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Hi dear !

I am very glad, that you wrote me... first of all because i think you
are very interesting man, and i see it in your letters to me... and
second, you owe me lunch :) Yes buddy ;) I was writing my previous
letter to you and eating at the same time... So i didn't finish to eat
and my boss came... so i had to stop :) Now you owe my lunch dear :)
Where will you take me to lunch? :)

I am glad to receive your photo! Did i tell you, that you are
attractive man? :) I like that you are in a good shape ;) Would love
to see more your photos!

Ok, i am sure you have good mood now ;) How was your day? My was going
good, but little bit stressful... Did i tell you, that i work as cook
in cafe? You know, sometimes people come here to celebrate birthday's,
weddings, etc! And today was wedding day, so i had to cook a lot of
dishes ;)

So you know already my name, my birthday and where i work... I guess
it's time for wedding :) :) of course i am kidding... Before wedding
you need to know, that i live not alone... My roommate is my
co-worker... She is good friend! I live in Roskoshnoe, Lugansk region!
Parents (dad and mom) live not far, but i think, that adult life
starts from moving from parents... Do you agree ? But anyway my
parents are awesome and one day, hope, you will have chance to get
acquainted with them ;) But of course first you need to get acquainted
with me :)

I hope you will show me all the beauty of your city one day ;) I
heard, that Italy is very beautiful!

I am sorry, but i write you from my work and i do not have any
messenger here! It's actually prohibited to use work computer for
person needs, but i am braking this rule ;)

Like i was saying, i am here for serious relations... I am not
demanding woman... at least i think so :) I just want to love and be
loved! I do not need ideal partner! I am also not ideal! I want to
have caring, loving, understanding, open minded, easy going, cheerful,
optimistic man with good sense of humor ;) But the most important is
chemistry between two people... It's important to listen to each
other, give support...always put yourself on place of your partner and
in this case all the misunderstandings and problems solve easily...

My man can always share with me everything he wants... it will be
always between me and him! I am looking for my special one, my soul
mate, my beloved... I am ready to follow him everywhere... My heart is
full of love... I am good listener...i am very loving and caring
woman! But lonely!

What could make you happy? What is the most important for you in
woman? Do you try to change your partner or accept her who she is?

Ok ... i am going to finish my letter... of course i will write
you more about me, my hobbies, etc in my next letter... it's just my
brake time comes to the end and i still need to eat my lunch... or
you want to owe me another one? ;)

By the way that white dress i also did by myself ;)

Wish you good day :) Your Ksenia!