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Hello . Thank you that you've found time to answer my letter. I've been looking forward to your answer, it made me really glad.
I am very grateful for the excellent photo.
You are a beautiful man.
Unfortunately, I do not have a Skype, the Internet, I work on the computer. My boss will not let me use the computer for their own purposes.
I have a simple phone!

I'd like to tell you more about myself. I'm 27 years old. My name is
yulia, but my friends and relatives call me yulia... I will be glad if you
also call me yulia...
I've graduated from the university long ago and now I'm working as an administrator in a small cafe. I like my job, because I have to communicate with different people and help them. I'm fond of walking in the park after work, I like walking in the fresh air. Unfortunately, I work a lot and I don't have much time for that. When I have spare time I go to the gym to keep fit. Sometimes I manage to see my friends. It doesn't happen too often, but I like spending my time with them.

I live with my parents in the apartment. My family is small, but very friendly. I'm an only child, but I've always wanted to have a brother or a sister. Unfortunately, the fate didn't give my parents such an opportunity. I've never been married and I don't have children. I had serious relationships, but nothing came out of it. Now I'm single.

I hope you like my photo. In this letter I'll send you some other photos. I hope they'll make you more interested in me=) Please, send me your photos,I would be really pleased. I'd like to know more about you: What is your favourite kind of music? What do you like to do in your spare time? What is your personality? What qualities do you appreciate in women and in people in general? Do you have a wife or children? Ask me more questions, I'll gladly answer them.

I'll be looking forward to your reply. Best Wishes, Yulia.