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Hey !

Thanks for writing me back :) I am happy about it! Honestly,
had just a little bit of worries if you would reply or not
and luckily you did ;)

By the way, thank you for great picture that you have
decided to share with me! I loved how you look! I bet you
are even better in life, huh? :) any more to share with me?
I would appreciate ;)

Did I tell you what I do for work previously? I work in a
small shop that sells woman's outfit. really small. We have
only two dressing rooms which are also small :) Now we have
almost do not have any buyers. Most people just try to save
for more important things.. Ukraine is in big crisis as you

I sent you one picture of my mom, me and my friend. she was
the one I studied at the college with and now we live
together. Means share the room. Do you have many friends? I
used to have many.. but many left the town more than a year
ago. what are your hobbies? I love sports and yoga! I am
very flexible hahaha!

I have computer access here at work. I write secretly when
boss can not see! He is such an ass :))) my English is not
perfect, at times I need to use online translator. I thought
you might want to know that! :) Oh just decided to attach
couple of more photos for you! Do you like beach? I love it.
though we have only river here.. Have always dreamt to swim
in ocean at least one time in life!

Gotta go now ! Big ass boss is coming! hahahaha! till
next letter?