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Hey, how are you ?

Thanks again for the address! It is me, Inna from the dating site. I
am glad we can talk in mails and I won't need to be on the site day
and night for chatting :) Actually, for me it is impossible to use
Internet so often.

So, tell me please, what do you want from this conversation? Why are
you on the site? You see, I do not want to waste time and talk to
people who only want some fun and endless mails. That is why for me it
is so important to know what is your goal, ok?

And of course it will be nice to know a bit more about you, some basic
things - job, family, town where you live. Such details tell a lot
about person.

Wait for your reply ;)

Comment #131188

Hi to you! Thanks for your photo I like you!

Can I ask for a favour? Look at my photos please and tell me, why do
you think such lady like me can be still single? Yes, I am single, I
am lonely, and I am looking for man abroad. I am curious what
kind of reason you will find for me :)

My dream is to find a man who love me and care about me. And your?

When is your birthday? I was born on April 17. Did I tell you I am 33?
Can you believe it? By the way, friends say I look too girlish on the
pic where I am in T-shirt, what do you think? I made that pic last
summer. Others were made beginning of November. We already have winter
in Torez, as it was snowing for several times. Do you know Torez?
It is in Eastern Ukraine. What about your place?

What is your favourite place in Peru?

Maybe you heard about the military conflict we had here... Yes, life
is not kind at all, very often unfair and even violent... But I do not
get angry, sad, scared and of course never give up. I am alive,
I have close people who love me, and I even look nice - what else I
can ask for??? Sure man is needed and I feel lonely when come home
from work. Thank God I have these little doggies to cheer me up :))
Ah, my work! I sell clothes for women. So I am on the other side of
that men's headache - shopping :)))

Is it your dream to work in IT?

When my boss was leaving Ukraine because of war, she asked me to take
care of her two doggies. I agreed with no hesitation. They are so
sweet! you can see photo of me and Max walking in the park, it
was taken recently. On the photo I sent before the little one is named
Businka, middle is Max and the big dark dog is Mukhtar, it belongs to
my friend. She goes for a walk with me sometimes and we talk about
men, hee-hee... What do you talk about when meet friends for a beer?
Or you do not drink? I love coffee, and always with a little pastry...
Yum-yum. I am Goddess when it comes about cooking!

I am sorry, but i do not have any chance to talk to you by messenger,
because internet is very slow here...

Pam-param, have to go! Hope to hear from you soon, but if I do not
write you back same day, do not worry, ok? :)

Smile and piece of sun to you :)