Scammer Olga / Julia Kowalencko

Olga / Julia
Makiivka, Ukraine, Zipcode is 86100
Artema Street 5, 12

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Comment #130051
This so called woman operates under the name Olya and sometimes under Julia both the same age and same city. They do emotional prostitution asking for money with a few emails for passport , visa. They will not wait to let the relation develop its own way without the money. Also "Easy Languages" Irina Sohinova is named for translation costs. So many reasons you pay them money. To me they are all the same person!
Comment #130233
The 1st thing people must know when interacting with Eastern Europe Women is that they are not to be trusted... Even if they show to be the person in photos... never trust them because they just want you to fall in love and at the right moment when you are trusting them because they seem to like you... they start to ask you money.
Easy tips:
1-After you see her photos and if you are interested in her... just run a quick check in FaceFind or google images to see if she is actually what she say she is.
2- Basic things to notice if she is a scamer : she tell you she don't have internet and always go to a bar to speak with you... She fall in love for you very easly... After you ask her to prove her identity like show a video or speak with her in Skype she say that she does not have a Smartphone (come on Ukraine/Russia is not like a North Corea...) they can be poor but not that poor... i know some girls from there and they are poor but all of them have a iphone... and internet is everywhere and is not that expensive as you may think...
3- Even if she show to you by being the same girl you see in photos... still with that don't trust her... there are many girls in Eastern Europe that does this as a part time, they have their own work and yes boyfriend, but they need money for their luxury cloths or new phone... so this is the way... This Eastern Europe Women does not have heart or feelings they just care about money...
4- Never fall in love with a women even if you saw her in real, always remember you don't know her... you don't know her past and you don't know her life, she can have a boyfriend and you might not know... She can even try for you to marry her and this way she can "escape" her country and live in other country... Yeah living but you need to work for her... because she is too lazy to work...
5- Always remember that there is a chance even if you trust her fully and want to marry with a Eastern Woman, that she might be using you to escape her poor country... she will use you to get you married with her and then as soon as she arrives on your country she will kick you out and run...
6-The easy question some men never asks themselves is... why a gorgeous girl is still alone?? there might be a reason... and the reason is not because she don't find a men because he is drunk everyday... this kind of men are everywhere... the real reason is that she is a absolutly scam... or she is tring to get out of her country... or she just want a rich guy so that she can live a luxury life...
Comment #131138
i was emailing this lady she call herself julia,, she all nice talk say nice tings send 2 or 3 of the above photos with hwe emails nevr answered a question,, nevr comment when i sent photos,,im wondering are most east european women scammers,,
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this person is operating on many platform. one of them is
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