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HI, my dear! How are you? It is me Tatyana. I am very glad to see youhere and to here from you again maybe I am not 100 percent perfect.But nobody is 100 percent perfect on this world. I want to try to makethe mistakes least. I believe that from today of our meeting we wouldlive our new life, we would build the greatest relations which will bebased on devotion, trust, love...we would fulfill all our hopes, allour dreams... I will give you my heart! I will give you my soul !!! Iwill take care about you! I will be the most loving woman on theEarth! I will say you words of love every minute, every second. I willbe a real friend for you, the greatest lover, and beloved woman...Iwill make all your dreams come true!!! I will be a partner as well asa lover once and forever. I shall be your woman who has that passionburning in my heart for you, so strongly that I will give you all ofmy body and soul. I am sincere and with kind heart, I aspire to searchthe man for creation family and just to be happy together. I want tocare and to give back the love to the man which is worthly it. I amglad if this man is YOU! If you have love - you can give love. Ibelieve in love. I believe that man and woman shall be one, and beloyal, honest and give each other full attention and warm comfortevery day. If you give love, you will receive love - and love willgrow. Important in life is also family. I dream about a happy familywhich makes many things together, both at home and outdoor. Familyvalues are really important to me. Iam not playing games here.I am frank and serious, if you you are the same, write me to tanyshkis@list.ruI will be waiting for your letter with muchanticipation With best wishes, sinceriest smiles, tenderest and gentlekisses Tatyana

Hello my dear xxx! I am really glad to get your e-mail!Thank you honey for

your care, i really appreciate it!I like your sweet words!You know

honey your letters bring me so much energy and optimistic mood!

And i think it is very good for both

of us!I think love is one of the most important part in life of every

person!And a person who have never had love is very unhappy!And i am

really happy that i have such feeling to you! I am so glad to get your

reply!!! That means that you like me and it's wonderful because i like

you so much!!! When i saw your message, my heart was beating faster

and faster!!! You know, my dear, today when i woke up first of all i

thought about you and smiled,because i am so happy that we knew each

other!!And i am so happy that i find you in the internet!!!!IYour

letters makes me always happy and i think if your letters make me so

happy,what will be if we will meet each other in real life?I think it

will be wonderful!!!!!!What do you think,my dear?But first i think we

should know each other better!And our correspondence will help us with

that!!!! I really want to create a happy family. I see family life as

a life of happiness and harmony. There will be good days, bad days,

great days, and not so great ones. One must be willing to take them

all as they come along, be willing to accept the bad along with the

good, and not allow the bad days to overshadow the good ones. A family

sticks together, and is much more than people just sharing a house.

They are willing to give to each other and they do this willing,

without hesitation, without judgment. A family does things together,

be it going places or staying at home and relaxing. A family works

together and it takes two. What one cannot do, the other might be able

to do, and if neither can do it alone, they do it together. Family

members are missed when they are not home, are loved always, and are

not afraid to show the love they have for each other. Family members

turn a house into a home. Home is where the heart is, and that is with

the family. One can own the best mansion filled with material items,

but it is never a home until it is filled with love. A happy family

for me is a family where people love and trust each other and all

their feelings are mutual. A family is a unity with own rules, where

nobody can lives as before as a single person, but brings also a

happiness and satisfaction, which you cannot find alone.

I am waiting for your next letter


Hi, xxx!

Thank you very much for your wonderful letter to me!!!

I feel I am getting closer and closer to you with every your letter.

I don't know what to do now, because I like you. I mean when people

meet in real life they date each other, and if they like each other

they hold hands, then kiss, embrace, have the first night of love.

And what shall we do?

If we had met each other in real life, where would you take me for the

first date?

I sense that we have a lot in common and we both dream and desire

a passionate and honest love with lots of tenderness and affections.

You know that a relationship needs to be inspired and kept alive

over and over again.

Only when the inner fire is burning and we both long and desire each

other mentally and sexually we will find harmony and happiness!

Naturally, simple favours and affections count a lot as well. I don't

think there is anything nicer then to love and to be loved which

cannot be replaced with money and wealth or anything else. Naturally,

money and a steady income is important as well but what does it help

you when your heart is screaming for love you have not found...?!

You can have good sex with a partner, but when you really love and

long for your lover and soulmate by heart and your desires you will

reach the highest tops of sexual satisfaction because of passion and

being mad for each other! The point is to keep this fire burning for


I am also looking forward to this and my intuition

tells me that my life will change towards a positive way. What I mean

is to find my one and only soulmate...!

Kisses to you Tatyana


Hello, my darling xxx!!!

I liked your letter very much!!!!

I would like to slow dance with you. Let's dream about it... Soft

romantic melody is playing and you come to me reaching your hand

and say, "Shall we dance, honey?" I smile silently, take your hand and

you put another one on my waist. I close my eyes. First I feel the

warmth of your hands, and then I feel the warmth of your body, when

leading by the music I come closer to you. We move slowly, I don't

open my eyes. I feel so safe and comfortable dancing with you. You're

playing with my hair, when you bend forward to smell them I put my

head on your shoulder. We touch with our hands, hips, I put a soft

kiss on your neck. Music is playing so quiet, that we don't know

whether we are dancing or standing on the same place and it's just a

room moves around us. I feel your heart beating, I hear it beating

louder then music, louder then mine. There's nobody else in the whole

world, just you and I... even if just for this one dance.

I dream about waking up with you in the morning with with my head

cradled on my shoulder and kissing your lips so gently until you awaken

from your dreams. You would roll over and gaze into my eyes and I

would feel your manhood against delicate flesh and we would make love

for what seems like an eternity until we were both totally exhausted.

Then we would lay in each others arms with a feeling of total

contentment until it is time to get ready for our day!!!. Read these

lines over and over again and you know , then how I feel about you.



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