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Hello my sunshine, my dear

I am so glad to hear from you. Thank you for telling about your
country and your city. I have heard about it but, unfortunately, had
no opportunity to visit (( But I hope that one day I will come to you
and you will be my guide :)

I am very glad that we have same vision of life. It is very important
for relations. There is a good saying: "It is important to look not at
each other but in one direction".

My dear, you are like a light in the dark tunnel for me. I go to bed
and wake up with thoughts about you. My home is your heart, and no
other place is and it's there where I want to live forever, my dear.
Your heart is so beautiful that is filled with love and Compassion,
that forgives me so easily, that guides me and protects me, that sees
well in everyone, that teaches to be biased to none and that shows its
clear reflection in everything you say. Your heart that is so kind
that by an example it leads the way. Your love tells me that no matter
what happens you will stand by me. I am confident that your love is so
strong that it will keep me safe from anything that comes in against
me. Your heart is my home baby, and no home is will feel better and
warmer than that. I'm glad to already be living in there, and I want
to live in there forever.You are my happiness, Jusiah .

But, unfortunately, there is a probability for us to lose each other.
I`m afraid that this is my last letter to you. Yesterday I was told
that money on my balance in translation agency is empty. And,
regrettably, the reserves I had from my past business are over too. I
have no access to the computer as it is broken and can`t be fixed in
our region because of lack of spare. And also my English is only at
the initial stage of the study. So translation agency is the only way
for me to contact you. Jusiah, my Love, I am so shy to ask you for
this but can you help us not to lose each other? The administrator in
the translation agency told me that there is an opportunity for a man
from abroad to pay for their translation services through Western
Union or Money Gram. So may be you could help me to keep our
contact??? I am really shy to ask you for this but I have no other
choice ='( I do not want to lose you!!! Dear, I am so sorry about this
letter. I have never thought that I would have to ask the man for
help, I am very ashamed about this but you are the man of my dream and
the only man I can count on in this difficult situation. So maybe you
can help me to pay for at least several letters? My dear Jusiah,
please, think about it carefully. And if you have the same feeling to
me as I do to you, please, don`t give up on us!!! I am looking forward
to your reply. And anyway I want you to know that you will be in my
heart no matter what.

Kiss you. Your Tany .
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