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Good day ! How's it going ? How do you do ? I'm sorry I promised to
answer you faster. All right, and I saw your answer. My job doesn't give
me peace. The end of the year and a very difficult schedule in my work.
I hope you're not mad at me a lot ? Don't misunderstand. I really want
to talk to you and get to know you better. Today I specifically wanted
to give you Christmas wishes ! I know you celebrate this holiday now.
In my country Christmas is different for one week later. First we
celebrate the New Year at midnight. Then on 6 January to celebrate
Christmas. I don't know why the difference exists. All the traditions
we're the same. The facades of the houses and storefronts are
decorated with garlands, lanterns and similar paraphernalia. In the
Central squares in every city installed a large tree. All around
shines and sparkles. A very beautiful time. I want to wish you the
brightest on this day. I know it is customary to make wishes for
Christmas. I want you to wish that you could find your soul mate.
To you, I was not lonely and was always there to support. Sorry I have
little time to give you the answer in detail. I just wanted to tell
you, it's important for me to talk to you. In the near future I will
be more free and I will write you more. I still have to work until 31
December. Then I'll have a short recess until 7 January. I'll be sure
to write you as soon as possible. Later I want to send you a picture
in a holiday tree. A big Hello to you and your loved ones. I have to
run now. Wishing you a happy weekend. Natalia
Comment #131222
Hi ! If I understand correctly, your name is !?
For the first time for me the opportunity to give someone the answer via
email. Surprised to see your next response. Now I understand, you have
to be real. Forgiveness for my long answer. I have had a lot of work
and not enough time to check my mail. Today I come to work a single
thought, to check your answer. The holidays have passed and today
I came back on work after the Christmas holidays. I hope you didn't
think bad about me. I wrote to you greetings for Christmas. Warned
about your no. After 25 December I had a small vacation up to 7 Jan.
All the days I spent with my parents outside of my home. Unfortunately
the Internet was not at hand. I really wanted to say with you. A great
joy for me to give you the answer again. Now I I understand you're
real. How did you spend your weekend ? What you have furnished with
the weather in the winter ? It's very cold now. Perhaps you don't like
this cold weather. Now I'm edgy and I fell ill during my answer to
you. I hope you understand my wariness. A lot lately of different
advertising and mailing strange letters. I thought your response was
one of such shares. Now I understand that you're not a robot. Are you
really real ? I again ask these questions. I'm very worried now and nice to see
your answer. How's your health ? How are you doing ? This is my first
experience to create a letter for the man from another country. This is a first
for me , so I was very excited. of course you're wondering
how I got to you. Previously I did a treatment in a special service to
search for friendship and serious relationship. This is a special
organization that helps lonely people to find each other. I left my
details and wishes to find a serious relationship. I made you a little
token of attention and show you the most successful photo. Now I look
like my hair color black. If you could see my photo, I had red hair.
If I understand correctly, you have a desire to seek a serious
relationship ? If I'm wrong, please tell me about it now. To avoid any
dispute, you should immediately inform me. Don't want to spend time
flirting and other jokes. If you do not share my thoughts, tell me
about it immediately. If I'm wrong you must tell me about it
immediately. Marriage agencies can be dishonest and feeding false
information. I'm been trying to reach male from Germany, he was rude
and sent me his vulgar photos. I had to block his address.
I have other desires. I want to stress. I told you earlier, I'm not
interested in flirtation, sex and other jokes. I can't stand
vulgarity. I am a gentlewoman and want in the correct tone to speak
with you. I hope for your reciprocity. I first decided to try
acquaintance through the Internet. You already have experience ? Why
are you alone ? I'm tired of being alone and want to be friends with
you. I don't know how to create the answer. It is very
important that the difference between languages were not a problem for
us. For the last time I am alone. Sometimes I think that you will
never be able find my half. My friends and colleagues at work
suggested that I met on the Internet. Of course I didn't take
seriously this way. But time flies forward. The last time I work a lot
and no time for personal life. At some point I decided to tell myself
to stop. I decided to analyze the past and look ahead more optimistic.
Why not try such familiarity with using the Internet. Probably it is
this acquaintance will be a success for me. Despite my doubts about
this method of Dating, I hear a lot of stories which ended well.
My friend at the Institute after graduation, in this way became
acquainted with a man from France. Now they live together and happy.
This is one of the few stories that I heard from his friends.
So I want to find someone who would be interested in finding
a serious relationship. Don't want to waste time in idle flirtation.
What can I say about myself personally. My name is Natalia.
I am 36 years old. I was born and live in Russia.

( из какой страны чувак одна строчка, если ни европа убрать строчку )
if I understand correctly you live in Europe ?

I think it is not important from what country. All people have the
same thoughts and desires. Each country will need to find his place in
life. In my country is difficult to find a place in life. Difficult to
find a good job. Many people here self-interest purposes and every
think here for yourself. Of course there are such people all over the
world. Probably there are countries in which life go more calmly and
freely. I love my country very much kravich places and unique nature.
However, in my country the longest working day. Sometimes it reaches
more than 10 hours a day ! Absolutely not enough time for personal
life and daily activities. I think everyone has the right to the
improvement of life and good for other people for yourself. I think
everyone has the right to a peaceful free life. I often think lately
that I want to change something in your life. Cardinally to change
something. I have never been married. I have no children. Of course I
had serious relations in my country. The last relationship ended badly
for me a few years ago. After that I had changed and changed my
perspective on a serious relationship. I had to rethink. I changed his
views on the age of the partner in the relationship. Usually girls
choose a partner at your age. I mean the age difference between the
partners. I think the older the man the better he knows what he wants
from life. This is especially true serious relationship. So I make a
choice in favor of wisdom and experience. Very soon I will be 40
years. I'm scared to think about it. No one waiting for me at home and
not cooking Breakfast. It seemed only yesterday we were children. How
quickly time flies. With age, you realize time is passing very
quickly. Do not be afraid to do something, then to regret not done.
It is with such thoughts that I want to talk to you. I made this not an
easy step for me now. Decided to try to talk to someone from another
country who will share with me my thoughts. And now I'm talking to
you. Now I write these words to you and time passes unnoticed.
Forgive me if I talk too much. At the beginning of my letter I didn't know
what to say. Now I understand, have written very much and hope you
will be attentive to my words. I still have doubts. I hope you're a
real live person and don't joke with me. I have researched the Inernet
there are many different warnings. For example, there are men who fall
in love with , and then use women as their maids. I'm
curious to know all about you. I'm sorry if I repeat some questions.
Should I understand from your answers, your desire to speak with me.
So I hope you don't miss my questions. I'll be happy to answer your
any questions. I have a lot of questions, I will not immediately
avaliada with lots of questions. what city region you live
? Where were you born ? What's your full age ? Ain't you got no
relations ? Don't want to be a lover. Don't want to ruin someone's
family. If your heart someone is busy, let me know immediately please.
I would like to believe that we can know us better through
correspondence. I want you to understand, I'm looking for a man with
whom to share all moments in life. To create a family comfort and have
a happy quiet life together in his old age. Now I look at my parents
and I envy them. Only recently I started to understand how important
it is to you someone was. My Mom always says - I don't have to live
alone. I must find a man necessarily. Before I answered, all will be
well. However, now that I look at it differently. I have a good job.
I have a few friends. It used to be more friends. Many friends disappear
into their problems and concerns. The last time my life goes from work
to home. Weekends I spend with my parents. My parents live out of
town. They have an old cozy house. They live retired, I'm very happy
for them. On Sunday evening I come back on Monday to go to work.
I live alone in a small apartment. I have a Cat. Only she meets me in an
empty apartment. I feed her and we have dinner together. At this
moment I realize I don't want to be lonely. No close person with whom
I can share all emotions, my Ups and Downs, sadness and joy, and who
would love me for who I am. I understand my age is not small. The
years go fast. I don't want to be lonely. A lot of time I give to work
and want to change something. Perhaps that is why I made a choice in
favor of online Dating. I want to find a soul mate, loyal, honest man
who loves, who respects me and my position in life. Maybe we have
something to work with you to create. I ask you not to play
with me and always be honest. If you don't have interest in me, I pray
thee, speak about it immediately. Exciting will look for your answer.
I've written to you today. Never thought I get such a big response.
Want to give you some pictures of yourself. The first pictures of my
old hair color. I want to see your photos.
Today I was distracted a lot from my work. There is still a lot to do
and I'll try to check your answer. I wish you a good mood. Natalia