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When she invites you to her town for meeting, after you have booked your flight, she tells you she has to go to another country, she gives one excuse or another & does not provide any contact information besides asking for money.
Dear xxx!

Thank you for your letter!
Of course I know about those actresses. Thank you for putting me in one category with Cindy Crawford and Paris Hilton. I don’t think that I’m very much alike with them!

I understood what you have meant. What do I want? I want to find a man who will be perfect for me! He shouldn't be perfect as a person but he would be perfect for me. I do want to create a family with all family rules, traditions, love, respect and understanding. I suppose I have told you about this before. But you said that I’d answered your serious questions very easily. I don’t know why do you think that I’m not serious. I suppose that girl that had wasted your valuable time made you to behave like this. I just can’t understand. Do you want to get married with a woman after 5 or 25 letters and one meeting? What do YOU want???? I just need to understand your plans and desires that concern me. Can you put down 10 points from your future life plan? I wish to see something like this:
“““1. To start our correspondence and to get to know her better.
2. To learn all her habits and wishes.
3. To arrange meeting.
4. To meet her.
...................... etc.”””

If you don’t believe me and think that I could waste your time why do you write to me then? I was very much offended by your words and opinions. I don’t think it is the best start of our relationships. I think we should firstly have to learn each other better! I don’t know you at all. You always say that you are very unique and different! You say that you are good, sincere and loving. I’m also very loving, careful, loyal, family oriented, active, attentive and do want to create a good family. But I do not want to make fast decisions. I want to know for sure if you are the man I want to be with.
I wish to find a man who will share with me all his life. I wish him to be very tender, strong in his soul and body. I can’t describe his ideal character or appearance, but I think when we meet I will know that he is a perfect for me. I also have high standards of man I choose. I can do a lot for my man if I see the same from his side.

About your questions about my English, I should say that it leaves much to be desired. I do need much practice because I don’t understand it and the worse for speaking. I don’t think that giving you my real post address is a good idea. I need to know what kind of person you are before telling you the place of my living. You should understand me, because there are many situations when men could come to a girl’s house and clean out the house. I don’t want to say that you’re a thief, just understand my fears. If you want to send something, you could do it through the agency. We have internet cafes in Kherson, but I should mention that I don’t have such good job as you have. I mean my salary doesn’t allow me to use it often.

“What are the interactions between foreign people & my family members generally?” – It is not a very fine question. I didn’t understand clearly what you mean. But I can say that we are not national socialists, racists. We think that everybody is equal. We don’t have relatives abroad. Maybe we have but we don’t know about them. My parents are very friendly people. My mother’s name is Tatiana and my father’s name is Vladimir. My mother is a housewife and my father is an electrician in different types of ships. I have an older sister, she is married and they have a 13-year-old daughter. We spend much time together and we love each other very much. My mother and my sister are very close to me. They are my best friends. My father is also my friend and he can help with any difficult situation and give a good advice. What about your family? Do you close to them?

I hope you understood my feelings and me. I know that I didn’t give you the exact answers about our future relationships. That is because I need to know you better before making some decisions. Do you understand what I mean? I need to know your what your uniqueness is. Would you like to tell me about this?

Looking forward to your next letter

===Letter 39
Hello xxx!

How are you? Thank you for your interesting letters.
I want to move from my parents because I think that I’m adult girl and I want to decide what to do in my life by myself. You’re wrong I don’t want to invite many man, I want to find a special man and I thought that I found him.

According to another question I want to say that was a joke. I meant that when you’ll come here I’ll explain you all my feelings to you, but you did not understand me. I wanted only to meet with you. Your reaction was very inadequate for my words.

I can’t give you my address because I rent the flat now and when I’ll have the constant flat I’ll send you the address.
I want to say that everything will be all right. According to your trip I can say that only you can make a decision about that. I wanted to see you so much.

I don’t think that we’ll make something worse. You miss understood me sometimes, that’s why you made wrong opinion about me. I had real feelings to you, but for that moment I can’t understand you. Yes, I’m still thinking about you and me, because it’s a very big step in the life and I can’t make decision in a hurry.

I can’t say you about my love to you in the letters; I wanted to do that in persons. I expected that you’ll come and we’ll decide everything. Was that a mistake?

Take care

===Last letter before my flight
Hello xxx!

I received your letter. Thank you. I can’t give you my postal address because I will not live at home up to the first of November. I go to my friend because she needs my help. She has some problems. I will not give you my parents address because I don’t live with them and I don’t think that you’ll knock on their door. I go to another country to my friend. I hope you’ll understand me that I couldn’t come and I couldn’t be in Odessa and we couldn’t make decision fast. Thank you for understanding. You want to make everything fast and I don’t understand that. I think that you’ll do the same if I was living in your city.
I understand that you don’t want to waste your time on letters and I wanted to meet with you but now I can’t do that.
I think about your proportions and I should think about everything. You know in your last letter you called me the scammer and in this letter you like me and want to meet with me. I can’t understand you and I’m afraid a little. I can’t trust you, because you change your mind all the time.
I can’t suggest you any the apartments in 72$ per night. If I was there in Odessa with you we couldn’t live together. I want to know you better. Everything you need you can see on the Anastasia site. You said that you want to avoid costs and I think that it will be much better for you that I couldn’t come and you will avoid all your costs.

Take care