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Hello dear :)

I want to thank you for your letter and your nice picture! You are a
very interesting man, do you know that?:)) How are you today? I hope
you are Ok! It is very nice for me to meet you and I hope we will know
each other better and maybe will become more than friends..Who
knows?:))) I am so glad that you are interested in me and I want to
tell you about myself. I am 28 years old and I was born on August, 17
and I live in a small town Gorlovka in the Eastern part of Ukraine, in
the military operations region, maybe you have heard of that..

I have never been married and have no children. The
biggest dream I have is to find a partner who would become my best
friend, my passionate lover and hopefully my beloved husband ;)) I was
raised in a traditional family with good values :)) When I see how my
parents look at each other, I can't help but notice that they are
still so in love... even my father, who tries to be serious and even
strict, melts like an ice cream in the sun when my mother kisses him
;))))) I want to carry my love through my entire life like my parents

I work as a beautician in a local beauty salon. I am a
creative person and I like making something beautiful, which in a
final stage becomes a work of art ;)) I love seeing my clients' happy
looks after I finish working my magic on them ;)) Unfortunately lately
there are not many people in my region who can afford attending beauty
salons and therefore I only have occasional job.

I live with my dog Misha. He's the only man in my life at the moment
(along with my dad) ;)))) I am fond of taking care of animals. You
might have heard that currently our region is in the state of military
actions. Many people preferred to leave their homes for better life -
and a lot of pets have been left stray. Unfortunately, Misha was one
of those miserable little creatures who were just left alone even
though he is so cute and so small. Now he's my best friend and my
cuddle bear but he never complains :)))) I am curious to know if you
like animals and if you have any??

Because of the war most people couldn't have electricity at home.
Thank God, everything resumes slowly its normal course. But it doesn't
relate to the Internet connection. There are only a few places where
you can find it in Gorlovka. And it was a real luck for me to find
such a place that is a translation agency. And it is very comfortable
for me because I use not only the Internet here but also its
translation services because my knowledge of English is very bad but I
hope it will not stand in the way of our communication as I planned on
starting learning it in the nearest future... and maybe practise it
with you someday ;))

I am looking forward to hearing from you and getting
some of your pictures:)))))) :))))))

Your new friend Taya!!:))