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Hello dear Mark!
Thank you for your letter. Nice to know that you're interested in communicating with me and you continue to write me letters. I hope that you continue to answer me and I will be glad of it. And you'll be sure to write the answer.
I do not know much about your country, but I think I will post our correspondence to know more about it. I hope you can tell me about your country and your traditions. I've always been interested to learn about different countries and their traditions.
I have to you have some more questions. What do you wish to receive from our correspondence? You want to just chat? Or something more like a marriage, a family ?? I would be interested to know about this. I would like to receive from our correspondence with you mutual understanding, and who knows what will happen in the future? Perhaps marriage, children, family .... I hope you would like this as well.
I hope that we will have no problems with each other. I think we'll have to learn to understand each other, that there was no misunderstanding. I hope that it will.
I think that if we want to continue our knowledge and develop our relations with the aim to meet and be together in the future, we should be more open to each other. Tell me, please, what girls like you that you first appreciate in a woman? What do you think about sex? I want to just tell you that for me unacceptable promiscuity. I believe that sex is only possible with the person to whom you feel warm and tender feelings. Only in this way, both partners can get a true delight. I never allow myself to go to bed with the man to whom I will not have any feelings. I do not want a lot of discussion about this in the letters, but I had to tell you this once, at the beginning of the development of our relations.
During these few days of our acquaintance, I began to feel a little bit different. I do not know how to explain it in words. But now I am glad that there is a person with whom pleasant to communicate, to talk about themselves, about their thoughts and learn more about it. The man you are. Although we are far from each other now, but our thoughts and desires are moving in the same direction. I hope that my feelings are not deceptive and our relations will develop in a good direction for both of us. While on the other hand, would be a close loved one, whom you love and who loves you, even it does not matter where you are at this moment, even at the North Pole, still I am happy. I want to love, above all, a man, his attitude towards me, care and so on, not any materiality. All material - this is a temporary and feelings - they are forever in my heart and in the heart.
At this point I will finish my letter.
I'll wait for your letter, as well as longer new to you.
Take care of yourself!
Comment #130645
Very good, watch out !!!!!!!!