Scammer natali ....Anastasiya Natali . Anast.

Natali . Anast.
natali ....Anastasiya

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Diese seit Jahren aktive Betrügerin ist auch aktiv unter:
[email protected] und
[email protected]
Comment #165249
Die bisher bekannten Namen der Komplizen, auf deren Konten für sie Geld überwiesen wurde, bzw. noch immer wird:
Sergej Vorobev, Kasan
Pyotr Ivanov, Sarov
Anna Vasileva, Kasan
Comment #166883
Ein weiterer Komplize, auf dessen Konto/Namen für sie Geld überwiesen wurde, bzw. noch immer wird (ein Bankbeamter??):
Mihail Nikitin, Gagarina Street 44. Sarov
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The new name of the lady who contacted me via (there is her profile without a picture) is: Anna Vasileva from Kazan/Tarstan where her profile says Novosibirsk as the address (she was supposedly on a business trip there when she created the fdating account). Your new email address: [email protected] After 16 emails she had written, she still hadn't asked me for money. She probably won't get to that either, thanks to this page here :)

Comment #173825
Thank you for writing to me. I like your photo, thanks.
Did you record the voice of the president of Russia? What did you mean by this ? Do you understand Russian ?
I like your words. you make me happy and make me smile.
Scientists and doctors have reversed aging. I haven't heard anything about it. I'm glad you want to be with me forever. I also want to be with you forever. Of course, I don't really believe that aging has been reversed. The life I live is enough for me. I want to be happy in this life. I want to see you in real life. Would you like to live forever?
I haven't heard of a smallpox outbreak in Yemen.
Ramiro, Thanks for all the details, you found out that it costs about 1500 Dollar to come to your nearest airport. This is huge money. I never thought.
Have you found another suitable airport and the ticket there is cheaper? let me know. How much cheaper?
are you ready to get to San Antonio Texas to meet me? I can't wait for our meeting.
I got you to take a ticket to the San Antonio Texas airport. First, I want to start paperwork. It is important. Without documents, I will not be able to go to the USA and buy a ticket. In the hope that you understand me.
When can I expect your help? I want to know and plan.
We must start with travel documents. The first step is the most important step.
The beginning of a new day, I wake up in the morning and it's already starting to get light. I like to do morning exercises in the morning, brush my teeth and cheer up with coffee. I so want to start my day with you. I am ready to share joy and sadness with you, to become one. I want to be with you and take care of you, I want to give you a smile, joy and happiness, the love in my heart knows no bounds. You are the one I want to live with. I am ready to share everyday life with you and do simple things together. You are my man. I won't give you up to anyone. I believe that everything will work out with you and we will be together. I want us to get closer to each other every day. I want to meet one fine day. Our meeting will change our lives. We will begin a new joint stage of life. You and me ! I want, I'm willing to take the risk. My feelings and love for you in all seriousness. No barrier can stand in our way. You are my other half.
We must build and plan what we want to achieve. My number one goal is to get closer to you. I can't wait. I want to make everything we talk about a reality. I want everything to be real. Remember you are always in my heart and in my mind. You are irreplaceable for me.
Finishing my letter, I'm waiting for your answer
Have a nice midweek!
Your Anna