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Privet! You can write me to this address !!!!! Have you ever heard a Russian word "PRIVET" ("Hello" inEnglish)? Yes? No? It is so strange that we are talking nowand I don't know your answer:))) We are talking cause of I'mwriting you and I expect your answer. Will you answer mehere At the moment I don't knowwhether you know Russian or not. As you know I'm fromUkraine and my native language is Russian. You will get myfirst letter in English cause of I want you to understand itin any case. If you tell me that you know Russian it will bemore easy for us to communicate. If you are going to writeme in Russian using a computer translator I have to notifyin advance that it will not work. It will not work cause ofI need you to write me yourself without any "machines". Ifyou are going to ask some friend to translate ourcorrespondence it will not work as well. I simply don't wantany of your friends to be involved in our romance. I needonly your own thoughts, feelings, intentions andexpectations. I'm writing you with a hope to create a couplewith you. Here I'm lonely and I'm not in love. I'm notmarried, I have never been married, I don't have aboyfriend, but I had some. I saw your profile and I had anintuitive feeling that you could be mine. Now my attractionto you is only intuitive cause of I don't know you at all,you don't know me at all. If you like me, if you have thesame intuitive feeling, you are welcome. It is my firstexperience when I try to build relationship with a foreignerand I'm not sure what it will be like. In spite of I haveappearance of a tender, delicate woman and you may thinkthat I'm weak, I have to nip in the bud all the attempt tohurt me. If you are loving and kind with me, you will beloved. If your intentions are honorable, you will becherished. But if you are going to play with me, if I'mconsidered like a cheap prey, I will disappoint you. I havea gift to distinguish the black from the white. I will bevery attentive to your letters, I will carefully read all ofthem, I will answer all your questions, I will absorb allyour information. You don't have any chance to make a foolfrom me cause of I'm not playing here, our correspondence isnot an entertainment for me. Nothing shall prevent me fromreaching my aim! My aim is to be loved!!! Will you join mein reaching my goal? Poka, poka,Anita.


Privet, privet dear xxx! I'm here again. Thank you for your sweet letter honey. Thankyou for your loving words and of course for telling me aboutyourself. For me it is a pleasure to hear about you. Please,can you tell me more about yourself. I would like to knowyour interests and hobbies in your life. How do you preferto spend your spare time? I am looking for a special someoneto share my hopes and dreams with, someone that I can trustcompletely and who trusts me completely. I hope that youwill consider what I have said and I really look forward togetting to know the real you! Last time I told you about myaim. But you still don't know a girl who has such a clearaim. I'm Anna but everyone calls me Anita. If you want to bea close friend of mine call me Anita. I'm from a small townBryanka (Lugansk region) and at the moment I live and workin Lugansk. I'm an actress in the local theatre, I'm blonde,I'm Scorpio (October, 28, 1981), I'm 27. This time I sendyou my favorite photos. I like it and I know that I looklike a real lady on these photos. Do you agree? By the way,I would like you to send me your favorite photos as well. Ihave already told you about my birthday and it is your turnto do the same. There is no any need to tell me that yourbirth information was in your profile. If you tell me aboutyour birthday in your next letter it will mean that you readmy letters carefully. If I find your birthday in your nextletter it will be like a sign for me. If I don't, you showme disrespect. You can ask me some question as well and youwill find an answer for sure. OK??? Maybe I was toostraightforward but it is my nature to tell the truthalways. Even if it hurts I always tell the truth only. Now Ihonestly confess that I don't know English myself. I don'twant some of your friends to translate our letters the sameway as I will not let my friend do the same. We are livingin the modern world and of course I have some friends whoknow English. But I think that it is not right when a closefriend of mine knows everything about our feelings. I wantour relationship to be intimate and innermost. I don't wantto be an object of ridicule or gossips. I decided that aperson who translated our correspondence should be someonewho was objective, independent, unprejudiced. Now the personwho translates our correspondence is a worker of atranslation guild. It is safe for us. This firm gives me anopportunity to use their computer and translation service.Until I know English well enough we will use this help. Doyou agree? As for me it is the only one way to keep ourcorrespondence ongoing. If you don't agree try to change mymind. But know that I'm very stable in my decisions. Do youremember that nothing shall prevent me from reaching myaim?! Now my aim is to get your next letter. Be a good guyand write me. Don't forget to comment my photos. It is very important forme to know whether you like me and the way I look or not.Just tell me what you think about my appearance. Poka, poka,Anita.


Privet, privet dear xxx! Thank you dear for your another sweet letter. I'm glad thatyou told me more about your interests and hobbies. I'm gladthat you like my pictures. Please be more patient and youwill see my pictures. Just don't rush the things. I hopethat you will be able to write me more about yourself. Youknow that you are becoming a special man for me and you havetake a some peace of my heart already. I'm glad to feelthose feelings and I'm very thankful to my fate that I havemet you in my life and wish to be closer with you in time.Please send me some pictures of you. I will be happy to seethem. You are a good guy! Now I see that you don't leave myrequests unanswered. Thank you for being attentive. Now Iknow that you highly appreciate our correspondence and ourromance. Your last letter makes me trust you completely. Andit is quite a time to tell you who I am in details. If Idon't receive the answer for my last question I will feelnot comfortable. I will never open myself for someone who isignorant. You are not, you display your sincerity, yourinterest. You make me believe that love, trust, devotionexists. As you know I'm Scorpio. My likes are stability,being attracted, natural things, having the time to ponder,comfort and pleasure. Is it too much for a simple girl likeI am. Oh sorry, maybe you don't think that I'm simple???? Mydislikes are disruption, being pushed too hard, synthetic or"man made" things, being rushed. Do not make me disappointedand never tell me that I'm a rush for you!!!! What are yourlikes and dislikes? Now about two things that I think arethe most important. Love and Friendship. I will not be inlove if my beloved is not my best friend. You will not be afriend of mine if I don't love you. Isn't it right? About MYLove. I'm Scorpio and I'm love goddess. I'm faithful. I'mpassionate. Sexual life is very important for me inrelationship. I'm disliking quarreling and avoidingill-feeling. I'm sexually straightforward. I know what Iwant in the bed and I will always give my man what he wants.About My Friendship. When I say I'm your best friendforever, I mean it. My friendship stands the test of time.I'm constant, steady, loyal and devoted, such a friend likeI am will stand by you through life. If you need to callsomeone to pick you up in the middle of a snowy nightbecause your car broke down, I will be there. Am I a goodfriend? Now I ask you to give me your ideas about Love andFriendship. Be a good guy, write me and don't forget toanswer my last question. Today I send you a photo from my daily life. This picturewas taken in the flat I live in just when I was in my homesuite after the bath. Poka, poka,Anita.


Privet, privet dear xxx! You are a good GUY for sure!!! Thank you dear for youranother sweet letter. I'm glad that you always pay attentionto my letters and to my questions. I really appreciate thatvery much. I like your pictures. You seems to me a kind manwho know how to make his woman happy. I feel verycomfortable with you and easy. I like our communication andI think we are ready to make another step in ourrelationship. Don't you think the same? I like you and I seethat you like me. About sex life I think we have am lot tospeak about it because I like to speak about it and itsgiving me a lot of pleasure. What about you? Do you likesex?? What do you like in the bed?? I like to changepositions, I like doggy style and me on top most. I thinkyou should like this too. Tell me more about it and then wecan share some fantasies. You are my good guy!!! I know thatmy ideas about Love and Friendship were not in vain. I knowthat such a person like you can easily be as my best friendas my lover. Excuse me that I still didn't tell you about myjob. As you know I'm an actress. Do not think that I'mfamous or I play in movies. I'm an ordinary actress from thelocal Lugansk theatre. I like my job but I don't aim to beworld wide famous. I like my theatre, I like myperformances. Of course I realize that if I'm an actress inKiev or in Moscow I will be rich and famous. But I don'twant to go neither to Kiev nor in Moscow cause of I will bespoiled there. I'm down to the earth and I'm completelysatisfied with my state. If I'm in Kiev or in Moscow mysalary will be many times larger. But money is nothing forme if I don't like what I do. Now I like what I do and untilI'm with you in your country I will live here in my city. Bythe way I have never told you why I decided to find a manabroad. The question is simple. I'm different here, manypeople tell me that I'm like a girl from another planet.Maybe they think that I'm from Venus:)))!!!! I'm differentcause of I'm too good here. Everyone is jealous of me herecause of I'm more pretty than an average woman. I'm notselfish and that is why I can't create a couple with anUkrainian guy. Here the men are selfish and they aresurprised when they discover that I'm not selfish. Once Iwas told that all the men liked only bitches. In my opinionit is too easy to be a bitch. Don't you agree? If a ladywants to be a good lady it is much more harder than to be abitch. I'm not a bitch and that is why it is too difficultfor me to live here. I'm good with everyone. I'm good withmy friends, colleagues, neighbors. They can't understand whyI'm so good. But I'm good until someone wants to offend me.When I'm hurt, I'm like a Fury. People can't expect thatsuch a delicate blonde (your Anita) can be a Fury. Of courseI can and I am if I'm hurt. Maybe it is my many-sidednature. If you are good with me I will be the best girl youhave ever known. I really hope that we won't quit ourrelationships as it will really break my heart... Everythingseems to be perfect now and I know that you will never knowme when I'm like a Fury. Please be a good guy and write me. This time I send you two photos in my favorite suit. I willwear this suit only when we are together alone. It will bemy personal suit for you!!!!! Poka, poka,Anita.


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