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Hi ,

Thank you for your photo. I am glad your communication. YOU nice man and I'm glad to meet you. You're an adult, and serious man. You know what you want in the future. just such a man I'm looking for. I am here only for serious relationship. Other relationships do not interest me.
I do not have these programs. My phone does not support these programs. I have a normal mobile phone, not a smartphone.
We are still a little familiar, I want to tell you more about myself, and I hope that you will do the same.
I am currently 35 years old. I was born in Ukraine in the Kharkov region in the city of Lozova 2 August 1981. My height is 172 cm and my weight is 57 kg. I lion zodiac sign. Do you believe in horoscopes? I have a college degree and I work manager in GYM. Constantly improve their qualifications.)) I have dark hair and grey eyes. I also have a good figure ;-). I was married. But my marriage collapsed. I have a daughter. Her name is Milana 4 years. This is my treasure. I love her so much. But for complete her education needs a man. And it's difficult to constantly be a strong girl. I want to care and attention and love. Children are not a hindrance for you ?? I'm just telling you the truth, because for many men a child - it's a problem. I love sports and I go to the gym. After all, it is good, when the girl watching him and her beautiful toned body)). Sport occupies an inherent part of my life. When there is no sentiment in me, then I go to the gym or play with my daughter. And I get the mood, the atmosphere of this beautiful and unforgettable emotions will always remain in my memory). I would like to be a professional coach, but I am encouraged to take financier, but at that moment I did not know what sport)) exactly what I knew, but I did not love him and always strolling couples and the lessons of Physical Education. Here such I was a bad girl)) ahaha. Now I can not live without it, but I like my job too. I have graduated from university and got a diploma and 12 years work. I itself provide. Even I can cook pretty good, even delicious) I like to cook something new, try different recipes. I used to own, but I do not have a strong shoulder near, because the girl should be weak, and next to it a strong and loving man. I so want to learn more about you. Do you have any bad habits? Do you like sport?
I'll wait for your answer here.

Waiting for your answer ))

PS +380668017544.
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I nearly fell for this lady. She even provided me with her passport; banking details; proof of residence and a employment certificate. What made me suspicious is that she spells her surname Horneva at the bank and Gorneva on her address cerificate. She gives you her phone number and after you start communicating on wechat she must suddenly sell her smartphone. I insisted on clear identification which she provided and then tell you that she had to take leave without pay to obtain all the certificates. She does not ask you for money but she manipulates.
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I have now informed her that she is on this data base. She came back and deny that she is a scammer. Maybe other guys that have communicated with her can come on board.
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This lady changed her profile for the third time this month. She is now Helen no. 37077 on Date with a different picture on now she does not have children.
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new phone: +380667745846

new email: [email protected]
The same photos

Few days before my arrival to Ukriane for business ,she informed me that her phone broke and she couldn't speak, but she could answer to me. The same story that she have old phone without internet connection. Only emails through her work at the fitess center that she is working. Also, at the same period that her phone was suddenly broke , her boiler at home broke and she needed money to fix it. And of course she had to ...sell her phone.. which one she didn't specified.When i was delayed with my answer for her "requast for the money" , for some days , and of course i refused to send her the money , she was offended and stoped communicqte me through emails. Since then as i said , her phone broke down and she couldn't speak through her phone....