Scammer Elena Solnisho Elena

October, 22, 1986.
city Vladimir
600023, Russia, Vladimirskaya Oblast, city Vladimir, st. Pesochnaya, 19, apt. 29

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Comment #129907
Please use the best
effort to find the damn money. I do not want to lose. I
already learned about coming to another country. I should
have the money to come in any European country. And what sense
we come to another country if you can not stay there forever ???
I do not understand, what do you ask me about it ??? get me
correctly. I can not wait a long time in Moscow or to return home.
Simply point is that I signed a contract with the agency, and
to them it was a lot of conditions. One of them is that I should get to
your country in the near future. If you do not enforce this requirement
my visa request will be rejected for three years. This means that I will
I can not receive a visa in your country 3 years. In the worst case my
Name can blacklist embassy. And if we are put in
blacklisted I can already get a visa in their country.
The situation between our countries intense, because of the events in Ukraine.
I have already a lot of Russian politics are prohibited visit their
Earth. Many business people have lost their jobs, they can not
come to your country for business. And if we put in it
blacklisted NEVER but can get to you. Understand, in which
seriousness of the problem. Now I am ready to explain everything fully.
Your country is not so fond of immigrants from Russia. To their
Authorities have come up with such rules on entry into their country. I
will not be authorized to input your immigration services to
Your airport. I should have with you the money that we
authorized to enter your country. Consular Section and
immigration service to his country to supply various control. yours
Consulate gives me the visa and entry visa in their country. AND
immigration officers at the airport will give to me in
The penalty entrance to your country and we will send back to Russia
If I can not have the money to my bank account. I should get
your money and put your money into my bank account. Then I should give
The official paper of the bank from the account on the control of immigration.
Without this money for me who will not put the visa in your passport !!!
The Embassy will not take a risk and put my visa in the passport
it will be an additional check on controlling immigration.
You understand that the problem ???? This rule is the entrance to your
Earth!!! That money as proof that I can include yourself in the
your country. This is evidence for the government of his country, which I
You can buy yourself a meal and pay the cost. This is proof that I
will pray and seek support for themselves in their own country. Yours
understand that your country has established such rules. Yours
understand what is required to show only that money ??? I want
should not be spent. That money as evidence that I can contain
I'm in my country. I'll give the money directly to
airport. I ask Martin that he tried to borrow the money from
friends or relatives. Or tried to take a bank loan. If I
this money was in two days but can get to you. understand,
the money you need to borrow you all for 2 days ??? !!! You too
can be reached at once, and you'll get back the money back. I was just
I do not know where I was to address and that we make. you my
The unique hope. I've already done a lot for our meeting. And my
resources are exhausted. Also what is now all been made in vain ??? I
very much hope for understanding. I will end up on It
letter. I will eagerly wait for their mutual letter. I
I love you with all my heart Martin !!! You my life ...
Forever with you your Elena ...
Comment #130431
This same person corresponded with me quite recently, but they didn't use the name Elena Solnisho, she called herself Oksana and her was, plus she said she was from Saint Petersburg. I know this because she sent him the same pictures, see above. Let me guess, she contacted you out of the blues, saying she was lonely and looking for love, right, then she would immediately say she has fallen in love with you and she's planning to immigrate from Russia to meet you in person, plus at first she would say that she doesn't need your financial help to obtain a visa and plane ticket right, but after a few Emails she would say she's in Moscow and she's had a interview with the Embassy and now she has to pay for her visa and ticket in cash, because procedures says stated it within her contract between herself and the Embassy and now she needs your help, then she requests £950 to be sent over to her to cover the £2000 cost she owns to the Russian Embassy. Do not fall for this scam, report the Email immediately and do not fall for her sob stories, like she's stuck in Moscow with no money and she's scared, lies. Everything about this person is fake, even the photos. If you find a Email from Oksana in your inbox, report to the dating scamwebsite or to the police, or post it on social media to inform potential victims out there, do not answer to this person.
Comment #132650
used Oksana when contacting me