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Yoshkar-Ola Russia

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Hello my love !!!
How your house with the case today? With me everything is good.
You talk that want to meet with me. I also want it very strongly.
I am very strongly the meeting with you. You are constantly in my thoughts and my heart.
I always thought you had my love.
Today I walked to the bank and learned, as you can send me money.
The manager of the bank advised me the postal system of Western Union transfers.
He said that it is very safe system of postal transfers.
So you can accomplish the transmission of money, it is necessary for you to know my full name and the name,
but my address.
As soon as you ship the following postal transfer by Western Union will give you the 10-digit code (MTCN).
So that I can then get the money you have sent me has it I need to know your full name and the name,
but you also sending the name of the city or postal order and code 10 figures (MTCN).
The bank manager has said that Western Union is the leading almost throughout the world by postal transfers.
I will communicate my complete data, which you will be necessary for the delivery of money:

Surname: Darya
Name: Filippova

My address:
Mari El
Petrova 24a-12.
Post Code 424,000

My love, I hope soon we'll meet with you.
I look very heavily the day we were with you in the game.
All my thoughts just on you.
I kiss you many times.
Your tender love Darya.