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Accra Ghana

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Aware that he/she was running a scam, I created a ficticious person and set her up. Here is a transcript from the second conversation with her where she asks for money. I should mention the first conversation lasted only a few moments.

grace_nunoo2003: hello
x Hi Grace, how are you?
grace_nunoo2003: iam doing well and how about you?
xx: Very good, thanks
x I missed you
grace_nunoo2003: okay and i have also missing you so much
grace_nunoo2003: and i have been sad not hear from you some days ago
x: I just got back from New York, a very impotant business meeting
x: Sorry, but it came unexpectingly
grace_nunoo2003: okay my dear and welcome back home
grace_nunoo2003: and how was your trip?
grace_nunoo2003: i understand
x thank you, it's good to be home
grace_nunoo2003: and just that iam glad that you are back home with me now
x: well, it was a good meeting but no bed is as comfortable as your own
x: So, what have you been up to/
grace_nunoo2003: okay love that is good to hear
grace_nunoo2003: well love just that i want to be with you
grace_nunoo2003: and i have been missing you so much and i want to be close to u
x: great...that sounds good after a week on the road
x: How is work going for you?
grace_nunoo2003: its cool
x: I forgot to ask you, do you live alone?
grace_nunoo2003: i was thinking and having you in my face and my mind all the time and it let me feel that i know you for a long ....long time ago
grace_nunoo2003: i do live with my friend
xx: that's cool
x0: not a boy friend right???
grace_nunoo2003: a Gf that i live with
x: okay
x: What time is it there?
grace_nunoo2003: its now 11:10pm
grace_nunoo2003: and how about you over ther?
x: Oh it's late. It's 4pm here
grace_nunoo2003: yes but i have more time to talk to u
x: okay, good
x: Grace, what do you do in your free time?
grace_nunoo2003: going to beach,swimming,cooking,watching tv,movies,
x: sounds good
x: I like that too
x: not cooking though
x: I suck at that
grace_nunoo2003: okay
grace_nunoo2003: so my dear have you think about when we can be together?
x: I was thinking that i would like to come see you
grace_nunoo2003: okay and when have you plan about coming to see me here?
x: Possibly next month
grace_nunoo2003: okay that will be good
x: You said you are in Accra, right/
grace_nunoo2003: yes
x: good
x: I might be able to make it to you the third week in October
grace_nunoo2003: okay my dear and iam ready to meet you
x: I am trying to schedule a business trip to Kenya during the week of the 26th
grace_nunoo2003: okay
x: I will try to be there the 28 and 29th
x: wed, thur
grace_nunoo2003: or will u like us to meet thre in kenya?
x: I will be in meetings all day
x: but I finish late tuesay
grace_nunoo2003: okay love i see
x: I figure i could be there Wednesday afternoon
grace_nunoo2003: okay
grace_nunoo2003: what are your plans for tomorrow?
x: hold on...I have to help a sale person
grace_nunoo2003: okay
x: Sorry about that
x: I have to work tomorrow
grace_nunoo2003: no problem
grace_nunoo2003: ok
x: but I will look for you tomorrow after lunch
grace_nunoo2003: okay
x: Is there anything I can bring you from the uS when I come
grace_nunoo2003: okay and my dear i want you to do something for me and will u do for me?
x: Sure, what do you need my dear
grace_nunoo2003: yes and we will talk about that when you are about to come
x: okay
grace_nunoo2003: well love just that i have some bills to pay and now i dont have money to take care of it
x: how much do you need?
grace_nunoo2003: and i want u to help me with some money to take care of it
grace_nunoo2003: oh $300
x: okay, where shall I send it
grace_nunoo2003: by western union
x: okay
grace_nunoo2003: and will u do it for me tomorrow
x: I will try and do it on my luch break tomorrow
grace_nunoo2003: Okay my dear and how will i know the informations that i will need to pick it up after you have sent it?
x: They are getting ready to close the doors here at my job sweet heart
x: oh, where do I send it
grace_nunoo2003: i will have to give you address to use to send it by western union
x: I am sure they have a western union there right
x: I will send it tomorrow, I will find the address unless you know it
grace_nunoo2003: Okay and here is the address that you will need to use to send it by western union
grace_nunoo2003: name:Grace Nunoo
zipe code:00233
x: I have a couple minutes and then I need to leave grace
x: okay, great
grace_nunoo2003: But around what tim that you will let me know after you have send it becous western union here close at 4pm my tim
grace_nunoo2003: time
x: If I send it tomorrow, you should have it by about 8pm
grace_nunoo2003: okay my dear
x: Is the western union close by?
x: Okay dear, I really have to leave now
grace_nunoo2003: it take me 30mins to get there
x: I will try and get online quickly in the morning and let you know when I sent the money
grace_nunoo2003: okay and will you come online and have me the information or you will e-mail it to me
x: I will; be online
grace_nunoo2003: okay and around what time so that i can meet you around that time
x: how about 2pm your time tomorrow
grace_nunoo2003: that is okay for me
x: what is your phone number incase I need to call
grace_nunoo2003: oh i lost my phone last time when i went to park to watch a football match
x: Okay dear, I have to leave now.
x: I will talk to you tomorrow sweetheart.
x: have a good night
grace_nunoo2003: just meet me online at 2pm my time and i will be online with you
grace_nunoo2003: love you so much
x: Bye dear
x: love you too
grace_nunoo2003: okay bye
grace_nunoo2003: kiss and hugs and have a night sleep and dream about me
x: okay dear, you dream about me