Scammer Ekatarina Gorban Catherine

Mashkova street 13A Flat 45, Krasnodon, Lughansk area

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Comment #130050
The address to her is fake, and I believe that she live in Lugansk.
She have also told that she work in Krasnodon as a Fintness trainer but she must live in Lugansk.
She have pick up the money at this address twice and the amount is 673$ and the last transaction is 580$.
The first amount was in connection with travel to Oslo the 20th of December and the second transaction is because she need a guarantee sum per day in Norway and that is 500 NOK per day. She supposed to be in Oslo for 9 days until 29th of December.
Told me that she had applied for VISA at the Norwegian Embassy in Kiev, and had a meeting there the 13th of December at 2:30. Then she need that money to complete the VISA application. She pretend that she was on the bus to Kiev and that her cousin had used her mail to contact me because of bad telephone lines.
I knew that this security amount was correct because I had been in contact with authorities in Norway. She use the computer at her work and have told me that she don`t have a computer at home and WiFi.
Have a feeling that she operate like this. She order a new phone number for each victim and I feel also that she have deleted the gmail account.
I have send her a mail that I want my money paid back and the last truncation have her confirmed in mail with her cousin that the 580$ is a loan which she will pay back when she arrive Oslo or the VISA process is finished. The bad thing is that nothing of this will happen. I am very eager to find her correct address and address to her employer.
If it`s possible and find the cousins address also.
I believe that and understand that the money is gone by the wind, what I want to stop her because I am sure that she have done this with several men.