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Hello my new friend . My names Tatyana to me 34 Izhevsk years, I
live in Russia city Izhevsk. I am very glad will get acquainted with
you more close. I write from the cafe Internet, to me the manager has
helped with hall to study a few computer. Sorry none whatsapp or
viber. I am glad to receive your photo. I hope that I shall receive
them more. I do not have house of the computer and I badly understand
in it. And here I have decided to write you the letter, I think that
you will be glad to read it. I not to time did not try the relation
through the Internet, it is my first time. You ever were in Russia? If
yes, where it is exact? Tell to me you you like to travel? Tell to me
about you directly? Where you studied and you have that work? It is
pleasant to work? I not to time was not outside of Russia, I travelled
only through Russia in various cities was. My dream to leave for
limits of Russia. I wish to study you better and to be closer. I do
not play game and I want serious relations. I have tired from the
Russian men, and I wish to find love abroad and to live from Russia. I
have decided to find the love abroad because I am already tired from
the Russian men. They are not able to address with girls, they are
very strongly rough and can offend the girl, can insult or strike.
Russian men always think out different stories, deceive and drink much
and smoke alcohol. I wish to find the kind and fair man of my dream. I
would be glad that the destiny has reduced us with you and we were
with you together and the happiest people on it this world. But I will
not come on before, and all of us will see that will be and how to be
under construction with you of the relation well my new friend ?
I wish to tell now a little about myself, my growth of 168 sm, weight
of 55 kg. Mine a date of birth on february, 12th, 1982, I on a sign
aquarius. At me beautiful blue eyes, a hair colour the blonde. I have
finished Izhvevsky state economic university in 2006. At me the higher
formations, I the manager. I work in the city in shop, I sell lady's
wear. I cannot find work because it is not claimed by a trade. I work
not on the speciality, it is difficult to find work. I the adult girl
and I do not like to play game. I the desire to find a gift the
person, does not depend on age and from position in a society. For me
it not important poor or richer that it favourite the most expensive,
both respected me, and all others probable to reach together, there
would be a health and love. About the big the impatience I with
impatience waits reception of news from you. I hope you, will write me
the fast letter and to answer my questions. I will wait for yours the
letter. Your girlfriend Tatyana.
Comment #132641
Hello friend . I am very glad to receive from you the letter. I am
glad, again will receive your answers to my letter! And it is very
interesting to me to read your letters, and to learn it is more about
the friend the friend. I the future I would be glad to arrive to you
to the country and to be with you. I not to time was not outside of
Russia and it is my dream. To find the husband both to be the happy
wife and to find good work. At me is not present skype and chambers. I
wrote yesterday to you about it on a site. I thought that you will
delete a profile, but you have not removed? I wrote to you yesterday
and have told that I will write the letter today and here I write.And
I knew that you very interesting the man, the remarkable interlocutor
and the good friend. I am sincere trust you. How has passed your day?
How there was a weather? What did you do today? I'm fine, weather
good. Mood at me today good when I went to the Internet of cafe and
thought of you, whether you will write me the letter or not. My mood
became even better, because you have written me the letter. I will a
little tell about my family and with whom I live. My parents have been
lost, when I was very small, our house in which we lived, has burnt
down completely. Only the miracle has rescued me, a life, me then has
made only 2 years. I do not remember parents. I the orphan. My
grandmother have brought up me. But also it has already died, when I
was 19 years old. And now I live one. I managed small apartment by
right of succession from my late grandmother. From time to time I with
bitterness I shout, because I did not have a happy childhood together
with parents. It is heavy to me to recollect about it, but this life
and it is necessary to live further. I one in a family, at me was not
present not brothers not sisters and I the orphan. I do not have any
children. But who knows I wish to have children. I trust god, and I of
christians. Tell to me about your friends? I have two best
girlfriends. Also I have the best the friend, and we can talk to it
about all. Interestingly I think, it not friendship between the person
and the woman as always on it a hand, there loving is more than simply
friendship. It would be interesting to me to know your opinion on it?
Write only the truth, I do not love lie and a deceit. I the adult
person and I can understand everything, but only not existing
treachery and a deceit. If you do have no serious intentions to me,
please do not play with me and do do not write to me. I hope that I do
not offend you, me wish to be only fair with you, because I very
serious. I think that you will be glad to see my letter both to answer
me quickly and to send your photos. I finish my letter and I will wait
your letter. Your girlfriend Tatyana.