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Hello, hello!Hello, my wonderful stranger!!! I'm writing you from!!!! In fact we don't know each other right now. I only saw yourprofile at the dating site. My intuition told me to contactyou and to do everything in my power to get to know youbetter right away I saw your profile. And so I decided towrite you. I hope you would like to meet a young beautifulgirl?? If I am right, write me here!!!Probably you are surprised why such a beautiful, attractivegirl is writing to you via the Internet. What is she doinghere??? Am I right??? Have you had such thoughts seeing myletter and my photo in your mail box? Certainly, I'm not amind reader. I just think it's completely natural to besurprised seeing a beautiful lady wandering via the worldweb. Let me answer you immediately. I'm looking for YOUhere!!! I'm not married. I haven't got children. I haven'tgot a boyfriend. I'm not in love. I'm lonely here. But Ibelive that my second half is somewhere. And he is waitingfor me! One day I woke up with thoughts that it was quiteoptionally my second half had to be from Ukraine. Quite thecontrary, it would be very strange that in our huge worldtwo halves of the single whole can be from the same country.Most probably, in fact two halves of one soul are fromtotally different parts of the world. They are tired to belonely. They are tired of unsuccessful quest for real loveand happiness. As for me, I can not imagine happinesswithout love. That is why I am here. But why are you here??Why did you decide to look for a woman abroad?? Maybe youhave the same opinion about your second half as I do?? Canyou imagine happiness without love?? Write me and tell meyour thoughts. Tell me everything about you. Who knows,maybe we really are two halves of the single whole?? Firstof all I would like to propose you to get to know each otherbetter and then we will see. So write me as soon aspossible. And please, don't forget to send me your photo.I'm waiting... Bye, bye, my wonderful stranger,take care,Aliona.


Hello, hello my wonderful xxx!!!! What a lovely day!!! Don't you think so?? Your letterbrightens up my day. It's like a sunshine in a dark room!!!I was sure that you would answer me. And I'm very glad tosee that I wasn't mistaken. You really have written me.Thank you for your wonderful letter. I enjoyed every line ofyour letter as it is so full of kindness and sincerity. Ithink you are a very romantic guy, a guy with a big lovingheart. I'm very happy that I met you via Internet! I have afeeling that our correspondence is a beginning of somethinggreat between us. Thank you for your wonderful photos. Yourlook great!!! I want to tell you that you look like a realman. You are so strong, so respectable, so handsome... I'msure that being with such man like you are every woman couldfeel herself as a delicate women, who knows that her manwill always take care of her as she deserves and will be areal protection for her. The most I like the photo where youare with a dog. You look so serious but very nice. Yourphotos are very natural and I think when I look at you I canmore clearly imagine what kind of person you are. I want tohave more photos of you. I like you very much. Let's startgetting to know each other better. As you already know, myname is Aliona. I was born on the 29th of January in 1984(I'm already 25!!!) in small town Rodakovo in the Easternpart of Ukraine. I still live here. But I work in Lugansk.I'm a hairdresser. Probably you are interested what is thereason why I live in one town but work in another one?? I'llexplain you why. Rodakovo is a small town in Lugansk region.In fact it's not a town but a big railway station. Most ofthe people work at the railway. My parents have worked atthe railway all their lives. They still work there becauseit's impossible to have another kind of work in Rodakovo. Asyou understand, I'm from the railwayman's family. My parentsalways wanted me to work at the railway as well. But thenature gave me a beauty, sagacity and creative gifts. I havenever imagined myself working at the railway. That is why Iwork in Lugansk. I'm young. I'm attractive. Also I'm a verydirect girl and it's my nature to tell always the truthonly. From another side I'm a romantic and tender lady. Ibelieve in being in love and feeling it as deeply andtenderly as possible. I want to love. I want to be loved. Icouldn't find my man either in Rodakovo or in Lugansk. I'msure that you are not surprised of this because Russian (orUkrainian) men are well-known all over the world like menwho like vodka best of all and don't care about theirfamilies at all. It doesn't mean that all men in Ukraine arethe same. But here I have never met a man in whom I can beinterested in. I'm not like the other people here and my manshould be unique too. I want my man to complete me. One dayI started thinking that most probably my second halfwouldn't live in Ukraine at all. Truth to tell, we live in ahuge world and it would be very strange if two halves of asingle whole would be from the same area. I became sure inmy opinion when one fine day a young beautiful lady attendedthe place where I work. She wanted to make a good hair stylebecause she was waiting for arrival of her fiance fromabroad!!! Could you imagine?? I was very surprised. She toldme her story. And I made a decision for looking for my soulmate abroad too. Are you that same man whom I am lookingfor?? Are you interested in a simple lady from Ukraine whowants to give you all her tenderness and love and to beloved by you in return?? Please, write me. Tell me yourthoughts. I'm waiting... P.S. Today I'm sending you some of my favorite photos. Don'tforget to comment it!!! It is very important for me to knowwhat do you think about my appearance. Also I wish you couldtell me what of the photos I sent you like most of all. Ok? Bye, bye, my wonderfulnew acquaintance,take care,Aliona.


Hello, hello my wonderful xxx!!! What a lovely day today!!! Your answer is here. It makes mesure that you are really a man I was looking for. You cannot imagine how impatiently I was waiting for your letter.And here you are!!! Thank you so much for your letter, forall the compliments you write me! You really flatter andspoil me! But I like it! You know how to make a woman smileand feel a real Goddess!!!Thank you for these wonderfulfeelings!!!! It is a so great pleasure for me to hear fromyou!!! Let's keep getting to know each other better. I thinkit's very important for us to know as much as possible aboutone another. Do you agree with me?? Tell me you opinion inyou next letter. Last time I told you why and when I decidedto start seeking for my man abroad. I have to tell you thatit was a very difficult decision for me by many reasons.First of all I didn't know how to start. As you already knowI'm a hairdresser. I work in the simple beauty salon. Idon't like to flatter myself but I know that I'm a very goodspecialist in my field. I'm a beautiful girl and I know howto keep my face, hair and body in the excellent shape. Fromthe school-days I helped my girlfriends to look prettymaking beautiful and creative coiffures. Probably, it'sreally my mission to help women to be good looking ladies.Once I tried to change my working place and got fixed up ina modern stylish beauty salon... But it was impossible forme to work over there. I don't know, maybe in your countrythe situation is completely contrary but in my country ahuge difference exists between simple and rich people. Richclients don't respect the workers of the salon at all. But Irespect myself. That is why I work in a simple but cosysalon. I work with simple people. I don't earn big money butI enjoy my work. I sincerely hope you'll understand me andmy life position. Money doesn't make people happy. Do youagree with me?? Also I hope you understand that making ofcoiffures is something different comparing with knowing theforeign languages and using modern digital technologies ;).I couldn't imagine before that one fine day I would decideto look for my man abroad. I was dealing with making womenbeautiful but I have never had time enough or a possibilityto learn English or computers. Now I understand that inorder to find you I need English and Internet. That younglady (I told you about her in my previous letter) told methat she used a translation agency which helped her to findher love. I didn't have another choice except to do thesame. So I saved some money and came to the agency with firmintention to find my man. Luckily I have found you. I'm veryinterested in you. I want to make you interested in me.....I have a will to start learning English as soon as possible.Be sure, I will do my best in studying!! I'm a smart ladyand I will be able to speak English very soon... And I willdo everything in my power to win your heart. Do you allow meto do this?? I need your answer. Write me... Please, don'tkeep me waiting too long for your answer. I already missyou... P.S. Today I send you 2 photos of me. I want to show you howbeautiful and sexy I can be. I hope you'll enjoy myphotos;)!!! Bye, bye, my wonderful,take care,Aliona.


Hello, hello my wonderful xxx!!!! What a lovely day!!! You even can't imagine how much I waswaiting for your letter as your letters light my day!!! Icame to the translation firm today because my heart told mehere should be something from you. And my heart was right.Thank you for your wonderful letter!! I'm so so happy to getit! How are you there without me? How is your mood? How areyou spending your day?! I so missed you, honey... Thank youfor your understanding about my English. Unfortunately I donot have a computer of my own and I can't use it myself.Definitely if I have a computer at home it would be mucheasy for us to communicate but I have nothing, Here onlyrich people have computers but I'm not rich. My dear Tomas,if you want a wealthy wife, I'm not for you. Your answershows me that your feelings are genuine. You understand thatall the material things are nothing comparing to innerharmony. It's wonderful that you are able to see the mostimportant things. It means so much for me!!! It proves methat I wasn't mistaken made a decision to contact you justafter have seen your profile. I have felt from the verybeginning that you wasn't stupid to be interested in a womanjust because of she is beautiful. I know that under mybeauty my inner beauty can be found as well. I hate when mensee just a beautiful doll in me. But you are not the same.You are clever and you are able to perceive all qualities Ihave. You complete me. I want to tell you more about me. I'ma simple hairdresser and I don't earn big money. But I'msatisfied with my job because I like what I do. Also I'mfull of life and energy, I'm healthy, I'm creative, I'mpurposeful. If I have a chance to open my own beauty salon,I will earn big money. And you will be proud of me!!! Besure, I will lavish so much love and care upon you thatyou'll never regret that I was a simple hairdresser in thevery beginning of our relations. Also I promise you that Iwill learn English. I will learn hard and will be able tospeak your language very soon. I promise you, my wonderfulman!!! I have already told you a lot about me. Now I wouldlike to ask you a very important question. Do you want toconnect your life with a girl who admires you for so muchand who is willing to love you and to take care about youthe best way?? I need your answer... I'm ending this letterwith every good wish for you, my dear!!! Write me... Anddon't keep me waiting too long for your reply. P.S. The photos I'm sending you now were taken some monthsago especially for you. Here I'm wearing in my favoriteblouse. If you like it, I'll wear this blouse for you whenwe are together... I hope you like me. Bye, bye,hope to hear from you soon,take care,your Aliona.


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