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Hi, this is my first time on a dating site, and I do not know how to register it and I do not think I'll go there again, I hope you had a great day? I want to share my interests with you, I think is one of the necessary steps to become familiar with each other and we agree with the conclusion of bulbs, and is jeweries.I went on a business trip to united state visiting gems company and I will be back next week when I came back so maybe we can see and talk or share time with our is to know more about you, lost faith in men because of my experience, I was born and raised in united state and I sell jewelries in many countries I travel, but I get them raw in united state and later transform them and sell them at a more expensive rate, my father was a successful businessman. He was in fashion design and also in buying and selling jewelries and I take over from him after the death of my parents in a car accident. I now live alone, and now I have to live for myself that's why I have to get these jewelries materials here and sell them to a more experience rate, I'm a nice person and sometimes too generous with a heart of gold. I love life and try to live so that each day has a new meaning. They are romantic by nature. I think intimacy is special in two ways. Comfort is my motto, and I feel comfortable in my skin. I'm more or less take care of myself. Then, after expressing my thoughts and innermost conclude this brief letter wishes. I look forward to hearing from you and to learn more about you and what you want in a woman?
Knowing whether you are married or single?
What you do for a living and how old are you? What is your bad experience and well in meeting a woman through the Internet?
what city you live?
I have no experience here on the internet because I'm new here
Send me some pictures of you in your next post. I would love to come visit maybe we could meet at the hotel near the closest place

I hope to read from you soon
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The U.S. Embassy receives reports almost every day of fraud committed against U.S. citizens by Internet correspondents professing love and romantic interest. Typically, the Russian correspondent asks the U.S. citizen to send money or credit card information for living expenses, travel expenses, or "visa costs." The anonymity of the Internet means that the U.S. citizen cannot be sure of the real name, age, marital status, nationality, or even gender of the correspondent. The U.S. Embassy has received many reports of citizens losing thousands of dollars through such scams. American citizens are advised never to send money to anyone they have not met in person.