Scammer Dorothy

Czech Republic
Praha 1, Stepanska 622/36

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Comment #131183
Hi dear . You have no idea what kind of day today. In the morning I have a good mood and reading your letters
It makes this day even more beautiful. I each time with a great desire to read your letter and I am thankful that we have a chance
get to know each other. Today I decided to arrange a day of rest and to spend time at home.
I'm sorry about my silence, but I just now got the opportunity to write to you. The whole week was just a nightmare and difficult. I started a new project
Modeling and fashion design. I wrote to you about my future plans and now finally I started to work
in this direction. I really hope that I will succeed. How are you? I hope all is well? I would be happy if you talk to me today or tomorrow on Skype. I remind my address kvetina krasna. I will be happy to see you.
You may have plans for tonight. We are also with my girlfriend decided to spend the evening together.
I booked a table at a restaurant with live music. I have not listened to live music. I'm not sure if I wrote to you about my preferences, but I like it
listening to classical music. In my city there are many concert halls and I am very pleased to visit
Orchestra concerts. Of course I listen to and other popular music, but classical music is always
in my heart. It is not possible to put into words the feeling that arises in the mind when they are in a concert hall.
My dear. and tell me what kind of music do you prefer? Have you ever listened to classical music? I'm curious to know about it.
I have the impression that we have with you the same life priorities. confident that we can have a lot in common with each other.
Yesterday I missed a voice message on my answering machine and record erased before he could listen.
I do not know from whom it was a message, you may call me or leave a message? Unfortunately, in recent years I have problems with the telephone,
and there is a chance that you can not get through to me. By this I want to tell you the number of my office phone. If
you call me, then I ask you to call this number 420608014399. I would like to hear your voice. But if
you want me to call you myself, then let me know your phone number where I'll have to call. I will call you if
you do not mind to hear my voice. Now I must close my letter. I want to wish you a pleasant evening, and I want to say what I think of you.
Tell me you feel the imminent approach of spring? another month left. but I'm waiting this time. I love this time of year. Nice to see again how nature awakens from its winter sleep.
Already out into the streets, you can feel the approach of spring. Tell me, what time of year do you like?
you to tell me if I came to visit you in February? I think on 14 February.
I will not have much free time, but I could stay with you for one week. What do you think about my
sentence? If my offer does not suit you then you yourself can visit me at any time convenient for you
time. I will tell you my home address. Czech Republic. Praha 1, Stepanska 622/36, 11000. By the way, I told you my phone number.
You called me? I missed a voice message on my answering machine and record erased before he could listen.
I do not know from whom it was a message, you may call me or leave a message? Write to me about it. I send you a picture of my dog. ssosiska his name.
Well it will be a short letter. I want to wish you a pleasant evening, and I want to say what I think of you.

your Dorothy
Comment #131318
Hello my dear. It was a great pleasure once again to read your beautiful letter. Each time getting your new letter my eyes start to sparkle on
happiness. I always take great pleasure and attention to read your letters. Forgive me if my answer to you again makes you wait. If I had the opportunity,
I would write to you every day, but unfortunately this is not possible because of my work. How are you my dear? How is your mood? I hope you are well?
My dear I'm sorry but I do but I could not warn you. Now I am in Switzerland. We with my girlfriend Laura in Switzerland
Zurich for the signing of an agreement with the manufacturer of high quality fabrics "Jacob Schlaipfer" for the supply of fabrics to create clothing.
I considered many tissues, but the fabric of this manufacturer are ideal for
my plans. Unfortunately they do not sign the agreement through the Internet and you need my personal presence to discuss
all the details of the delivery and also pick up the necessary tissue. For this I had to orgpanizovat this trip.
My dear I have to sacrifice time and work
my plans to fruition. I found a beautiful studio in Prague where agreed to sew clothes of my sketches.
By the way, I will send you a photo of my designs so you can see it is something I'm working on. Of course
I'm not a perfect artist, but I do not get ill.
how you spend your days? Yesterday, along with his girlfriend, I get a ride on skis in the suburbs of Zurich. We moved to the lake. There are a lot of
beautiful places. I like winter, and the splendor of nature in this time of year. I like to move around on skis and see nature in all its beauty.
among other things it is also very useful for the organism. I hope you're as pleased to spend your days? glad to meet me for a few days. This is news to me now the most good. I now my thoughts with you, and you must wait one week and all I can come to you. My dear, I do not want to bother you. I hope my journey will not be
hinder you in your work? If you're busy, I can spend time alone during the day. but after work, we can meet.
I now began to study the information for arrival to you, and this week I will book tickets to travel. but I need some information from you. tell me which airport should I fly?
you must pre-book a ticket. Hopefully in the next letter you tell me which airport you would be better to meet me. This information is very important because I need to know on which flight to buy a ticket. Tomorrow morning I have just planned a trip to Kaliningrad to sign an agreement for the supply of lace
tissues. This trip will take about two days, then I get home and I will prepare for a trip to you. As I already wrote, I plan to fly to you on 16 мая.
I hope you will let me know soon the information of your nearest airport. My dear forgive me if I did not answer some of your questions, but I now have very little time. I will write to you tomorrow after arrival in Kaliningrad Now I close my letter, and I will look forward to your reply. Have a nice day. Gently kiss.

Your Dorothy
Comment #131549
Hello my dear. Is it worth it to me now ask you about your mood? Probably not. I myself ruin your mood to the letter and now I feel guilty in front of you. Please forgive me for the spoiled mood. Believe me, I have today is very very very bad mood. It was just a horrible night for me. Throughout the night I did not sleep last most of the day spent in the police. At the police station came to the detectives, people came from my Embassy, ??and they asked me a lot of a lot of time to explain what happened that night. I, too, had lost count how many times I gave testimony. I explained to them in detail, remembering all the details of what happened the case, but they are still
asking the same questions. Itself I do not understand that they still wanted to know from me, or maybe they just wanted to make me guilty of everything? Nothing consolation I have not heard from the police. They only told me that they will start an investigation, but how much it will last for they do not know. I do not know what to do now. I am now very sad and tears were flowing from my eyes. It is very difficult and I do not want to stay a day longer in this country. I was very scared and I was afraid to go out here on the street alone. I'm so scared. This morning I turned on my embassy to help me get back home. I asked my embassy that, so they bought me a return ticket,
but in response to the embassy told me that now they can not take any action until there will be an official statement from the police to close my business. To put it another way, my embassy asked me to wait until the end of the investigation and only then they will be able to help me. I asked my embassy how long I wait, but no one knows about it. Maybe a few days, maybe a week - I do not want to wait that long. I just go crazy for this time in this wild country. Recently, a negotiating point tried to get through to my work. I was hoping that they will help me, but the problem is that I work for a company not officially. I get the money only for their work and they do not answer me. I just said so on the phone with my business even more than did not want
to talk to me. It is cruel and I'm shocked by all. All my money, credit card, cell phone, documents for the job - all that was stolen with my bag and now I'm just in a desperate situation. I do not even know now, as I go back to my house and who to turn to for help? If my parents were alive, I would certainly have appealed to them for help, but my parents are no longer alive. So I just have no one to ask for help right now but you. My dear, forgive me now for my determination. God knows, I have never in my life did not ask anyone for help. Always I am trying to get out of a difficult situation itself, but now for the first time in my life I did not know what to do. Now I need 380 euros to buy a return ticket to Prague, that is how much the minimum cost of my ticket home ..
I'm scared now my love, I do not want to lose you, but if not you, then who else should I contact? I'm crying now, and with tears in his eyes I am now asking you to help me get back to his home. I know that my request will anger you. I also know that you are now lost confidence in me, but in spite of this I beg you to help me with money for a return ticket. I do not take money from you for ever. I will give you back the money as soon as I arrive in Prague. I have money in my house, but take them out of here, I can not. Could you give me the money borrowed for a few days if you can. If you do not help me, I no longer know who to turn to. Now I hope only on you, but on the other I have already lost their trust (I mean my work and the Embassy).
I'm afraid to send you this letter because I am afraid of upsetting you. But all my hope to return home only now in this letter. I ask you to consider, and if you can help me.
I have long thought about the options how can I get the money, because I have no passport. I turned to the woman with whom I have done business here in Kaliningrad. At first I wanted to borrow money from her, but unfortunately she lives alone with her son and free money at the moment does not matter. Then I asked her to, she helped receive money from you. And now I want to write you with information that is required for money transfer:
Russia,Kaliningrad, Nevsky district, street Narodnaya, house 58, apartment 43. Passport 0048 423 039 number.
name - Valentina. surname - Abizyaeva.
She has a bank account, but I beg to make a transfer via Western Union or moneygram. After I receive your money very soon. I myself will go to the bank and once the money will be in my arms.
I'll be waiting for your response and hope that you will help to return home.
I will come in the Internet cafe tomorrow and I hope to see your letter.
I hope you and very very much miss you.
Your Dorothy.

I will wait for your answer
Comment #131583
my dear, I'm glad I was able to find an opportunity to write to you. it is very difficult when there are not any documents and not that out of my life. in the laptop it was to preserve all documents that were only me and one copy. there was my whole life. I do not know what to do. Police said that they understand. and I have to wait. I can not do that. I have no documents to leave the country. no money for it. but the worst that I have no passport is not any other document right now. I very much hope that the perpetrators will be found. but I have little faith in it. I need the money now to pay my living these days with me already require payment for the hotel. I live in the second day of duty. every day is 70 euros Accommodation in a hotel. and today I did not eat nothing. I do not have money for food. but it is good that the morning to eat breakfast in the hotel. I must leave the computer in an Internet cafe. I was given free of charge but not a great time. and I am glad that I can write to you. I am begging you. help me today. and I promise that when I get home, I'll give you all that you will help me in the double size. all my money in a safe home. I made a big mistake that all the money is not in the bank. because of the crisis I keep their funds in a safe. I believe that this is the safest place right now. but I can not do that. All have turned away from me. I have no one but you to communicate with me. I do not know what to do. I was in complete panic
Comment #131796
How you loved today Honestly, I never thought that it is possible to know someone so well, and at the same time feel that this man has not so much to solve. I never knew that the words "I love you" every time sounds like the first time ... I've never met anyone like you, you are very good, helpful, loyal, sweet, gentle, very caring, meticulous man - you are my angel. honey You're the man with whom I could not when I did not want to leave ... I have when they are not so close and dear person. Darling, I never liked the way I love you with all my heart and soul ..
I dream of the day to meet with you. I want to fall asleep in your arms, to wake up from your warm breath. Sitting in the kitchen, cross-legged, and watch as you cook us dinner or breakfast, watch a good movie with you, with his head resting on your chest. Inhale your scent, so fresh and warm, his nose buried in your neck. Take your arm, leaving the street. Fall asleep with his head resting on his stomach and you feel like you ends of the fingers can drive me back. Walk down the street with you, hand in hand, sometimes squeezing the fingers, to you I warmed them like a cat, compress fists, digging her nails into his hands, to avoid scratching you. Looking at your smile in a dream, the silhouette of your child happy this person, your good beautiful eyes. Pressed her cheek to your cheek. Feed you with orange hands. Lying under your arm, gasping, but not daring to move, so as not to wake you. Wake up from your kiss, such a gentle, warm and morning. I know that under your shirt is a secret known only to you and me, the secret of your brave heart and a soft, light, a good soul .. so that I need next, without which I so hard ..
my prince, I want to, when you're coming home from work tired and hungry to come up and hug you, feeling like you kiss my hair, invite you to a dinner table Russian dishes cooked with my hands .. Standing side by side, to feel like you cling together cuddle up to me, because I was tired, and all the other complexities easier for us to pass together. I promise you we will go Dear all, we'll be together ..
I understand a lot of what I want and the list does not fit in a single letter, and I know that all this will be, we will succeed .. I believe in you and you believe in me .. and that's the most important thing .. I love you dear! !!
I'll wait for your letter ..