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Hi ,

Super nice to meet you and thanks for the response:) I would love to
continue communicate with you and see where things go. I am ultimately
looking to meet someone and settle down in a long lasting
relationship. Thank you for photo. I see that you are in a very good
shape. It's a pity only that your eyes are closed with glasses.

OK, let's start?:) I am Irina, I am 29 and I am Ukrainian. In this
letter I will add couple of my pics where you can see my family. It's
not large. It's my mommy, my older sister who is already married and
has little baby. My niece is adorable, do you agree?:) I love to play
with her, she is our little Angel. But unfortunately now I have no
possibility to see my family often. I think you heard what's happening
in my country.. But in news you can't see real things we faced. My
native town was in epicenter of war.. Earlier I couldn't even imagine
that in 21 Century we can live without electricity, gas and water
during months.. Because of war I lost my job and I had to relocate to
Ukrainian part of our region, in a little town Novopskov. I live just
100 km from my family but now it's different countries, can you
imagine?:( I miss my family so much.. I am sorry that I am bothering
you with all this . I just wanted to give you impression that
I am not a Princess who is leaving in paradise.. I am usual girl with
a big heart and with a hope to find a man who will love me who I am.

What I am looking for? I want to build relations where both partners
know, appreciate and love each other. They share same interests, same
visions, they both act trustworthy to each other. They spend free time
together, they have kids, love them and enjoy with simple things. You
know, what I consider as my best quality? It doesn't matter what
happened with me in the past I'm still optimist and for me the glass
of water is always half full:) Well what else, God, it's so difficult
to tell about yourself:) Well I think that if I missed something you
will ask me, right ?:)

Well , hope my letter was at least a little bit interesting:)
Don't be too much severe for my first shy try:) Hope to hear from you
soon and to read your new letter:)

From Irina
Comment #130641
too good to be true , such a hot babe would not need to go hunting on the net ,,scammer at work