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Hello, dear

Thank you for your reply! It was good to hear from you, really. I am
excited to start our conversation! And i am glad my previous message
took your attention. I understand your English very well so do not
worry about it. I understand why you had to go online and search
abroad. I noticed that there are a lot of women on these sites who are
also in the search. I see how beautiful and sexy they are and i am not
sure if i can compete!!! I do not have huge breasts or silicon lips, i
do not use tones of make up and i do not spend hours in the gym daily.
I am a simple and natural woman! And i still hope to find that man who
will love me as i am, with all my flaws. I am sorry but in my region i
cannot use skype or whatsup, such things are restricted here. I can
communicate with you only by the email, i hope you do not mind??

I am not sure what to tell you about myself, so if you have questions,
you please ask, ok? I was born 15th March. I live in my own apartment
which i got after the death of the relative, in Rovenki, as i already
told. I live alone, i have only one room. But the rest of my family:
my mom, granny, my sister and her son live in the bigger apartment
just a few buildings away. So i often come to visit them and babysit
my nephew.He is 5. My parents divorced when i was in my teenage years,
my father lives in another region for many years already, but we keep
in touch and sometimes he comes to visit his children and grandson. He
is a good man, former minor, but now some years on pension because of
the health problems. With my sister i am very close as well, she is my
best friend forever and we spend a lot of time together. Another big
part of my life is my job. As i mentioned i am a cosmetologist, work
in a small but neat hairdresser's salon, not far from my place. I love
my work and colleagues, and my clients of course) I do not receive
huge income, under the present circumstances it is hard to earn decent
money but i hope for the better future to come soon. I guess this is
all about me for today) Will be glad to get a big letter from you as
well next time! I am very curious about you!! I send you a kiss and
please answer soon. This is Tania.
Comment #147978
ow are you, my dear? I hope all is well by your side???? i am glad to
see you response and answer you now)))) How have you been since we
talked the last time? Did you miss me at all?)) I did miss you and i
am glad to enter my email box and find your message waiting for me! It
is like a sip of water in the desert for me as well, Ahmad)) I am glad
that you liked majority of my pictures! I liked yours as well. You
know it is very pleasant for me to correspond with you. I feel
something in common with you, some kind of a connection and was first
hard for me to believe can exist. Do you feel it too, honey?)))) I can
be frank with you ( by the way i am very glad we communicate on the
level when it is possible for us to discuss all kinds of matter!!) ...
i feel pleased with your attention. As i mentioned i haven't dated
anyone for several years already and now i still feel a bit awkward
that a nice and handsome man like you paid your attention to me and
courtship me in some way, giving me complements and nice words)) Of
course this is very pleasant for me, my dear!!! I hope in you i have
found the man i always dreamt about.. no, not the 'prince'!!!! but a
man who can be my mate, my lover, my husband, my supporter, my
friend...all in one!!! fore such a man i will be ready for

Well, 99999, I will be waiting impatiently to hear back from you.
Please do not delay!!)))I need to run now as I have got a lot tasks
till the end of my working day. Also my sis with my nephew planned to
visit me in the evening, so i am going to cook a quick pie with jam to
serve with tea by their arrival. But I promise you that I will be
thinking about you! i will leave a piece of pie for you, my honey))))
Take good care of yourself!!!!

I send you a sweet ki