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Hello, my dear new friend ! Finally I am here and am very glad to have possibility to write you. How are you? How is your mood today? Please, except my belated Christmas congratulations!
Where did you get my e-mail address? Thank you for your letter and photo. I like your appearance and what you said about yourself. I am interested in you and would like to know much more.
last 2 weeks have been a real torture for me! A flu epidemy has reached our region. I just got rid of it!
Lots of people are still ill and most of the schools, kindergardens and universities are closed for quarantine. I do not have a computer or internet at home. I do not speak English and have to use the service of the interpreter. My good friend Julia is translating our correspondence.
It seems to me that you are a very interesting person and good man. I like your appearance very much also. You are very handsome man. I have seen only face for now and would like to see more of you. I would like to know many things about you, but, first of all, let me introduce myself.
I was born on the 19th of February 1990.And when do you celebrate your Birthday?
I was born in the city of Chernivtsi, in the Western Ukraine, what is my native city. The population of Chernivtsy is about 300 thousand
My height is 5’2’’(160 sm).My weight is 108lbs(49 kg). My another dimensions are 36-23-37. My natural hair color is light brown, but I like to dye it in darker colors. On my photos you can see my appearance very well. I look the same in real life.
I have never been married and I have no children. But I am really very tired of my lonely life, without beloved man in it. Maybe, for you it sounds strange, because I am quite young. But here, in Ukraine, the normal age to get married for girls is between 18-22 years. I find my life to be empty at the moment, because I have no my soul mate near me. Maybe, you can be the man of my dream, who knows? We will see in further correspondence.
I am native Ukrainian, but one of my Grandmothers(father’s mother) is Polish.
Now I am a student of the economical department of my local university here, in Chernivtsi. I have one more year of my studies left before getting my diploma. I like to study very much and am one of the best students in my group. I want to be well-educated person and to have good job in the future. My studies is very important for me. In the future I would like to have another education, judicial, but in the country I will move in to get married with my future husband. Also I work part-time like an office-manager in clothes shop.
I like my Motherland very much but I do not see future here for me and my future family. We have a lot of beautiful women here and our men are too spoiled with their attention and beauty. Ukrainian men, who stayed in Ukraine do not want to work, like to exploit our hard-working nice women and very often like only drinking alcohol in different pubs with their same friends. I do not want to have such destiny. Ofcourse, not all the men are such here, but I had 1 disappointment with Ukrainian man already and do not want to repeat it again, so I decided to look for my destiny abroad. And why you are looking for foreign wife?
I want to make correct choice in my life in search of my second half. I am very afraid of divorce. My first romantic relationship did not help me to create happy marriage. My first love with young Ukrainian guy was not successful. I have understood that I have to look for my destiny in other countries.
I plan to start learning English language. I hope, that I will have such possibility soon, as I dream to learn English. Now I am using the service of interpreter and the agency. But Julia is my good friend and I trust her. I know her for many years already. You should trust her too. Now she is with me here and will translate my letter to you after I finish writing. I do not have internet at home, but I am able to go to internet café and sometimes I can use internet at work or I can come to Julia. This will give me possibility to write you my letters on regular basis.
I visited several agencies here, in my city, as I wanted to find out information, when I decided to start looking for foreign husband. I got very bad feeling about them. I felt, like they were hiding something from me. In the last agency I visited one woman told me, that I have to give her my pictures, copies of documents, write main information about me and wait at home when men (!) will come to meet with me. This was a shock for me. I even did not know how to react. I have gone away from that so-called agency very disappointed and understood, that I can not trust my destiny to those people.
I am lucky to have a friend, who leads decent business. I do not want anybody else to translate for us besides Julia and I am sure, that she will translate every word and every thought correctly, so there should be no problems with our communication. I hope, if everything will go well between us in our correspondence – we will be able to speak over the phone with Julia’s help and hear each other’s voices. Ofcourse, if everything will go well between us – I would like us to meet in not so far future. Besides, when can you take your vacation? Are you able to come to my city?
By my nature I am a very friendly person. My friends describe me as generous, giving, cheerful, helpful, honest, reliable and responsible person. I have good sense of humor, but in the same time, I am a serious personality. It seems to me, that I am a little bit naive, because very often I can’t distinguish bad person from good, as I have no enough life experience yet. That is why I was afraid to start my search of foreign husband without help of solid people.
I prefer smart, giving, noble, kind-hearted, hardworking, responsible and reliable men. Appearance does not matter for me much, because I think, that, first of all, man has to have nice inner world. I am never excited with nice man’s appearance. I want my future husband to be honest, sincere, kind, wise and loving person. If you are really interested in me, if you are really looking for serious relationship and I am the woman of your type, - please, answer me as soon, as possible and tell me more about your life, family, city, work, character, hobbies and interests.
I hope, that reading my first introductive letter was interesting for you.
I wait for your reply with great impatience,
Your new Ukrainian friend, Kristina
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Hello, dear ! Kristina is here. How are you today? How have you been? I have not heard from you for a very long time. I hope that everything is OK with you. I hope to get your letter to me soon. I think of you every day…
Today, on the 19th of January all Ukrainian nation celebrates a great holiday of Epiphany or Vodochreshcha, like we pronounce it in Ukrainian. Now I want to tell you about this holiday and I truly hope, that it will be interesting for you.
The holiday of Epiphany is the third and culminating holiday of Christmas-New Year’s cycle, which the members of Orthodox and Greek-catholic Church celebrate on the 19th of January.We call it “Water Christening”(Vodochreshcha in translation).It is connected with Jesus Christ baptizing of river Jordan.
Some history.When Jesus run up to 30 years he accepted christening in the river Jordan.When he came out ashore from the water all the people, who were present heard the voice of God Father, Who called Jesus, like a Son of His and the Holy Spirit lowered down from the Heaven in the appearance of pigeon. This is the reason of provenance of another name of this holiday-Theophany. Orthodox and Greek-catholic Church consider, that exactly this holiday is being an evidence of Saint Trinity existence, as on this day, like it is considered according to Christian doctrine, God showed His 3 Alter Ego: God Father-in the voice, God’s Son-in the body and Holy Spirit in the form of a dove.
It is considered, that on this great holiday of Epiphany, since midnight till midnight, all the water is being imbued with great healing power and this power remains during the whole year. It heals body and soul illnesses. On this holiday in cities and villages, where there are churches people hallow the water.
Among people the water consecrated on this holiday is considered to be a special salvage from different diseases. It is given to drink to seriously ill people and very often it really helps those, who have strong belief. The temples, houses and animals are being baptized with this water on this day. Properties of this water are very interesting, but still nobody has not opened it’s secret. This water is not spoiling. And the fact that the Epiphany’s water is not spoiling, doesn’t smell and can be kept the whole year remains in a mystery. One of the opinions is that the silver from the cross, which the priest is lowering into the water during the ceremony in the church, contributes to this.
On the Eve of Epiphany people celebrate the “Hungry Cutia” or it is also called “The second Holy Evening”(The first Holy Evening is celebrated on the 6th of January on Christmas Eve).During the whole day all the Christians are starving, as according to the tradition they keep severe fast till evening. The supper starts when the first star brightens the sky. We usually eat such Lenten dishes, like fried fish, varenyky with cabbage and potatoes, buckwheat rolls, special drink called “uzvar” made from dried fruits and, ofcourse, the main dish is “cutia”(special porridge from boiled sweet wheat).After the supper everyone puts his or her spoon in one plate and on the top of the spoons-small loaf of bread-“ To give birth to the Bread!”
On the second day everybody goes to the Church to christen the water. With this hallowed water the meal starts. Every householder is sprinkling every member of the family with the holy water. Also the Goodman (Head of the family) is spraying the house, other buildings and the well.
According to the ancient tradition the ceremony of water baptizing used to take place under the open sky, on the shores of rivers, lakes or streams.
In times of Soviet Union, in the day of water baptizing, in villages and cities numerous religious processions were held. Besides icons and church gonfalons the participants of this processions were holding alighted “trinities” in their arms. Very often this “trinities” were tangled with corn flowers, thymes and other herbs. In some regions the act of water hallowing was accompanied with gun shooting without bullets. In the same time the caught pigeons were released to the open blue sky, decorated with ribbons from colorful papers.
As you see, our Ukrainian nation has really rich traditions. Deliberated citizens are proud of this. Ofcourse, nowadays those traditions are not so strictly kept as they used to be in the past.
Now in the cities the celebration of Epiphany is more free. You will not see religious processions on the streets, but still most of the people go to the church to baptize the water and gather together in family circles. Nevertheless in the villages many traditions are still severely kept.
My celebration of this holiday comes to nothing more, than sitting in close family circle eating fast meals.
I hope, that it was interesting for you to get acquainted with the history and traditions of celebration of this great holiday. Do you celebrate Epiphany? How do you usually celebrate it?

Waiting for your next letter with great impatience,
Yours Kristina