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Hello . How are you?

As for me I live in the city of Lugansk, it`s in the East of Ukraine.
I like my native city very much and I have never been to another
cities or countries. And it`s very interesting for me to visit another
cities and countries and to learn something new about its traditions.
I live with my friend Olga in a small rental flat. She has a computer
and she allies to use it when I need. Also I have a mother, father and
brother, they live in a village. I read your profile, and I must say
that you are very interesting and good-looking man. OK, I said a lot
about me in my profile. As you could see, I have never been married
and I don`t have children. What about you ? Do you have children?

I have a university degree. I`m an economist. I worked in the bank for
several years but now I have not an official job because of difficult
situation in our country. The branch of a bank where I worked closed
so I became an unemployed. Now I get money by helping student`s to
prepare for their exams. And what are you doing for living? I am not a
great narrator, but a great listener. Being in the spotlight is not
comfortable for me. I hate empty talks or silly gossips (oh, women are
very skillful at this, aren’t they?) I avoid all kinds of conflicts
and quarrels. I am the most peaceful person in the whole world! I
follow the rule: do not criticize others and you won’t be criticized
by others. My preferences? Variety in everything, especially in
clothes and food. It depends on my mood. Today I can wear high heels
and a tight elegant gown, tomorrow I change them to blue jeans and
moccasins. I am always curious to try different ethnic cuisine,
something new and exotic. Although I have some concerns regarding
boiled snails and frogs’ legs… Just kidding )) Have you ever tried any
meals of Ukrainian cuisine? I do love cooking (hint!). You know, my
guests often complain that my meals are way too delicious because they
overeat when visit me. I dream to learn English language to have an
opportunity write letters to you by myself. Now I ask my neighbor to
translate my letters. He is a professional translator and he takes not
much money for that. Well, I guess it’s enough for today. Ah,
one more thing: I am never bored being with myself. When I have some
spare time, I like doing something for my home: to change interior, to
sew or knit. But I am not a completely homebody as I am active and
adore all kind of outdoors activity. I am curious to know how you
spend your spare time. Do you practice any sport?

I am looking forward to getting your answer.

Sincerely, Irina.