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Hello, my new friend! Nice to meet you! We are both looking for the serious relations andlet this letter be only the first step on our way to the common dream.If you want to find a person whom you could create a family with, astrong relationship, based on understanding, respect, honesty,passion, and of course, tender love, I would like to get to know youmuch better. For me the ideal relations are when the partners shareeverything, receiving and giving support at the same time. My idealpartner is the one whom we could not only laugh, but also crytogether, whom we would be together both in happy and hard moments oflife. You may ask me why I came to the site in the search of mylife-partner. It happened so that I have not managed to find the manwhom we could be the continuation of each other. I was already losingmy hope of finding the real happiness, but then I decided to try thissearch and the sun of my hope raised, starting the new page of mylife! I have so much love, so much tenderness inside, that my realhappiness will be to find the man who would share that, who wouldappreciate that, care about me, support me at hard times. When you are young, life seem endless. But as the time is passing by,you can feel that you are missing something important, that you do nothave enough time to do everything you dream about. People are createdin such a way that they cannot be alone. I am sure that you know thisfeeling of emptiness when you wake up alone in a cold bed. I suffer ofthis loneliness and I hope that you are the very person who will bringthe special light into my life. I would like to know much more aboutyou, about your life, your family, your hobbies and your dreams. Iwill be waiting for your next letter very impatiently. Write to me, please, to My kisses for you. Yours, Natasha.


Hello, dear xxx! I am very glad that you replied to me! How are you today? I am gladthat we made a small, but very important step towards each other.There is something romantic in the fact that you are a marine officer.Do you miss sea now, when you are retired? What do you like to do?What are your interests and hobbies? It is nice that you have a son. What is his name? As I understand, youwere married in the past. May I ask you what became the reason foryour divorce? As for me, I have never been married and I do not havekids. You know, I had two serious relations in my life and both ofthem resulted in nothing... Both times I was cheated by my belovedones, who appeared to have other girls in their lives. Trivial? Maybe.But it hurt me really badly and after the second time I thought that Iwould never be able to fall in love again. But I am a woman, I want tolove and to be loved, I want to create comfort to my family, to takecare about the people who are dear to me. Our Ukrainian men seem notto have any interests in serious relations. They are interested inhaving affairs and partying! I almost lost my hope. But recently I sawa TV program about married couples, where partners are from differentcountries and hope appears again in my heart! I hope that I have foundthe person I was looking for! Please, tell me about the place you live. As for me, I live with myparents in a small mining town of Krasnodon. I had a sporty past. Frommy early childhood I was found of gymnastics and my teachers told methat I was going to have a bright future. But injury bothered me toreach success in professional sports. I hurt my knee and though thisdid not influence my casual life, but my career was doomed. Though Iwas really upset, life is going on and I found my way. I am a teacherof the physical training in my native town. I am an active person,like nature, camping, going out and have a lot of friends. But stillthey are not able to replace the only one man in my life! I still needto go to an empty bed... But I do not give up, hoping for the better. Now you know me much better and I hope to hear from you soon. Couldyou send a photo of you to me? If you would like to know anythingabout me, please, ask. I am an open and sincere person. Bye for now. Natasha.


Hello, my dearest xxx! Again, I am very glad to receive a letter from you! Thank you a lotfor your photos. You are a very good-looking man, the real captain!This beard fits you perfectly! Is that your dog by your side? It isvery lovely. What is its name? It must be really romantic to have yourown boat and go to sea wherever you want that! Sorry that therelations with the women did not work because of your job. Actually, Ihad a friend whose father was a captain. She came to see her grandmaevery summer, and this way we met. And her mom always waited for herdad. But as you have a boat, maybe, you will take me once to sea? I also like gardening and cooking. I help my grandma about the garden,I like walking there, and I have always dreamt about having my ownone! Yesterday it was raining rather hard. I was sitting near thewindow at the kitchen, looking the cold drops beating into the window.I was looking outside at the people who were in a hurry to their warmhomes... I thought that maybe, they are waited there. I seem to haveeverything - I have loving parents, I have friends, I have a job whichI like, but I felt so lonely, such an emptiness inside. Nothing and noone is able to replace the real love in my life. I felt cold, I huggedmyself with my hands, closed my eyes and thought that it would bewonderful if my beloved one were here. If he hugged me from behind, sothat we could feel each other's warmth, so that I could feelcomfortable in his hands... And at that moment somehow I rememberedabout you... I thought that it could be you. Why not? I hope so! I just want to love and to be loved, to wait for my beloved one athome, to take care about him, to support him in everything. I justwant love, care, honesty, respect and support in my relations. Is thatmuch? I do not think so, but it is so hard to find that! And what isabout you? What is important for you in relations? I am sending thisletter with the hope that I will hear from you soon. My kisses andhugs for you. Yours, Natasha.


Hello, my dearest xxx! Today I woke up very early in the morning, and decided to sleep for abit longer. I closed my eyes and saw a short dream where you bent overme and kissed my cheek, saying: "Good morning!" I opened my eyes andsaw the bright sun in the blue sky... It was raining for such a longtime before that. This was your kiss which brought such a joy into myheart! And the nature reflected that! I am very sorry about your dog... Pets are like children or closepeople. It is always a great pity to lose them... Thank you very muchfor your complements about me. I see that you are also a very romanticman. What am I dreaming about when a naked man is aside of me? I don'tthink that I would be able to dream, I would rather action :) If to beserious, I really miss the strong loving man embraces, I am missingtender hands cherishing my body, lips kissing mine. I miss the hotpassionate nights, when I could give all my love and passion to theonly one person. An I hope that you will be that one... I would liketo do something special for you. I would like to send some reallyspecial photos of me. These photos were taken by a friend of mine. Westudied at the university together, and she was a designer. No one hasever seen them. Why I do so? Because I think that we need to make thenext step in our relations, getting closer to each other. Of course,we could write endless letters to each other, slowly progressing inour relationship. But I feel that time is passing by, the precioustime, which we could spend together... I will be waiting for your reply very impatiently, and sorry if Iwon't be able to write to you at once. My English is poor and I needto use the help of the translators. Till the moment I was able to payfor the services myself, but now I am in despair. I am very afraid oflosing you, I would like to write to you every single day, but myfinances do not allow me to do that... But be sure that you are in myheart! I am sending my kisses for you, hoping that they will reach youand bring warmth into your heart! Yours, Natasha.


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