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Dear sirs,

Regarding Marina Berezhnaya, born 25.05.1974, residing in Poltava, Ukraine

She has been posted in many internet sites among others:
A foreign affair – ID 102642
Dream marriage – ID 119234 ID xr 9673

I met Marina initially through the local agency in Poltava on June 27th 2009.
After this I went to see her again in Poltava July 15th to 30th, and in Kiev Sept 5th to 7th 2009
She acted very nicely, and we agreed that marrying would be a good idea, setting a preliminary date for May 2010.

Very soon Marina started to ask for money, for small things initially, but eventually she asked for money for preparing visa, for some medical treatment, at one occasion for her apartment rent (UAH 1000) for a laptop and finally for driving lessons. She also asked me to lend USD 1.000 for a friend of hers “who were in trouble”
When we met in Kiev in September, she suggested that I, as her man should transfer to her € 600 every month for her expenses, and so that she would not have to ask me for money through the interpreter of the agency.
This of course I refused, together with the money for her “friend in trouble” and for her laptop. Some amounts I did give her, together with trips to Crimea in two different occasions.

Marina is a very charming lady, and she is a funny person to be around. But I started getting more and more signs that she was not serious about the relationship. She asked the money for preparing visa, but she did not make any steps to apply for it.
She only very reluctantly agreed to share bed with me, and never in her own apartment, and she always had some excuse as to not have sex. She always tried to make me drink at night, and was herself a heavy drinker.

After we were “engaged” I asked her to remove her profile when she did not do this herself after some weeks. She had a very bad reaction to this, and only reluctantly agreed to remove her profile. I found out that she really wanted to stay on the sites to have contact with more men. That is why she is also registered in at least two agencies.
She has met at least two more men through the agencies, and every time her scheme is the same. She tries to “get rid of” the interpreter in order to have the man to herself, and then she immediately starts to tell about her problems and money worries. She asks smaller amounts in the beginning, such as for cigarettes or for some food, later escalating to more expensive wishes.

I met her again now in October, arriving in Poltava October 4th. I had in mind to really see if she was serious about me. At two occasions I sat with her and the interpreter having serious conversation about future. She avoided all questions and was very vague, so I decided to move out of her apartment on October 7th
She suggested even until the end that we should prepare papers and get married secretly before the time we had agreed, even before Christmas. She even wanted that we travel to Dubai in Christmas as a honeymoon.
After this we met once more, and ended up breaking the relations by her just walking out the door when realizing that she would get no money before she show serious intentions.

As a proof of my statements I will enclose some e-mails which I have received from her, asking money and so on. I also have some sms where she asks the same. These I can supply on demand.

I ask you to make sure that this woman can never go to the sites again and scam other men like she did me, by marking her profile as scammer.

This same letter I will also send to the scammer’s sites.

Fra: Марина Бережная [mailto:[email protected]]
Emne: Re: hello!!!!

Hello my honey xxx!
As you know I miss you very much. I am thinking about you all the time and every day. I am dreaming about you. I feel that something missing in my flat and I know what – you. I am so get used to know that we are family and we are together each minute during the day.
I knew that you were in the hospital – how is everything there????? Did the doctors say you good news? I already want you to come to me……
As you know I was in doctor. And from tomorrow I begin the treatment. She is really good doctor and she is trying to do the best for me. It seams to me that I am the only patient for her. Natalia suggested to me this doctor and I am grateful for her. She is really goooooood. My treatments will be for 10 days and then I will check everything again. If something is living I will have to go to the hospital. But I hope for better.
I am already getting to know about registering for the work. I went to the person I know and asked him how to make it right he told me that I have to pay 2000 grn for the documentation and 2000 grn taxes for the 6 months. I would like to talk with you about it because I would like to make it as soon as possible. I know that visa will take several months and I don’t want embassy to think I am cheating with them. What do you think about it? What can you suggest me?
When I have to go to Kiev? To be honest I would like you to go with me. Maybe you will have a chance and come to me earlier then I come to you and we will make this stuff together. You understand English and can tell everything they need, in case if something needs. Will you come to me my darling???????? I want to come to your country even tomorrow but you know all circumstances. In case I go to your country I have to take the vocation or medical sick-leave certificate. I have 2 weeks more for my vocation. But I am not sure for now will I have necessity to stay at the hospital for the treatment or not. If yes, I just take the medical sick-leave certificate for my expenses. What do you think about it?
As for the weeding, I can tell you that I would like to make it in summer or for my birthday. I would like it to be outside. I have already counted the amount of people I would like to invite. It will be 10 the closest people from me, Natalia and her husband and the boss of the agency with her husband too. If it be in winter – I would like to make in some warm country. It is my dreams. Now I would like to hear yours. What do you think about it?:)))))))
I misssss you dear and kissssss you and waiting for your warmest and brightest letters.
Your Marina.

Fra: Марина Бережная [mailto:[email protected]]

Emne: Re: Hello again.

Hello my honey xxx!
As you know I missss you so much as you miss me. I am thinking about you all the time and waiting for your letters and massages and any news from you. Each minute I am thinking about you and our future together.
I am ok and I am taking medicines every day and I hope for the good results. I know it will be so because I know I do right. Then everything will be ok. I am dreaming about the time to be with you and share all this romantic moments and minutes. I am already dreaming about it. I didn’t drink anything and trying to do the best.:))))
As for the work registration - tomorrow I am going there to prepare some documents. I am already asking this man to begin the preparation. As I told you it will cost 4000 grn. If you have a chance just send me tomorrow. You can send me the money with Natalia’s money and she will give be back. What about the driving school? I went there and get to know everything. It will cost 3000 grn. It will be 3 months of learning and each month 1000 grn. I have to go for the classes 3 times a week. It will be some expanses more for the petrol and earning books. We have to buy it by ourselves. The classes begin at 15 of august. I know I am asking you now about the big sum of money. If you have no chance to send all money now, just send me the money for the work documentation. It is already in process and I don’t want to feel myself uncomfortable when they ask me about money. Tomorrow I am going to bank to get to know is the card is ready or not. As soon as I will have the number of the card, I will write you immediately the number for the better transferring.
As for the wedding I can tell you that if it be in Ukraine and for my birthday – I will be great. As I told you I don’t want to invite too much people but I have to invite the closest one. I have too much relatives and If I tell them that I got married and they were not there – they will be offended very much. As I told you it will be something about 14. I just don’t want any offending people and I promise that I will invite the closest one. Ok???
I don’t know do you remember or not about the thing I told you in the airport. It was my desire to make a Botex to my forehead. Do you know what is it? I know that time will show you everything on your face but I would like to change it if you don’t mind. I am thinking about it but I am not planning. I am asking people and looking for a good specialist.
So I think for now it is end for today. I wish you to have a good sleep and nice dreams with me….. I am dreaming about you toooo. Maybe we will meet each other there. What do you think about it?

Kisssssss you
Your Marina.

Fra: Марина Бережная [mailto:[email protected]]

Emne: Re: Hello again.

dear xxx!
this is the coordinates which i took in bank for you to transfer money to me:
beneficiary (field #59) 26250978904719
Бережная Марина Ивановна.

details of paiment (field #70 or field #72) to card account 0615469600

beneficiary's bank: open joint stock company "raiffeisen bank aval", Poltava, (Poltava branch) swift code Avaluauk pol

Correspondent bank: Acciount # 55022305
name: Raiffeisen Zentralbank Oesterreich, Vienna
Swift code: RZBA AT WW

Privat paiment
present or gift.

Fra: Марина Бережная [mailto:[email protected]]

Emne: Re: Hello again.

My dearest xxx!
As always I begin the letter with so pleasant words. You know it but I would like to repeat to you – I am thinking about dreaming and missing you very much. I am dreaming about the time I am with you each day from the beginning to the end. When I go to sleep I am thinking about you, when I wake up – I am thinking about you. During the day – I am thinking about you. The only thing in my mind is you – I can’t do anything with it.
You know become a little bit busy for the last day. I and going to dentist, to the driving school and for the treatment. I am doing it the whole day. I made my self very busy person. But I know it is for better and for the future. I would like to tell you how was strange for me to come to the driving classes and to see there all students with little laptops. I was the only person there without it. They have special programs there and teach everything in the way like a game. It is not o suitable for me to ask you, but I thought maybe it will be better and easier for me to have the same. What do you think? In such case I would have a chance to teach it at home too and take it with me to Kiev if I need to go there for work. Can you help me with it? For this weekend I can go through our shop and get to know the price. Would you like me to do it?
I am so happy for your girl. I am sure she will pass it and get the best results. I believe in her. Yes. We girls like to make a beauty. I can understand her. She will be your young princess. As I see she will be driving soon. Maybe she will teach me some too or I will teach her. Who knows? But still it would be a big pleasure for me.))))))))
How is your weekend? Do you have some fun?
Dear I misss you and kisssss you and hope that your day will be fun.
Forever your.

Fra: Марина Бережная [mailto:[email protected]]

Emne: Re: Hello again.

Hello dear xxx!
As always I am happy to have the letter from you. As I told you I am a little bit busy with all this stuff – lessons, treatment and work in Kiev. I came back from Kiev yesterday and I am going to the classes today.
I would like to tell you my thoughts about your proposal concerning my profile. As you know I have an agreement with the agency. I can cancel it only in case when I am going to marry a person I find. To be honest I have to be sure in future. I think I will ask the agency to delete my profile only after the trip to Norway. I don’t want to offend you. I hope you understand me. As soon as I went to Norway I will delete my profile. Ok? I have to be on site for 2 month more, dear. It is one of the agreement conditions. Believe me.
You know I went to the shops and got to know some information about laptops. The price for them is something about 4500-5000 grn. If you can help me and send me this sum I would be grateful for you. If I find cheaper one, I will leave the money for the visa preparation. Ok?
How are you? How are girls? How do you feel?
I wish you to have a good day and wait for your nearest letter.
Kisss you
Your Marina.
Fra: Марина Бережная [mailto:[email protected]]

Emne: Re: Hello again.

Hello dear xxx!
I would like to tell you what I am thinking about this story with my profile. I want you to know that I am a person of a word and if I tell you I will get merry you – I will do it. As I told you I have jealous husband before. I don’t want to live with jealous man. I had such experience and I don’t want to repeat it.
What about the school? It is not a problem if you don’t have money for now to buy a laptop for me. I understand you and I know you have responsibilities and you have to think about your daughters and business too.
You know it is hard for me to prepare a visa very quick. As you know I paid to the company for taking me to the work. They told me that the official salary will be for me 600 grn. But I got to know that it will be not enough to get the visa. It is our minimal salary here. For now I am trying to solve this problem. I will think how to make it quicker and as soon as I will have some news I tell you everything. Ok?
Yes, you are right; I went through the 10 days treatment. And now I have to wait 10 days to recover from these medicines. Then I will go to the doctor and she will write me another harder treatment. She wants to help me I the best way, she want to avoid the operation. I believe her and I will do everything she is telling me.
Dear Gosha will have a birthday on 24th of August. He invites me to his celebration. Would you like to congratulate him or would you like me to congratulate him. I can give you his number if you would like so and you will have a chance to call him. What do you think about it?
How are you? How is your day going my darling?
I wish you to have a good day.
Kiss, your Marina.

Fra: Марина Бережная [mailto:[email protected]]

Emne: Re: Hello again.

Hello dear xxx!
I would like to tell you sorry for not answering massages. To be honest I have no money for it. I have only for one ring. And at my mother’s place, there is a bad connection.
You know my mother saw all this massages and ask me to tell you “Hello” from her.
Dear from Monday I have to go to school. The teacher told us to pay for school till the 1st of September. It is 1000 grn and something about 500 grn for the patrol (60 liters).
Gosha said you thank you for all pleasant words from you. He was happy to hear it. He told me that he understands you the best when he is drunk. So you can call him always when he is drunk.:))))))
Thank you for the joke. It was really funny. As for the perfumes/oil, I liked very much the same as you present me last time. I will be happy and grateful if you present me this one this time too. It is my aroma.
I would like to with you to have a god party for you and your daughter. I wish you to be healthy, to get a success in life and I would like all your dreams to become true. Kisss her from me.
I wish you all the best for today.
Kissss you, darling.
Your Marina
Fra: Марина Бережная [mailto:[email protected]]

Emne: Re: Hello again.

Hello my dear xxx!
To be honest I have not so many new things to tell you. I went to bank as you told me and I find out that I have 35 euro on my card. It was there form 27th of August. Can you tell me when did you send it? I just want to know how many days it takes to transfer money.
During the day I am going to school and to doctor. I had my last tests and they are not as good as I would like. I have a new recipe. I went to pharmacy and asked for them but I had not enough money. They are too expensive. That is why I can’t begin and new treatment.
I am planning to go to my mother this weekend. My brother will have a birthday in one month. So, we want to go to shop and look for some present.
My driving tests will begin from 14th of September. I already bought petrol for it. It will take 14 hours for some period of time. After this test we will have some classes with policeman. He will teach initial care. And tell us what we have to do before exams in police. As our teacher said, we will have to prepare some documentation and do some payments. As I know it will be something about 1000 grn.
So, I don’t have any news for now. I hope that you are ok and everything is ok with you.
Wish you all the best.