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Hi there ! Sorry, for little delay in reply... just some important
stuff to do at work... Hope you didn't run away with another girl
meeting the sunrise and had enough patience to wait for my letter :) I
worth it... trust me :)

Glad to receive your photo! I like you ;) You are in great shape ;)
And hope you will send me more photos!

So how is your day going? Anything special happened today?Where do you
work? What do you like the most at your work? Do you have enough time
for resting? :)

I work as florist :) Maybe you do not know what is it, so to make the
story short , i work in flower shop, where i create bouquets,
consult people about how to grow different flowers, trees, bushes,
etc! So in modern words, i work in Flower Consulting sphere :))))

But i have diploma of teacher... i always liked it, but you know ,
the salary of teacher is so low... What about it in your country? I
heard, that Italy is very beautiful country!

I want to tell you at once, that our age difference is nothing for me!

By the way , did you know, that all the scientists, presidents,
churches, etc considered the 19 of March 1986 the best day in people's
history? Because i was born that day :)))) Of course i am not so grand
for the world, but i thought you should know when i was born :)

I live in the world well known Eastern part of Ukraine... yes, we had
war here, but now everything is calm! I live in Torez town...

I am sorry, but i do not have any messenger, because the internet
connection is very low!

I do not want to make my letter long, but i wanted to tell you ,
that i am here for serious relations and that i am not interested in
games... I just want to underline it, because i know some people are
here for playing games lying... I am looking for my man with whom i
will be happy... And of course whom i will make happy! I am not asking
too much and i think it's important to know and understand what you
want! I want to have loving man, enjoy every day with him, cook
delicious meals for him, take shower together :), have fun, cuddle in
the blanket, just sit in each other's hugs looking at falling stars in
August... I think, that from all such small and simple things, puzzle
to puzzle , people are able to create beautiful picture of their life

I think it's important to have faith in each other, be loyal,
understanding, open minded, creative, romantic... it's great when both
people in relations are working like team... I am sure, that people do
not need a lot to be happy... they just need partner in whom they will
see reflection of themselves... With whom they will have Desire to
wake up and enjoy every moment!

Oh well ... look... didn't want to make letter long and boring,
but i guess i made it :) hope you was able to read my so romantic
thoughts till the end ;))))

Wish you good day and do not forget to smile ;)