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Hello, hello once again :)

Well, let me introduce myself in a better way and I hope this my
letter will help you to understand me and who I am:) So, as you
already know my name is Natalia, or Nata as you wish, and I'm 29 years
old. I was born on the 25th of January, 1987. What about you? When is
your birthday? I live in Ukraine as you know, in a a peaceful, but a
small town Antratsyt which is in Lugansk region and I guess you know
what authorities we have at the moment. If you don't- I will tell you.
I'm living on the territory that they call Lugansk Republic and we
still have a War here, but of course life is much better now in
comparison with 2014 and to be honest I don't really want to discuss
this topic. I have never been to your country and what about you? Have
you ever been to Ukraine?

I have been married and I'm divorced now. I don't have children, even
I love kids so much, and of course I will tell you about my past if
you are interested, so, please, don't be shy and feel free in asking
me any questions, ok?:) What about you? Have you ever been officially
married? Do you have kids? I'm living alone, but I have a
granny, who lives in another town and she is the only relative that I
have. I don't have any siblings and my parents passed away some years
ago. What about you? Are you living alone? Do you have a big family?

To tell you about my job - well, I work as a teacher in a local school
and I love my job. I teach English language, so, don't worry and I
hope I will understand you well:) I hope you will also understand
everything I'm writing and of course I have a diploma in this sphere:)
And your profession also seems to be good:) Do you like your job? Ok,
I think it's enough information for today and I hope you are still
interested in me:) I wish you a nice day and of course I will be
waiting for your news:) Natalia
Comment #131173
Hello, hello:)

I hope you remember me:) It's my biggest pleasure to write you here
once again and I hope you are doing well. As you remember - my name is
Natalia and I'm from Ukraine! I hope you have heard about my country,
haven't you?:) I'm 29 years old and as you have understood - I'm still
single. Actually, here I'm looking for my beloved man and I bet you
wonder why I have chosen this way, so, I will tell you:)

First of all - I think nowadays almost everyone uses the Internet and
it can be a good place to find one's second half. I feel that it can
happen here as well as anywhere and, especially, for both people who
don't like to go out and etc., why not, don't you agree?:) Secondly, I
think that distance can't be a problem as we are living in a modern
world, right? You know, people say "there is no distance in prayer"
and to my mind the same can be said about love. Love is patience,
kindness, understanding, it isn't selfish, it is giving and nurturing.
I think that mutual respect, honesty, and open communication are
critical to a relationship and that is especially true of Internet and
long distance. What do you think about these my thoughts? Do you agree
or not? Why?

Both people have to want it to work out. Both people have to be
committed to it. We can learn about each other through our e-mails and
sharing our photos, but of course the most important rust is to be
frank. I just want you to tell me anything you think is necessary to
be told, and you can ask me any questions - I will answer you with a

I really want to find a good and a serious man to share my life with,
because I'm really tired of being alone. I just want to love and to be
loved. It's simply an e-mail to find out if we are thinking in the
same way, but I'll definitely tell you more about me later if you want
and if you are interested in me. Also I'll be glad if you also will
tell me some information about your life and will send me your
photos:) Take care and write when you can. I'll be waiting with
impatience. Sincerely, Natalia