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Good day!!!! Hello my friend!!!!!!! What a pleasure to write you!!!! I hope you remember me??? I hope youremember that you have given me your mail address??? I am writing youas I have promised :-) I really was attracted to your profile and Iwas so glad to have an opportunity to write you. I don’t know fromwhere to start, as it is first time for me when I write a letter tosome one. Well ..... I guess firstly I should introduce myself. Myname is Julya. I am from Eastern part of Ukraine. I am 25 years oldand I am looking for my second half. Maybe it sounds funny for you,but that is my goal!!!! I am energetic, young girl. I have lot offriends, I have my parents , relatives. But I feel myself lonely, asit is so sad to live without love. Being young enough I am alreadytired of not faithful relations. I am tired of men who are interestedin themselves only. I have a big, kind heart and I want to open it fora nice man. It is the first time for me when I try to get acquaintedwith the foreign man. But I hope I am on the right way!!!!!!!!! I heard most of foreign men are family oriented, they are gentlemen,they are attentive and faithful to their women. I hope that is thetruth , as I am looking exactly for such type of person. My intentionsare absolutely honest . I am looking for serious loving relations!!!!!All I want is respect and love from my man. If I get that, I will makemy beloved the happiest man in the whole world. I am not going to askyou anything right now. I just tried to explain you what type ofrelations I did want. If you want the same things, I will wait foryour answer. I am sending you the photo of myself. Of course it will not show youwhat woman I am , but at least you will see how I look like. I willsend you much more photos and will write you more about myself nexttime. I hope that we are truly looking for the same things in ourlives. I hope you are interested in me as much , as I am in you!!!!And I believe you are not scared to make the first steps to yourhappiness. My mail address you know already. It . Stay safe and write me back as soon aspossible. Your Julya


Hello xxx!!! Thank you for your letter and picture. Thank you very much for thecompliments you've sent me a was flattered by your comments. As a lookat your picture I can feel the warmth coming from with in, you arevery attractive guy. I hope we can get some more interesting factsabout each other. What do you like to do in your free time do you likesports if yes what kind is your favourite? What qualities you value inwomen?Can you tell me about your job a little more, I like what you doand it would be great to find out more about it. As you already know I am from Ukraine. I live in small town in theEastern part of my country and the name of my town is very funny. Itis "Schast'e", which means "Happiness" in English. The town is smallenough but the name of the town really speaks for itself. Every one inmy town seems to be happy. :-) Being not little girl already(I am 25years old and my birthday is on the 25 of February 1983), I am stillliving with my mum. I am the only one child in my family and my mum isthe only one own person I have. Of course I have my friends and all myfree from work time I try to spend with my mum and my friends. I likeactive way of life, I am very energetic and you will never see me notsmiling or with sad aspect. I want to be completely sincere with you!!! I don't know any foreignlanguage and I speak only Ukrainian and Russian. Maybe it is funny foryou that I look for foreign man without such important knowledge. ButI want you to be sure I will start learning English as soon aspossible. I will do my best for that. So when we meet in real we willunderstand each other and we will be able to communicate :-)For now Icome to the translation company and I use their translation service towrite you and express my thoughts for you.I believe that we can make a nice couple together. It is so easy toopen my heart for you and that is good sign. I am really glad we setup communication and I just hope we will develop that. I send you myphotos.... I hope you like them. Write me soon and send me some picksof yourself too. Your Julya


Hello my dear ччч!!!! Today is really great day!!!! You can ask me why??? Just because ofyou answered me!!! Just because of I got your letter. Every time whenI hear from you my days become brighter!!! I even started missing yourmails. :-) Nice to see some of the new pictures you have sent me. Ilike to dance once in the while it is not the dance it is who youdance with I like to be comfortable with the person I dance with so itall depends on the partner I have. I enjoy our communication so much and really with the help of ourletters we can know each other better, do you agree with me? YesterdayI told my mum that I met nice guy in the Internet, I told her aboutyou. My mum always support me in what ever I do and all she wants isfor me to be happy. Darling I graduated from the trade college. Youknow it is really hard to find nice work in Ukraine. But I managed inthat. For now I am working like a manager in auto saloon. I know youcan think that is man's job and I agree with you. In the place where I am working, I am always rounded by men and theirgazes . Without ceremony I can say I am beautiful woman!!!! And when Inotice some looks on myself, I understand no one cares me like aperson. All men consider me to be beautiful toy only. Working like asimple manager I earn just little money. I limit myself in everythingand my salary is enough only for simple life for me and my mum.Sometimes when I am at work, rich Ukrainian guys come to our saloon tobuy cars. They see me and try to make obscene propositions to me, theytry to propose me money for being with them. You even can't imaginehow humiliating it is for me!!!!! I am not rich, but I have mypride!!!! I never accept such propositions!!!!! I want to love andbeing loved. I don't care if my man is rich or not. All I want is to feel my beloved's love. I want to know he cares notonly my beauty, but whom I am inside. I believe that it is neverpossible to buy love with money!!! You know darling I am paying for the translation of ourcorrespondence. I will not hide from you it is hard for me to supportthat. But I try and I will do my best to continue doing that since Ifeel connection between us!!!! I want us to continue and to becomecloser to each other. I don't have my beloved person here to tellabout my troubles or to cry with. I should be strong here. But I amtired of being strong all the timer. I am weak woman and I need strongman, who can protect me and make me feel safe and loved!!!!!! Can yoube that man? Can I give you my heart without being afraid being hurt?Please write me soon and give me your answers. I miss your letteralready and each your words becomes special to me. I send you two photos of myself. On the one photo I am in my favoriteblue bikini. Do you like me in that swimming suit? :-) Your Julya


Hello my dear xxx!!! Thank you very much for the compliments you've sent me a was flatteredby your comments. I hope we can get some more interesting facts abouteach other. What do you like to do in your free time do you likesports if yes what kind is your favourite? What qualities you value inwomen?Can you tell me about your job a little more, I like what you doand it would be great to find out more about it. Every time I am waiting for your letters with such great impatience.And really my heart is beating so fast when I see that I get yourmail. Darling you know I have never been treated like woman. I wantedto love and to be happy. But every time men saw my beauty only and notmy heart. I didn't want such life and I put my profile in theInternet. I have found you and I will never regret that. I feel strongconnection with you!!!! I feel I finally have found man with whom Ican be happy and with whom I can create serious relations. I alwayspretended to be a strong woman. But only with you I can be whom I am.I can be weak, I can be funny. I can be myself with you only!!! Idon't want to come back to my lonely life. I don't want to stay in mycold bed alone. I want to feel warmness of my beloved guy, I want tofeel his tender touches on my body, I want to make love every night,every day and after just lay in bed hugging each other and understand:happiness is no longer just a dream!!!!! I want to be sexy and beautiful for my man only, I want to show himwhat passionate woman I am!!! I want to share all my dreams and hopeswith my beloved man and to be sure he will always support andunderstand me. I want to enjoy every minute of being together with myman and to know he loves me not only for my beauty , but for me beingloving, caring woman. I thought I would never find such man. But Ihave found you and my heart is full of excitement and happiness. Youare so attentive, tender and romantic with me. I know there are noperfect people in the world. But I know together we can create perfecthappy and bright future!!! I tried to explain you what I feel towardsyou darling. You are very special to me and I am just waiting for youranswer right now. Are you ready to be my strong guy? Are you ready tobe happy together? Are you ready to be that man for whom I will bereal woman and whom I will give all my love? I hope so darling... I send you my photos today. I want to show you what sexy woman I canbe for you!!!! I hope you are not against of me being so opened withyou. Please write me soon and don't forget I am waiting for yourletter and each your letter is very special to me. Your Julya


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