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Comment #130674
Hello my friend
I was very pleased to receive your token, I was pleased that you leave me
your e-mail address.
I have already told you that you are a very interesting man and I would be very interesting
learn more about you. It was a pleasure getting to know you.
My name Yuliya I am 41 years, I live in Russia in Omsk . You know this city?
I'm from birth live and work in this city is very beautiful and cultural city of Russia.
I work as a teacher at the school have been working for a very long time, my work experience more than 10 years.
I like my job because I teach children the culture and language. I teach Russian language and literature.
My work is very Responsibility because each child needs to find its own approach.
I love children and I love to engage with them. And how do you feel about children?
Do you have children of their own?
So I am proud of my work because when children finish school and receive a diploma
Many children tell me thank you for the years that I have taught them. I am very pleased to get these words. Many children see me as a second mother.
Dear friend can I know what is your job and your outlook on life?
When I saw your profile on the website, I could not remember everything, and you have not told me a lot about myself.
but you seem to me a very interesting man.
I will be very glad to know about you as much as possible
Perhaps you have your own personal interests and hobbies.
I will be very pleased to know it all.
Now my interest to you pretty strong.
I also want to tell you that this is my first encounter on the Internet because I have no where
before so I did not use the Internet more than loved the book but now seems to me my life
very boring and I want to communicate with you.
I will be waiting for your answer.
Your friend Yuliya
Comment #132308
Hello my friend
I was very pleased to open my mail and see your letter because
I'm really waiting for your letter.
Thank you that you took some personal time and told me about yourself.
I am very interested in your life. Today, before opening my email
I went on a dating site and delete your profile because it did not interest me more than love.
I want to talk with you and get to know you more. I see that you are a serious man, and you have a very
interesting views on life. You're a good man, I have not met people like you.
Thank you for your photos, they look very beautiful
and cute. You're really a very handsome man.
I'll be glad to see a few more of your photos
I write you my emails from internet cafes because I have no home of their personal
computer and on this I have to use the internet cafe. But I think that in the near future
time I buy myself a computer.
I'm not here to engage in a light flirtation and games.
This is not for me. I am a grown woman and I am here with serious intentions.
I think you can understand me.
For me, just as important to know how you feel about the internet and communicate what you want to find on the Internet?
For me, all this is very important.
I think that you're sure to tell me in your next letter about their intentions.
I want to tell you again that I am very glad that I have the knowledge and communication with such a great man like you.
Tomorrow I have a great interest will be waiting for your letter.