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How are you doing Thanks for the interest. I would like to know more about you and i would like to tell more about myself, I'm not really good in writing about myself but i will try to write better to make you understand all. I will start by saying my real name is Jamie, single, born in Netherland , i am the only child of my parents,i have no brothers no sisters and i was born when my mummy and daddy was old because it took them longer than enough before they could give birth to me.
I am single never married no kid too but i used to have a boyfriend but he lies too much and he cheats at my back and i do not even trust him after i realized who he was because he pretended to be a good man to me after all i got to find out that he his only a chameleon and his lying to me but that is a very long story i do not contact him again and we do not see again and what he did that led to our break up is that he was sleeping with my best friend and when i caught them making love,i broke up with him and i moved on with my life and i do not keep friends because i believe most time they can be deadly because it was my best friend that slept with my ex and since then i have find it hard to believe and have friends because i don't want action replay of what happened to me. And all i want is to spend the rest of my life with the right man and grow old with him because there is nothing am looking for now than sincerity, loyalty, honesty, faithfulness and truthfulness in a man and that all i want from the right man and i want man that will understand my feelings and love me the way i will love him and show true and unconditional love with me.
I have had lots of men coming to me and asking me for a date but i feel they are all looking for whats under my pant and the moment they get it i know that they will flee off and i am not looking for that kind of relationship, i want serious relationship with an honest man that will lead to marriage. Well i will like to let you know because i believe in transparency and honesty that i lost my both parents long ago one after another and is a really painful thing telling you this because is a very sad experience and whenever i remember this i cry out my eyes out and it makes me feel bad, but it was years back because now am 33years of age i just finished study as nurse but have not work yet. well as for my family i have one old uncles that am staying with in limburg , i do not even talk to one of them because after the death of my parents i expected much from them but they turned me down i wish you could know how i feel being left alone without nobody to be there for me,i also have one boyfriend he also cheated on me too . but i thank almighty God, he has been there for me just they manage that is little more about me and what happen to me in my life .Do you have hangout and skype?