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Hello!!! I'm so happy to hear from you! I'm How are you? Thank you so much foryour e-mail address! I hope you are doing great and my message willfind you in your best spirits! Well, I was really glad that we canlearn about each other and it is always very interesting to find newgood people. :-) I'm new comer in this sphere of communication, so that is veryinteresting for me to start something new, especially as I need it. Ilike that we can use Internet because some of points very difficult tosay face to face and it is necessary some time. With Internet we cantell about personal things and won't be afraid. What a pity we are so far away. But this can be nothing for two humanswho want to find real love. I think that I will have success in mysearch because just in this way of communication, person opens hissoul. And thousands of kilometres can't stop real feelings, I thinkso. I'm sure you want to ask me what is a lady like me doing here? Itis very easy to answer this question, it is very sad but I miss mymate, I want to have caring and reliable man besides me. Maybe you arethe one whom I have been searching for all this time. The philosopher said, we can do what we like and we can live as wewant but not over than our emotions and feelings. I hope gradually bytime you can know more exactly for what I'm. Step by step, really Ican't imagine live without love. And as we both here with the sameaim, let’s use this chance and try to explore each other? I'm verylonely woman, and want to be happy. Let’s try to relieve each otherslife. I do want to know you and hope you will write me back to thise-mail address, let's give us a chance. I'm sure, youhave many things to tell me and I'm ready to know you more and I wantyou to learn my own world. I will be waiting for your reply really impatiently! Sincerely yours, Sweta.


Hello dear, xxx! How are you? How is your day? Thank you very much for your reply. Ithink we have so many things to tell each other. You and I have pastlife but I think about it as it is good that we have such experiencesbefore. When you start something new, you try not to do some mistakeswhich you've done in your past life and maybe understand some thingsore clear. Experience it is good and good experience is much better?:)So you like to cook, great I'm too. What you like to cook more? So, I will start first and will tell you several words about my lifeand family. As you know dear, my name is Sweta. And in my 26, I'm verylonely woman. I live in a very small city in Ukraine, it callsLytygino. I think you've never heart about this city before, am Iright? It is very cozy and serene city. I live in a house with my momand dad. So I wish my parents were a bit younger. All in all it isjust a couple of my thoughts, hope you are interested in what I cantell you next time. I'm ready to show you my soul, maybe you can bethe owner of my heart. I want to have a man besides me for whom I willpresent all my love and tenderness. Do you want to get it? But Tomas, I have one thing to tell you. I'm very sorry but I feelmyself silly because of the fact that I don't know English ? I want tolearn it some day and I promise I will do it. Till then I have to usetranslating company, I'm very glad that I have this chance and it willhelp us to know each other. I hope it will not be a problem for us.So, dear I have to go for now, I will be waiting for your fast replywith a great impatience! I hope you are fine and your days are goingperfect. I want to wish you happy day full of positive events andhappy moments. Hug you, Tomas! Yours, Sweta


Hello dear, xxx How are you? How you pass your day? I hope that you are doing well. Iwas waiting for your letter. And your letter makes my mood great, Iwill think of you all day. Dear, tell me more about how you pass yourdays. What features you value in woman? I just want to be my mancaring, kind and reliable. I will present all my love and care for myman. Maybe it’s you? Who knows, maybe our correspondence turn to biglove? As for my common life, I like to spend my time with family orfriends. I like to go to the cinema, for instance nowadays there areso many interesting films you can watch in the cinema. Also I like toread, but now I have no time for reading. Now I think that I haveanother interest, it is reading your letters ? What about you, do youlike such spending of time? Have you any hobbies? I should say dear xxx, that I feel myself so lonely, I have a greatlack of love. I have so much to give to my man and hope I will have achance to present it. I have many things to tell you and want to shareall my thoughts with you. Hope you are open to continue suchinteresting and pleasant communication. I wish you a nice day and goodmood. I will be waiting for your reply impatiently, write sooner, ok?Air kisses! Thinking of you, Sweta


Hello dear, xxxHow are you? I feel very bad, I think I catch a cold :( Here is verycold weather, like Autumn is coming :( Thank you dear for your reply.And I should say sorry that I don't answer on your question about man.I just have so many thoughts to tell you, so I forgot to tell youabout this thing :( I need reliable , kind and honest man. Who willrespect me, and I will care about him and will present all my love andtenderness to him. I was very happy to receive your letter. I feelhappy that we continue explore each other, it’s new way ofcommunication for me, but now I like this way, very interesting toknow you by letters. Don't you think so? So, I want you to share some thoughts with me, what do you think aboutromantic evening? Would you like to share one with me, someday? Itwill be look like not usual evenings. I and my mate can take a bathwith a big quantity of foam with nice aroma. I will surround bath withbig number of candles. Will talk about the most secret topics, holdour hands and hug each other. Now I understand that I'm ready topresent my love. I'm so happy that we meet each other, so the destinygives us a chance, and I think that we should use it. Do you think so? As you know Tomas, I am a very romantic woman, and for me the mostbeautiful things in life are the simple things, which make you happy.I like our correspondence and won't lose it. What about you, do youthink that we became closer to each other? Kiss you my heart! I'll be waiting for your reply. Yours, Sweta!


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