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Heey my sweet

How are you, my dear? I hope that everything is okay with you, I am
very happy we can start our communication now and who knows where it
will lead us, right? I am very grateful that we've met, as to tell the
truth, I really liked you from the very fist second :)) How
was your day, honey? I would love it if we could tell each other about
ourselves and maybe try to build a nice relationship or at least
friendship. I am looking for a man in life, someone I can trust and
rely on, I am willing to do anything as a good woman, I am very caring
and I really like taking care of my man, I would love to cook for you
and help you with everything:) It really does make me feel very well,
and I guess I was just raised this way, to be caring and loving. Let
me tell you more about myself.

I am glad that you like to live a healthy life, I do too:) We can get
along easily I think.

I am from Donbas region, town is called Makeevka it's in Eastern
Ukraine, sadly it's a hard time for Ukrainian people here because of
war:( It has started a long while ago and it still leaves people with
broken economy and lost jobs. All in all, I have never even thought
that I would appear in such a disastrous situation:( It's very sad,
but I try to keep my head up. I believe that it's very important to be
positive, and I am doing everything to be as much of a cheerful person
as possible:))As I said I am looking for a man in life:) I am trying
to focus on that, it's not easy to find a man here, because Ukrainian
men treat pretty girls just like dolls, and they all abuse alcohol,
also they are very negative, probably due to hard situation here, but
I want only positivity in my life:)) so I thought why not give it a
shot and try to find a man abroad? :)) I am a very chill person and I
like doing simple things to make me happy, I really like when people
laugh:)) I sincerely believe that good laughter is the best medicine:)
Do you like laughing? Also, I like cooking, and I can cook
pretty much anything:) What is your favourite food? I bet I can cook
it:) I have a daughter, who recently turned 1 year:)) I love her so
much, she is my whole life and heart. I also have a birthmark on my
arm:) I used to hate it all of my life, but now I like it, as it gives
me some character:)

Also I like self development, I try to read as much as I can, even
though it's getting harder and harder to find books here, also I study
English a lot, right now it's not the best and I have a lot of things
to work on, especially grammar, but I am learning slowly but
confidently:)) Right now I use help of translation programs on my
computer. I don't have a 24 hour access to internet, but I use it
whenever I can :) But I promise that I will study hard and my English
will get better and better. I work at the simple grocery store, I do
selling and other minor duties. It's a fine job, crazy underpaid, but
I do not have much of a choice,so it's all good. I worked in the
cinema before, but after the war started lots of places like that got
shut down, as well as lots of hotels, restaurants and so on. It's
said, as I did not have to much financial problems before. I was not
rich, but I had just enough money for a living.

I remembered a story from my childhood, when there was a very rich man
in our neighborhood, and he was always very drunk, but he would always
talk to children nicely and would buy them ice cream:)) We all loved
that man, I remember once me and my friend decided to have a little
play, we talked to him and then my friend said to me in front of him
"Let's go have some ice cream, do you have money?" and I said "No, do
you?" She said no as well, then we stood for a minute until that man
said "Hey girls, let me buy you some ice cream" We were so happy that
it worked:))) Ahaha, I was probably 12 years old, we liked ice cream
so much that we had to be cunning:)) It was so funny, but I feel so
ashamed right now remembering it:))) Do you have any funny stories
from your childhood? :))

Tell me about yourself :) I want to know everything, because
you are such a mysterious person for me right now:) Tell me about your
family, and maybe what you do for life? What are your hobbies? I am
very happy that we've met, dear:)) I can't wait to get a new letter
from you :))

With love, your Nadia
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she use a baby, She told warzone , ..she 's working in scram love