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the last one sent, plenty more if you need them!!

My love xxx as I have received your letter where you have told, that
we can pay all. I was very glad, I have written you the answer, and
have gone to bank to learn, how it is possible to do pass of money. My
love xxx when I have come to bank, I has approached, to the employee
of bank, and has told, that to me, my beloved, wishes to transfer
money, from other country. I have asked, as it can be made. On what he
has answered me, that I have approached to a window "the international
transfers". When I there have approached, the woman there sat, and I
have explained all to the woman. That girl has told to me, that there
is no not that difficult. She has told to me, that there is such
system, a remittance. It is called Western Union. You heard about such
company? It is the company, is engaged in remittances, worldwide. And
in each country, and in each city, there are branches, western union.
They can is, either in banks, or on mails. My love xxx, it has told to
me, that it. The most safe way, transfers of money, also is very fast
way. And if you have time to send today. That already tomorrow, I can
draw out money, and descend in agency, and pay for documents. And
since tomorrow, documents will start to do. My love xxx, I so is glad,
that we very soon will be together. I took in bank, the advertising
leaflet, in which is written how to use this system and if you that
that do not understand I once again will explain all to you. I do not
know, whether you heard about this system, but I will start to tell,
that to me have told in bank. The girl has told to me, that it is very
serious system, and should not be, what error if you make what or an
error, I cannot simply draw out money. My love xxx when you will come
in branch Western Union as I spoke to you. It can there is in bank, or
in post a branch. That will be necessary for you, to fill the form.
But as I to you have told. It is necessary to fill it, very
attentively, and not to do any error. You should fill, following data
as to me the girl has told, these data will suffice, that I could
receive money. Here wash data:
1. Name Inna
2. Surname Malinina
3. Country Russia
4. The Kirov area
5. Lenins st. The house 2.
6 postal index (post code) 612260
These data. As to me have told, will be necessary for you. My love Tom
as I ask you, be more attentive, because, I worry not much, after all
as you know. I not when, did not use, this system, transfer of money
Western Union. And as you will send me money, you should send to me,
the data. Together with transfer data. Which I now will write you. I
know almost all yours data, but it will be better, if all of us once
again check up. After all you know as I worry. Try to make all without
errors. Or try to send to me, a copy of the form with which you will
fill. My love xxx, I very much worry, and I hope, that you will make
all correctly, here those data which you, should send to me. Excuse
that I repeat.
1. Your full name
2. Your full surname
3. Your country
4. A city, from where you sent money
5. Your full address
6. Yours post code
7. The exact sum of money which you have sent me
8. Number of transfer MTCN
My love xxx, to me have told, that MTSN, it is 10-place code which
give everyone who sends money. You as should send me it. It as a key.
Without it, as well as without full your data, I cannot draw out
money. I think you completely have understood me, and you will not
make, not what error. My love xxx, try to write to me when you can
send me money, after all you understand, that I work, and I again
should ask for leave from work to receive money. And to have time to
descend in agency, to pay for documents. My love xxx, I so is glad,
that we with you, already soon will start to do documents. And it
means, that ours with you a meeting. All is closer, and is closer. I
so wish to see somewhat quicker you. And somewhat quicker to embrace.
I very much love you. I with impatience will wait for your answer.
Whole. Your favourite Inna.

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