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Hello,so I'm writing you at the email you gave me on the site. I'mnot sure if you looked at my profile so I'll remind you aboutme. I'm 33 yo, living in Melitopol, Ukraine. My height is 168cm and my weight is 52kg. I'm single and I decided to use the Internet to find my match.I think this way I can meet more people than in my small town.I just want to tell you from the very beginning that I'm notyoung silly girl and so don't try to play any games with me.I don't want to be hurt. I'm looking serious relations, puredevoted love and all-absorbing passion, because sex mattersmuch in relations.I would certainly like to know more about you, about your homeand work, family and friends. I'm ready to answer any of yourquestions and I'll be waiting to hear from you.Marina.


Hello, xxx!So it's me Marina. By the way, my name means "sea" from the Latin.I like the sea very much and I enjoy swimming, and what about you?Do you have photos to send me? So you don't work anymore, right?Certainly I like to dance!:)As you might already noticed I'm an active person, this is also a partof my job (I'm a teacher in physical training) I have a healthylifestyle and I guess, I love my body too much to do such things asdrinking and smoking.If you happen to become my man, I'll be glad to work out with you orswim or play badminton or do biking. Everything is more interestingand funny if to do that together. And how many time are you willing tospend with your girlfriend? I just hope you don't put your work aheadof your family.By the way, I haven't told you about my family yet. I have bothparents, they are retired. I live with them. I also have a youngerbrother Vitaliy. He is 29 and I'm 33yo. We are very good friends withhim. He knows that I'm looking for a man abroad, and he wants me tofind a good man.I should tell you from the very beginning that I was married, now I'mwidowed for more than 3 years. My husband was killed in the war actionin Chechnya (the conflict of Chechnya and Russia) I haven't had anyrelations during all that time, because I wasn't ready and I don'taccept such things as one-night stands.I think I'm lucky to work with children, because otherwise I wouldn'tmanage to smile after the lost of my husband. Now I feel like I'm overthat and I want to meet a serious man and give him all love, care andpassion that I've been keeping all that time.Life is too short for the endless grieve. As you can see at mypictures, I'm happy with my life and I smile sincerely waiting fornew love to come into my life.I would like you too present me with your smiles, I'll be waiting foryour photos as well as the answer to this letter, which you readcarefully I hope!Marina.


I'm really glad to hear from you again, xxx!Thank you for taking your time and reading my previous lettercarefully. I see you're a good listener. It's very important for mewhen my man listens to me and gives me some advices, or simply cheersme up.I liked the photo you sent me. I like Latino dancing.I really feel like I'm not created to be alone. I don't understandwomen who are happy with their carrier and don't care about theirpersonal life. I feel strong need to share my happy moments, mythoughts, my sorrows, my dreams - my everything with my man.If I had a choice between my love and career, I would choose thefirst. I think people who think only about their career are selfish.But when a person enjoy his job, it's good.After my work, I usually go home by foot. As I told you, I live withmy parents. It is not close to the place, where I work, but since Ilike walking it's not a problem for me. When I walk I dream. What isyour dream, I mean not generally. For example, when I close my eyes,I see myself just awaken, lying in the bed, feeling the naked body ofmy man pressed to my body. I will be smiling, because we have had asleepless night. I will feel sweet pain in my body, but above everything I will be happy, because I will know that I love that man,and he loves me madly. I don't know how to describe that man, I justknow that will be the man, next to whom I will want to wake up everymorning.I guess it's was important decision to start the Internet correspondence.I think it's good, because I can get to know your mind and soul. Ionly wish I knew English better to do everything on my own and not touse the help of the translator.But I'm an optimist and besides now I have a good reason to learn it -this way I will become closer to you, sure not so close that I couldtouch you, but still. By the way, where to you like to be touched? Ilike when my man plays with my hair, like to receive a neck massage.By the way, I finished the course of physical rehabilitation, so I'mvery good in giving massages. Do you enjoy such things? Maybesomething else?Marina.


Hello, my darling xxx!Your letter got me really hot! How did you do that with your wordsonly?Meeting you urged me to start learning English seriously. I thinkthat if we continue like that, than I will tell my parents about you.You're my little secret for now.I know we are far apart now, but love knows no distance, no boundaries.I don't know if this will happen to us, I hope so. You are a verygood man, and it sounds me you are down to earth and know what you want.I am a simple woman with simple needs.I like to take long rides through the country or just staying home cuddling while watching TV or listening to music. It really does not matter to me what we are doing as long as we are doing it together. Walks together, rainstorms, or night time rides observing nature as we talk about silly things, or talk about nothing at all, just enjoying each other.You will agree with me that it’s very difficult to meet the unique personfor whom you could present all your caress, your passion and love.Looking at the lovely face of your partner, you think, you know every line of it but from the other side you see something new every time. Making the work or doing something necessary for the life you are hurrying up home to see your half. As for me, I know that I will hurry come back home to prepare a romantic dinner for you so that we will have a very nice night.Don't forget you can ask questions, any time, about anything. I like you and I hope we can talk about anything and everything. I'm sorry if Ishouldn't say, if it is wrong, too ahead, upsetting, uncomfortable, too serious, or personal but I hope you and I will find out we want much more than friends and friendship too.Kisses form Marina.


Hello, my sugar xxx!Ok, now I should tell you, what kind of life is waiting for you, if youjoin me on the road of life.My nails will constantly bruise your back as I just won't get enough ofyou, making you a willing prisoner deep within my gates. My tongue scoopsthrough your mouth drinking your desire as I feel you throbbing so deepwithin me that I will feel you between my lungs beating as a heartbeats inside me. My sweet nipples will be your most delicious appetizer;more tasty than the finest chocolate. I will slide your mouth and tonguefrom nipple to nipple as if I just want you to swallow them whole. ThenI will shoves your head down between my pretty legs and pulls your tonguedeep inside me, feeding you until my flower is barren and needing to betilled once more. My moans, and screams of passion and delight fill ourroom and our windows rattle as you take you to paradise countless timesas we make love. All night long we dream of our love; of our passion;of our life together and we will afraid to awaken - afraid it was all justa dream, that this love could not exist in reality. But as I begin toawaken I feel your warm naked body wrapped around me like a wild vine andI smile realising it is true. I reach behind and grab your loins in my warmhands and holds you as you begin to throb yet again in my sweet grasp.You whisper "I love you" gently in my ear so many times every day thatmy heart leaps with joy every time you utter it. Your lips slide all overmy body endlessly and I never get enough of your love.This how I love and show my love, will you accept such a life? Tellme,Your Marina.


Hello, my darling xxx!I thought recently that our meeting was something amazing. Just thinkabout it, two people, who live so far away from each other, met herein the Internet. And it was not just a meeting, but I think it was theright meeting, meeting of two people who perfectly fit each other. Andthere was a moment, when I felt that happiness was so close and sopossible.I need to tell you something important, but before that, listen to meand remember. Sometimes people are not together not because they don'tlove each other, but because such were the circumstances, which theycouldn't overcome. Maybe they didn't have enough strength or maybethey love or sympathy was to weak for the trial they faced. I guessyou wonder now now why I'm telling you that, I'm just trying toexplain what will be, or better to say what is going on now. I'm veryupset now, so the things I say may seem not so clear for. Well, this isis my last letter to you. Though I don't want it to be so, I can't doanything. When I has came to my translator today, she said there myaccount of correspondence was empty.I asked my translator to translate this last letter, because I didn'twant to disappear without explanations, I'm sure it would hurt youmuch. I opened the account when I came to this translation company"Avalon" I put money on the account, I was charged for the translations.And now the account is empty.I would love to continue our correspondence, but I can't afford this.I don't know how to check this email, because I don't know how to usethe email and the Internet. I won't see your letter if you write mehere, but my translator will. I don't want to ask you to send money tome, so I could feel up the account. If I do this, you might think I'mfor money, and I don't want you to think like that. You can tell me yourlast "good bye", if you want... She will pass me your words, but nothe contact information, because such is the rule of the firm.Forgive me please. And never think that it is just a way to stop ourcorrespondence. Though I guess you won't have such thoughts, because itseems to me you understood my feelings, you knew everything.With love,Your Marina.


Dear Sir, We are the translation firm "Avalon". Marina was our client. Wecreated this email for her, checked it, translated Your letters,printed them, translated the hand-written letters written by Marinainto English and sent them to You. We inform You that Marina can not afford our prices anymore. We kindlyallowed her to say good bye to You, but Your letter to her will not betranslated. Any of two clients involved in correspondence can fill up the account,so if You are willing to develop the contact with Marina, we can letYou know our services and prices. We are very sorry about the situation, but we will not do our work forfree. Respectfully,TF "Avalon" 72300Melitopol,Dzerzhinskogo 58,office

Last letter. I don´t send mony.

Dear Sir, Thank You for Your letter. If You want to become our client, You can use MoneyGram or Western Unionsystem. You will need to go to a bank that has either Western Union orMoneyGram department. You will be given a form which You should fill in. We consulted the official site of Western Union, and here is the informationYou will need to fill in: Country : UkranineSurname : VystorobskayaName: Marina To get a detailed information You may check the site of Western Union,where You could also make payment on-line: After making a transfer You should send us a letter with the followinginformation about sender, You: *Country, from where the transfer was made;*The full name the sender (Your full name);*The amount of the transfer;*Money Transfer control number (MTCN). Remember only Marina with her Identification Card can receive the transfer. We will inform Marina about the transfer and as soon as she receivesit we will send You a letter. Account will be opened on Your name, but we accept only cash, soYou should pay cash to fill up the account. You can make a transfer onthe name of Your Lady. If You have worries about the safety of making the payment, consult us, becausethere are a lot of scammers in the Internet. Respectfully,TF "Avalon" 72300Melitopol,Dzerzhinskogo 58,office