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Hello! How are you feeling? I am pleased to continue the dialogue with you. I hope you too are looking for a serious relationship! I'm glad to meet you! I need to know what kind of person you are! I do not want to deal with frivolous man.
Once I was cheated, they played with me. I do not want to spend time flirting and games. I'll tell you later about it, if you would be interested. Are you serious man? I hope I'm lucky you!
I hope you do not mind to communicate and I like you! I think the distance is not a problem!
About Me I will explain later. I hope to continue our dialogue!
Rubina !!!
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The U.S. Embassy receives reports almost every day of fraud committed against U.S. citizens by Internet correspondents professing love and romantic interest. Typically, the Russian correspondent asks the U.S. citizen to send money or credit card information for living expenses, travel expenses, or "visa costs." The anonymity of the Internet means that the U.S. citizen cannot be sure of the real name, age, marital status, nationality, or even gender of the correspondent. The U.S. Embassy has received many reports of citizens losing thousands of dollars through such scams. American citizens are advised never to send money to anyone they have not met in person.
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Agi Good evening!

I'm glad you feel your attention is on your side. I feel like it better when I see the letter! How was your date?
There are no gay bars, gay people do not like our country, why do you ask? I care so much? I'm careful!
I want to tell you how my day) often begins)
My day began aromatic coffee, turn on the music, so the morning began with a lot more fun. Music is a very good start in the morning with a smile! I love all kinds of music, I can not say exactly what. Then you go into the shower after the shower, I go to work! I think you probably do not care to know how to start the day? I think many people start the day. You, as the day begins?
I work as an administrator in a beauty salon! I will help to make people beautiful. I love my job, it's very interesting! I also try to be nice!
I want to change my life! I want to start by saying that I want to love and be happy, and you want to change to your life?
I'm not complaining about my life, at work and at home all right, but there are not enough people who will be next! I would like to find a man with whom I can go through difficulties, difficulties in life there is always a need and solve problems together. I want to always be a man's sorrow and joy!
I want you to feel not alone and take care of people, you need a strong man!
Perhaps this is the dream of every woman. So I try to create a personal life.
I hope I managed to find happiness!
I'm posting a photo of my nephew, I love it! This is my sister's son))))

This is expressed in the letter, I look forward to your reply!


No problem!
At home they do not like very hot, but tolerated them ... although there is very little space. especially

Greeting! That sentiment? I am glad that a letter from you!
I do not sell cosmetics, make-up, I am, but rarely do this now prefer workers who are us, I'm the administrator.
I live in a small town, you can find on the internet.
If I find a good man, I can leave him in my town.
My nephew is 5 years. He's been great)) My height is 166 cm, it is normal for you! ?
I like to communicate with you, I want to talk about! I hope that the relationship will continue in this direction. I like the way we have a chat, do not you? I want only one thing that is bothering me seriously, and I take it seriously. You know, I had a conversation on the Internet and do not want to spend more time in the shuffle. You must understand me! I need only serious relationship! Do you agree with me? I like you, and I think the meeting, but I do not want to hurry up and now I'm going to act differently. We must understand that not playing with me. We have to make sure that the interest is serious! You have to understand, I do not want to hurt you, there is a good person. But it was a bad experience. I do not think people on the internet! I hope that you will convince me! I want to believe you! I want to meet with you in the future! It all depends on you! If I realize that I am ready to meet with you! I'll be sure to tell you! I want to see that you care about me. I want to know!
I want to talk a little bit about yourself! I like to play sports! I'm going to fitness training. It does not happen as often as I'd like, but I try to go often!
You Rubina! Hugs!



Good evening, my good friend Agi! Thanks for the reply. I hope that all is well. I'm not on facebook, do not use the site, it is very rare.
I will send you a video of his nephew! I hope you like it!
I feel tired. I'm tired today at work! But when I saw the letter, I felt better and appeared courage in me. The letter makes me more energetic. And that leaves you? What do you feel when you read my mail?
Only the letters to make me a little happier, and I do not feel lonely.
I forgot to tell my parents. My parents divorced, he can no longer live together. My father does not live in my city, it has long since moved to another city, they rarely see each other. We rarely communicate. My father was a very bad mood, it is difficult to communicate with him. Often, I swear! My mother is the opposite of his father. He is a very nice person and you always talk about. He lives alone, it is difficult that one sometimes comes to my sister, my mother, to visit, eat, drink tea and talk. Of course, rarely come because a lot of work, but we try to visit your mother. I live with my sister because her husband divorced. He also works a lot, and when I'm free, I'm your son. We are two moms! )) Can you tell us something interesting for the family? I beg you, I'm always interested in learning more about you!
I want to tell my mom about you. I ask to understand me correctly. I
I just want to share the joy with her. I think he will be happy that I was dealing with a man! Did you tell someone that you communicate? He said his friends about me? I am very interested to know that?
I'm starting to think that often! Do you think I really care about. I like to communicate. I hope that soon we will see. I want to know what kind of person