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Hi ,

Your letter brightened my day, I couldn't expect that I will be looking forward for your reply with such an impatience. Thank you for writing me and for sharing your thoughts. It is very important for me to know that you really are a normal person and that you truly are interested in me, because I am ready for the relationship which will be serious and mutual. so, how was your day today? When you were writing me, what was the main thing that you were thinking about our acquaintance? I have thought to tell you little bit more about my self and to let you put a glance into my life, so that you would understand me better. I am 27 years old, my birthday is on 7th February, I like the time when it's my birthday first of all because of all the attention that I get, and secondly because it is a sign for me that soon the spring will come, and it warms my heart so much, as an additional present for my birthday)) I live with my parents and am a last year internship student in the medical university. I am almost a doctor)) The studies are very hard, but interesting,and sometimes I even don't eat or don't sleep, but feel happy because my dream is coming true. I wanted to become a doctor since I was very little, and played with my dolls and my cat, I tried to help everyone and to cure everybody, it was so much funny)) Now I am almost done before the very serious step to my grown up life, but still I feel that I need something else. I need a dear, close person, a man who will be my beloved. I think I am already prepared and grown up for this step. I feel the lack of embraces and kisses, the lack of flirty little things and talks under the stars. I feel that my heart wants to be loved and cared by the strong and gentle man. Well, only the time will show what will be next. Oh, I have written so much))) Hope you don't fall asleep while reading all this)) wishing you to have a wonderful and happy day and attaching you some of my photos, hopefully you like them)
Bye, Sveta
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Yes, she is a big scammer. She scammed me big time, you believe and trust what she says over the phone and emails. But anyway, she says that she is doing her internship as a doctor at Krasnokutsk Central Regional Hospital. and also a candidate in mater of sports in rhythmic gymnastics. Her phone number is +380954542133. She send me the same letter as what Adam posted together with the exact photos. I have a lot of photos from her. So please guys, be aware of this woman. She is to good to be true at the end. She faked a letter from the embassy and faked the tickets. She is very good and clever.
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Also, she is the only child and live with parents at Krasnokutsk. Address: per.pionersky 2/4. Her mothers name is Olga, that is what she said, and she is a History Teacher and her father is a retired police officer. Don't let this woman bullshit you guys. Please, be aware.