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Hey !

Thanks for writing me back :) I am happy about it! Honestly,
had just a little bit of worries if you would reply or not
and luckily you did ;)

By the way, thank you for great picture that you have
decided to share with me! I loved how you look! I bet you
are even better in life, huh? :) any more to share with me?
I would appreciate ;)

Did I tell you what I do for work previously? I work in a
small shop that sells woman's outfit. really small. We have
only two dressing rooms which are also small :) Now we have
almost do not have any buyers. Most people just try to save
for more important things.. Ukraine is in big crisis as you

I sent you one picture of my mom, me and my friend. she was
the one I studied at the college with and now we live
together. Means share the room. Do you have many friends? I
used to have many.. but many left the town more than a year
ago. what are your hobbies? I love sports and yoga! I am
very flexible hahaha!

I have computer access here at work. I write secretly when
boss can not see! He is such an ass :))) my English is not
perfect, at times I need to use online translator. I thought
you might want to know that! :) Oh just decided to attach
couple of more photos for you! Do you like beach? I love it.
though we have only river here.. Have always dreamt to swim
in ocean at least one time in life!

Gotta go now ! Big ass boss is coming! hahahaha! till
next letter?

Comment #134332 // got this email from him/her:

Hey xxx !

How is going? Remember me? The one you gave your mail so
here I am haha! I know I have some competitors who might
write you... but screw that competitors! I am here to take
my chance ok. I am just messing around... do not think
that I am that tough I like people with sense of humour
and who are not afraid to laugh at themselves!

So what is first letter about? oh yes, Introduction!
Valentina is my name! Valya for short if you like it. I am
30! Too old for you? :)) I live in Donetsk. Big city with
unique life here. You know, eastern Ukraine... but no
traffic jams now!!! something must be good here at least,
huh? What is your city like? Big or small? or are you a
country or city boy? I accept both What do you search for
here? relationships or just fun? serious question!

I am not going to bore you to death with a long letter! I
know men do not like to talk way too much! Hope that you
will reply me! Any plans for the evening? Some beers with
friends probably?

Have a perfect day!!!! and do not be shy to send me
couple of photos! you should get my attached to this awful
letter hahaha

Comment #134917
Ha cambiato mail, adesso è
Comment #135284
I have corresponded with she, she show me hot photos and hope I help she to buy a computer...
Comment #135777
She wanted 500 Euro for moving to another city