and I will be 28.I have no brothers or sisters. I have a mother and a father. I love themvery-very much. They are the best people for me in the world. I livein one apartment with my parents.I graduated from the medical university and now I am working inhospital as a children's doctor. I have been working as a therapistfor 5 years and I like my work very much. I cure child. And I do nothave another profession. Work takes all my free time. I think it isvery important to find a work in life that gives you pleasure. Somepeople work only for getting money and they do not love their work,I earn not much money, but I love my work. I am very happy that I canhelp children to recover.If I still have free time I like to go to the park or to the cinema.I like reading books about love. Sometimes I watch TV or cook somethingtasty. What dish do you like most of all? I want very much to learnmore concerning you: What job do you make? What music do you like tolisten? What causes you to smile or boredom?For me inside world of a man is more important than his appearence.I think that it is very important to learn more about each other, itwill help to develop our relationships, do you agree with me?I understand that you probably want to know more about me. I shall writemore about me in the following letter. I also send you the photo.I hope that it is pleasant. I shall wait for your letter, tell me moreabout yourself, Ok? With great wishes, Mary.

Letter 2

Hello my friend xxx! I waited very much for the moment when I amfree from work and come in the Internet-cafe to look if there is yourletter. I have absolutely overlooked to inform you, I write you fromthe Internet-cafe, because I have no computer at home. This is veryexpensive for me, but somewhere at my home there will be a computer. Ihave asked you many questions, but myself have not informed what ispleasant to me, I shall try to tell about myself in more details. Mygrowth is 5`9, my weight it approximately 120 lbs, I try to keepfigure. For this purpose I do sports in the mornings, I like to go infor sports! I love a bright red colored sunset. My favorite coloris red. And I love red roses, these are my favorite flowers. I toldyou that I work in hospital. I like when children thank me afterrecovery, It brings me great pleasure and warmth into my heart. I liketo listen to music, I listen to popular music. I like quiet music:Sting, Madonna, but basically I listen to Russian music. My favoritefoodstuffs are salads. I like easy foodstuffs and one of my favoritesalads is the herring under a fur coat. I like to prepare it also.Probably somewhere I can prepare for you something tasty of Russianfood. I like to watch films very much, especially about love. Love issuch a simple word, but it consists of so much. I want to tell youwhat I think about it. If all people in the world thought for oneminute about this feeling, then there would be no wars, no fear, nomurders in the world. I know a remarkable saying: it IS NECESSARY TOMAKE LOVE, INSTEAD OF WARS! Probably I have not felt it yet... I hadthe person with home I had some relationships, feelings... but allthat finished, now I do not want to tell you about it, probablylater... If you want ask me something, I am glad to answer yourquestions. I wait for your next letter! Your Mary.

Letter 3

Hello dear friend xxx, I do not know how to express my pleasure!With each new day of our acquaintance, I understand that you are veryinteresting for me. I wait for your letter very much when I come inthe Internet of cafe and I find your letter, my day is filled withlife. I hope that you feel the same concerning my letters. What isyour favorite season? My favorite season is spring, I like allseasons, but spring for me is unique, birds come back from warmterritories, there are first flowers, trees which seem dead in thewinter, become green. And when you go to the park it is possible tosee kissing people. Today I went from work and have seen the youngmale looking at the girl, saying her something, he looked at her andit was clear that he told her about love. In my dreams I walk with mylover-person on a coast of ocean, we look at each other and we arehappy only because we are together. I also want to have children withmy beloved, I want to prepare supper for him when he comes back fromwork, then I want to sit to have supper together. I think that everywoman wants it. I do not know whether it will be or not, but I wouldlike it very much.I have told my parents, that you are a decent and good man. My parentsare very pleased of our correspondence on the Internet and ourrelations. I think that the Internet is fine invention. If there wereno Internet, I could not learn you. I have got acquainted with suchmale as you, already because of it. My parents wish us good relationsin the future, and it's possible in the future, if we will betogether. They want us to be a magnificent pair, but for this purposewe should better learn each other, I know that many newly-marriedcouple get divorced because do not know each other well. I do not wantto make a mistake. Ok, that is enough for dull things. Have a niceday. Write to me soon. I shall wait the letter from you. Your Mary.

Letter 4

Hi my best friend xxx. I hope you are not against that I name youthe best friend. Simply I am very much attached to you and I think,that you are my best friend! I feel that a new feeling appears betweenus. I felt the same feeling at school when studied at 8 class. I fellin love with one boy, but at present he drinks alcohol very much. Ingeneral in Russia many people drink vodka, I do not understand why. Iam a very big opponent of using alcohol and in life I never use it!And else, I am also against smoking and of course drugs Recently so Iwas on funeral of the classmate. All the matter is that he recentlyhas died of much using drugs. He was an excellent friend, he alwayscame to me when I had any difficulties. He was a successfulbusinessman. But unfortunately he became dug addicted andunfortunately there is no him any more with us. I regret about it verymuch. It was very pleasant for me to receive from you the letter. Istart to be pleased of life, and this pleasure is connected with you,that we have found each other! You are a remarkable male! With suchmale as you I would agree to live through all life. I know that I canrely on you, I completely trust you and I know that such man as youwill never deceive me. The deceit is the worst feature of the person,it does not decorate the person by no sure! Probably it is interestingto you, why I began to correspond with you? I can tell you only onething. Understand me, I can not find a man in Russia, who would loveand respect me. As one wise man said " when we live we are in search,in search of someone who can go with you on vital ways, because goingalone ia very and very much difficult. " Do you agree with me? I thinkvery often of you and I recollect all letters which you wrote to me. Isend you my photo. I hope that you will like it. Please write to me asmany letters as possible and as soon as possible, I like to read yourletters and to communicate with you. It makes me very happy and I lookforward to it. It is also very exiting to believe that perhaps somedaywe might actually meet. I shall wait for your answer. Kisses. Your Mary.

Letter 5

Hello my dear friend xxx! I am very glad to receive your letter,I waited for it very much! I want to inform you how my day goes, Ihope that it will be interesting to you. I do not like to sleep muchin the morning, therefore I wake up at 6 am, I make some exercises (Ialready said that I keep up a figure). After gymnastics I go tobathing-room, it approximately at 6.40 am, I wash myself and cleanteeth. After bath I go to cook breakfast. I love the easy foodstuffsand I do not eat much in the morning. I prefer sandwiches. And I drinktea. After that I gather for work. I do not use a lot of cosmeticstherefore it does not occupy a lot of time. A plenty of cosmeticsrenders bad influence on skin and I do not like it. I leave houseapproximately at 8.20 am, I should reach work by bus, because I haveno automobile. I arrive at work at 8.50 am and already at 9.00 am Ibegin to work. It is very difficult to look at sick children, and I amvery happy that I can help them to recover I love children and I thinkthat they should not be sick, because they are defenceless and verysensitive. Each morning I make detour, I examine each child, and I amglad very much, when someone is already healthy and leaves hospitalfor home. My detour proceeds approximately up to 11.30 am, sometimesup to 12am. I do not keep time and try to give maximum of attentionand time to each child. I have dinner there in hospital, there is adining room and we with all collective can have dinner. After dinner Ihave some free time. Today at this time I thought about you and thismy letter to you. You know, I can not call you from hospital. There isa phone but there is no line of the international negotiations, itsounds surprisingly and it is very inconvenient. But our governmentallocates few money to medicine and we can call only within the limitsof city. After a break for dinner I study reports more in details. Iappoint procedures or give directions to the operation. There is a lotof work. I finish at 6 pm. I arrive home and we with my parents havesupper. I feel very much tired and sometimes at once I go to bed. Inother days I watch TV or read books, I go to bed approximately at10.30 - 11 pm. This is my usual day. Now I shall finish the letter. Iwait your for your answer with impatience. Your Mary.

Letter 6

Hello xxx!!! I was very glad to see your new letter. It makes my
mood very good. You can represent my ordinary day when I work. I am so
tired in the finish of my working day but I am always happy to forget
about my problems and weariness when I again read your letters. I'd
like to tell that I start to understand, that it is very interesting
for me to communicate with you and I am glad, that we could find each
other in this big world. I hope you share my pleasure. I never had a
lot of real happiness in my life. I early got independence and I early
faced with problems. Nevertheless just this fact made my spirit

xxx, it is very pleasant for me to tell you about my life. It
makes me more open for you. And I want to know more and more about
you! Tell me please about your ideas. It is always very interesting
for me. I shall wait very much your letter.

Your friend Mary.

Letter 7

Hello, my dear xxx! I missed you so much! Now it is very dull and
uninteresting for me to live without your letters, when I do not get
them even 1 day. I start to miss you and your letters very strongly.
But I got your e-mail and I will send this letter to you in few
minutes. I am just incredible happy that I have met you, and I can
only hope that you will reply to me. I often dream about you. You have
come into my life like hurricane, and have changed all my minds. You
are beautiful and kind, and you are constantly in my head. You really
have changed my life, you gave me the hope to the sweetest and the
happiest future. I am really romantic person, but I could never even
thought that I can be so romantic like now. I really hope that you
will get this letter. What is the weather there? Here it is rather
warm. My mum says you hi. Patrice, I have feelings to you. But while I
do not understand love it or that that still. I shall say to you " I
love you xxx " when I shall be ready. Ok? Now I shall go. I wait
for your answer very much. Kisses !

Yours Mary.

Letter 8

Hello my dear xxx! I am glad again to speak with you! Yesterday I
had quite good evening with my friends. We were in one club for some
hours. At first we had a good supper, then played balling. Also
danced. I have got good impressions. Only when I saw my girlfriend
dancing and kissing her boyfriend I felt a little envy to him. I
thought of you and imagined all this for myself. xxx, I imagined
you embracing me and whispering gentle words to me on an ear. And you?
Do you remember me when you see loving each other couples? How often
do you go to any bars or clubs with your friends? When you are in
these places do girls often try to get acquainted with you? As for me
men approach me and try to get acquainted very frequently, but I let
them understand that such things will fail with me. Patrice, I
frequently think about your messages and I understand, that you are
serious concerning me. I also do not treat our communication as an
entertainment, and I write some very personal things to you as to the
close person. In your letters so many heat and cares, that it forces
my heart to beat faster and on this, my feelings to you grows many
times over and if further so will proceed my feelings will leave from
under the control and i can not live without you. But i am very much
concerned with that if i shall love you you will not to feel those
feelings, which i am to feel to you. I want, that these feelings were
mutual and we could enjoy our love. Yes though i and hesitate
slightly, but i should you tell all: I LOVE YOU! I with alarm in heart
shall wait for your answer, but now my soul has calmed down. I wait
for your messages very much. My gentle kisses to you!

Yours Mary.

Letter 9

Hello my dear xxx! Have good day! How do you feel, dear? I am ok.
I am a little bit excited. Yesterday I could hardly fall asleep. I was
grasped with an idea about our meeting. This will be a joyful event.
And that is why I am full of emotions. Such as excitement both big
impatience and expectation of this day. You have brought the whole sea
of emotions in my life xxx. I can tell, that it pleasant and gave
me new push and the purpose for life. I think, xxx, that it is
necessary for us to arrange our meeting so that there were no
difficulties and inconveniences in our affairs. I can arrange some
free days on my work, because I did not have a holiday yet this year.
And you, xxx? Will your work allow you to do it? Probably you have
the intense schedule of the work. Then we can meet more close from you
or even I could arrive to you on some days. For me there is no problem
to make longer travel. If such way more convenient for you and my
arrival will not create inconvenience for you xxx, let's choose
this plan. Besides, for me it is even better, because I can see your
way of life, your friends, you can show me the city and other various
places that you like. And if it is necessary to go to work every day
for you. Here at my job many doctors had already holidays recently and
now they started working again. Inform me dear your opinion! If it is
a good way for you too I shall make the preparations for travel. My
kisses and embraces.

Yours Mary.


Hello my xxx !!! It is pleasant for me to read your words. I am glad to learn, that you are ready to accept me in your house. Thank you for your trust to me, my dear. xxx, I want to tell you that in previous message I wanted to check how seriously you treat me. Forgive me for this, my dear, but you should understand me. For me it was very important to know, whether you will agree to accept me in your house or not. If you insisted, that we met somewhere in a hotel, it could mean for me that probably you want to play host with me, because you have a wife or you do not it treat me seriously and you want to meet me just for entertainment. I This check was a small precaution. I heard, that many people get acquainted to have only sex with the new person, though in the structure they inform that have serious intentions. Now I am sure in you xxx, and I am glad, that you seemed to be really that person whom I want to meet! Dear, I with big pleasure shall carry out at you some days. These days I will go to the travel agency and get the information how I could come to you next month. I will inform you for details about it in the following e-mail.I wait for your messages. I adore you dear xxx! My kisses!!! Your Mary.


Hello my dear xxx! I am glad to receive your message and thank you
that you understood me. You are one of those few people, xxx,who
can find understand me. How did you pass your day, dear? I hope you
are OK! I have some news to you, xxx. Today I had a telephone
conversation with an agent from a travel agency. He told me, that it
is very difficult to get a tourist visa to your country, but they
probably can help me in this. The agent did not begin to discuss the
details on the phone and we have appointment for a meeting for
tomorrow. So, tomorrow I will meet him and we will discuss a question
about getting visa. I hope, Patrice, that everything will be OK. I
have some excitement concerning all this, but also I have a firm
intention to meet you, dear! Therefore, any difficulties and charges
of money will not stop me. Write to me. Patrice, you ask me about
picture when I are dressed in mini-skirt. I send this picture
tomorrow. Ok? Yours messages, dear, give me much energy. My gentle

Your Mary.


Hello my dear xxx! I am glad to speak with you again! Dear,
I have good news to you. Today I have met the travel agent to learn
information concerning getting visa. He has explained me a situation
about getting visa to come to you. Your government has made more
strict control over entrance to your country because of terrorism and
it is often difficult to do it. But the agent promised to help me and
do it for me. The agent has told that they have recently received some
tourist visas to your country. I am very glad xxx, that we will
not have big difficulties with this. I was very afraid, that the
agency will not be able to give me visa or it will take very much
time. But the agent has told that getting visa will take two or three
weeks. Tomorrow I need to go there again, to sign the contract and
also we shall discuss the question of payment to them for the visa.
Now it is time to me to go, xxx, to make photos for the visa and
to fill in questionnaires for the embassy. The agent has told, it
should be ready tomorrow when I come to their office. I am VERY HAPPY,
xxx, that in little time we will be together! Write to me your
thoughts and ideas, I wait for your messages. Kiss you!!!

Your Mary.


Hello my dear xxx! I am glad to write to you again you. I wait
when I can tell you personally "Hello, my dear love xxx" with
great impatience. Thank you very much for your message. I visited the
travel agency and signed the contract with them today. According to
the contract, the agency will prepare all documents for the travel for
me, buy the tickets and deliver me to the plane. From my city there
are no planes flying to you and I will have to go to Moscow first, and
only then - to you. My agent needs some information for a route of the
plane. Inform me, dear, your address and the nearest airport to you.
This information is necessary tomorrow for the agent could develop the
route and establish the whole cost of the travel. I planned that the
visa will cost me about 260 Euro and I got this sum. But I am afraid
it will not enough.

My dear xxx, I never accepted money and expensive gifts from men,
it was my law. I did it for not being obliged to men and for that they
could not tell me later that I have to do that, what they want!!! This
way I managed to reach everything in my life myself. And I always had
my own opinion in any society as I was independent on any opinion.I
think that you can understand me. I never thought that my destiny will
be such that I meet the man of my dream on the other part of the
world. If I had money I would simply arrive to you as I have not got
used to ask money men from. My love xxx, I want you very much to
understand me. It is not pleasant for me to ask money from you and
most of all I do not want you take a burdening care of me. But we both
have one aim - to unit our hearts and to use a gift of destiny as we
will not get such chance any more in our life, and if your help will
be necessary for me, I shall recede of my principles and will ask you.
I want very much that it will not be a problem for you. I will inform
you all news about promotion of our meeting. And now I go to have a
rest. I hope, that I can embrace you soon. I wait for your messages my
love. My kisses and embraces!

Your Mary.


Hello my sweet xxx. How are you ? I was very glad to get your
letter. Now my mood is much higher. I am very glad that you help me.
Honey, I need 260 Euro. I need to pay the money to the travel agency
till Wednesday. Will you be able to do it until this time ? I can't
wait for it. I am looking forward to seeing you. I hope you to. My mum
is very glad for us and says you "HI". Till my next letter, sweet
xxx, I dream of you and I kiss you so many times. Take care and
have a good day. I am impatiently waiting for the next sweet letter
from you.

Forever yours Mary.


Hello my angel xxx! How are you? I am very glad to receive your
letter, I waited for it very much! Today I talked to mum about us and
about our future and that I will probably live in another country
soon. Do not think that I made this decision spontaneously, I think
very much about it. My mum is very happy. It can sound silly, but
today i imagined our meeting. I imagined many interesting pictures:
There is a fine weather in the street. You are standing and waiting
for me in the airport and worry about my arrival. Then you approach
the plane, we are looking around and searching each other in crowd by
eyes. After that with we find each other and rush to each other into
strong embraces. We are standing having embraced, and all people are
looking at us. But nothing exists for us, only you and me!!! It was a
great day when I received your first letter. I thank God and I could
find you and I love you. I am pleased with an opportunity to meet you
soon and if you could know how much I want it! And I know that I am
not alone in this feeling: you want this too. At first I was not
interested in moving to other country but I will do it because I found
my love and it's YOU!!! I asked my mother for the advice and she said
that maybe you can help me because you love me. Patrice, I need 260
Euro. I need to pay this sum of money to the travel agency as soon
as possible. I rely on your help. I asked her how you can help me
being so far from me. My mother said that you can send the money
through company which makes this service. I asked about it on my work
and I know now that reliable and fast company exists which makes
remittances in world. It's called Western Union. One of my colleagues
sent money to his relatives from another country through this company.
I went there and asked them about this service. They said that the
sender must go to the Western Union and give them the following
information: the first and the last name of receiver, country they
make transfer to. After that the Western Union gives the sender ten
digits secret code. The receiver must know these ten digits for
receiving money. They say that the branches of this firm are situated
everywhere worldwide. Here is the information about me:
Country: Russia
City: Yoshkar-Ola
Name: Mariya
Last name: Saleeva
I must know your full name and full address. You must know that I
decided to ask you about it because I love you and trust you very
much. I decided to come to you because now you are a part of my life.
I hope you trust me too and love me too. You must know we must hurry
for I could get the documents soon and if we loose time it will take
much more time. Now it's very difficult to receive the visa to your
country and it's fact, but if I pay now the travel agency told me that
I can get it soon. I think about sense of money and I'm very sad if
this paper can prevent people to meet. In most cases the money play
the main role in life but it's not right! I'm sure. I appreciate human
qualities and relations and I love you Patrice!!! I love you with all
my heart. I want to be with you now... I want to be with you forever.
You are my love, my Dear. My heart is yours. I'm waiting good news
from you, I hope everything will be all right and we will be together
soon. Every day I think about our meeting, and I think it's real. We
must use this chance of destiny. I LOVE YOU xxx !!!!!!!!

Your angel Mary.