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Hello dear! Well, here I am! :) I need to tell you that your profiletook my attention! :) You are like a new book for me andfrom the first look I wanted to open it and and startreading. I don't know what is waiting for me in future but Ihope that it will be a very breathtaking novel! :) Andnow,while you are reading my letter, I hope you will smileand my letter will fill your day with a joy! :) Also, nowyou can see my appearance as I send you my picture. I hopeyou'll like it! By the way, I am new to this kind of datingso I want to ask you something.. I was told that there is abad opinion about Ukrainian and Russian women on theInternet. Do you know anything about it? Why is it so?Personally I believe that there are both good and bad peopleeverywhere.. Well, my name is Anya. I took this name after my late grannywho was a great woman and whom I loved very much! I live inquite a big city called Luhansk which is in the EasternUkraine. I like my city especially in autumn. Autumn is veryromantic season of the year. Personally, I'm a very romanticbut at the same time I always stay realistic. People saythat I'm a kind, loving, caring, passion and clever. I can'ttell you what I'm thinking about myself that's why I tellyou what my friends think about me. I dream to have a verynice and friendly family, I want to have kids and mutuallove with my partner, that's why I'm here - to make my dreamcome true. Distance and language barrier are not importantfor me. I also think that age difference doesn't matter aslove has no borders. What do you think? Do you agree? Where do you work? Do you like your job? I work at thesex-shop for women and I do like my profession. I helppeople to make their sexual life more interesting! So I sellwomen things which will help them to make their men happier.I also like sex but only with a man who will be my beloved.I am one-man woman! You can also ask me any questions and Iwill be glad to answer as I am open person. I did somemodeling in the past but then decided to quit this businessas it appeared to be dirty and cruel.. So now I devote allmy free time to cooking and sport. And I must say I amsuccessful in both. :) Well, later will tell more about itif you want to. Ok, if you think that I might be a woman who can be yourpartner - then send me a new letter :) Will be glad tocontinue our communication so write me [email protected]! Hope to hear from you! Anya :-*


Hi, hi dear xxx! I hope you are well today?! Thank you foryour letter! Honestly I was very excited to get it! By theway, I would like to see some of your photos too! I will beglad to see more of a man I am corresponding with! And yes,I am sending you two of my photos where one was from thephoto-session. We have not had many customers today. But it is because ofMonday. Usually we have lots of customers, especially in theevening. What do you usually like to do, dear? Since you areretired, I believe you have lots of free time. What hobbiesdo you have? I am 26 years old (my birthday is on October16th). I still believe in love. I have been cheated in mylife but I do not give up and I believe that I will find aman for whom I will be the best woman in the world. You see,very often people judge me by my appearance and think I amjust a doll without heart. But that is not true and I willonly be with the man who will appreciate my inner world too.That's why I decided to try Internet to find my man abroad.And what made you to look for a woman abroad? Are youinterested in Ukrainian women only or it just happened thatyou wrote me and I was from Ukraine? xxx, as I have already written you I dream about lovinghusband and family. I suppose most normal people dream aboutit. I don't think it really matters if people come fromdifferent countries or not. People are people. People havethe same feelings and needs. I also think that communicationis important. I want our correspondence to be open andhonest and I think you must know that I cannot speak or readEnglish yet. You see, I have moved to Luhansk a couple ofyears ago and before that I lived in a very small town where"computer" was just a strange word. So it was quitedifficult for me to get used to the new life in a big city.So I do not know how to use computer as well. I write youletters on a sheet of paper in Russian and then I pay fortranslation and translation company sends it to you. I hopeyou see that I am taking our correspondence very serious.But of course I plan to learn English in future and also tolearn how to use computers and Internet. Are you willing tobe my teacher??? :) Well, I will stop here and will bewaiting for your next letter! I start to like ourcorrespondence more and more! I also send you my pics so Ihope you will send me some of your photos too! Hug you,Anya


My dear xxx! Thank you very much for your letter! I also liked your hotfantasy very much! I am very glad you are such passionateman! I am glad that you like to make a woman happy andsatisfied! I've been looking exactly for a man like that! Iloved your first sex-lesson! And I hope you will teach memore, my dear Tomas! Last night I was trying to imagine what our first meetingwill look like. So I imagine that we are sitting in a cosyrestaurant, candles, a glass of wine, soft music and thewhole atmosphere is very romantic. I look in your eyes and Ifeel flame burning in my body.. Do you like my vision?? I'malso sure we will have a wonderful sex even when we aretogether as a couple. Don't you think so?? You can easilyname me a fire, a volcano. I want relations, I want amarriage, I want a family, I want intimacy, I want hotnights and crazy days, I want to live full-fledged life, Iwant to enjoy my partner, I want our union to be based onmutual love, respect and sexual satisfaction. Do you wantthe same?? I don't want to date virtually with you forever.I'm a real woman, I have real feelings, I have a realinterest towards you and I want to build real relations assoon as possible. I want to be with you and I want you to bewith me. Do you agree to date with me in real? Do you wantme to be your woman and your real soul mate? I so much wantto continue learning about you and your life!! However there is a problem which I need to tell you.. In mysecond letter I honestly told you that I do not know Englishand I have to use translation service. The problem is that Iam not able to pay for translation service anymore. I havenever had any intention to ask you to help me with thetranslation of our correspondence but if I wouldn't ask youfor this we would simply lost our contact and you mightthink I was not serious or just not interested anymore.. Itried to write in Russian but I have no skills for workingon the Internet as I have never had computer at home. So Ineed to ask you for your help with the translation fees. Iknow that you may be shocked or disappointed when you hearit, but I have no way out, my dear. Please do not leave this part of my letter without commentand tell me if you want to keep our contact alive. As for meI do not want to lose you and want us to be together untilpersonal meeting! I do not want to lose you and wonderfulchance to be together.. I send you my kiss! Your Anya


My dear, sweet xxx!Privet! Thank you very much for your letter which was indeed a truejoy to read! You know, I've always considered myself to be adown to earth person, but with you I start being verysensitive and romantic! My dear, you awake the most tenderfeelings in me and this makes me very happy! I am glad I wasnot mistaking considering you to be a reliable and seriousman. You know, dear Tomas, it is very hard to find a seriousman nowadays.. Men tend to be lying and not serious aboutwhat they say or do. But you are an example of what a realman should look like. And I am very happy I met such awonderful man. Today I talked to the manager of the translation company andshe told me that there are several ways of how you can helpme to keep our correspondence alive. I have never used anyof those ways so I will leave it to you to decide which oneis better. So, they proposed me to use Western UnionMoneyGram systems. Manager told me that if you send moneythrough Western Union you write in your document: the name of receiver ANNA SOSEDKOthe TOWN LUHANSKthe address KOROLEVA, 45zip code 91085country UKRAINE And, honey, if you decide to send money through MoneyGramsystem, you should send money to UkrExim Bank, to the nameof me, ANNA SOSEDKO. I pay 5 USD for translation of a one letter. Also I pay 3USD if I print off your photo and I pay 2 USD to send aphoto to you. Also they offer unlimited service which costs230 USD for one month and 380 USD for two months. Well, mydearest Tomas, I will sign off now and will be waiting forthe news from you! Kisses from Anya!


Dear Sir! The purpose of this letter is to inform you that Miss AnyaSosedko, your Lady is at our translation office right now.You have been corresponding with her some time ago but hadto stop correspondence due to inability of Miss Anya tosupport translation fees. However Miss Anya is stillinterested in you and hopes to resume correspondence withyou. If you are also interested in Miss Anya you are welcome tolook to help her with translation fees and resumecorrespondence with her. Miss Anya is serious about you andis not playing any games with you. She doesn't speak Englishat all so we help her with translation of correspondencewith you and also help her with Internet access. Miss Anyaunfortunately cannot reach you in any other way but onlywith our help for which we take reasonable fee. Miss Anyasays she has some important issues to discuss with you andhopes you will help her with translation fees to do that assoon as possible. She also asked us to send you her recentphoto. -translation and printing of one letter - 5 USD-scanning of one photo - 3 USD-printing of one photo - 3 USD-phone call translation - 7 USD/10 minutes You can also get unlimited correspondence and photos of yourlady! The prices are as follows: - one month of unlimited correspondence - 230 USD- two months of unlimited correspondence - 380 USD This service works like this: Your lady receives your lettertranslated and printed. She writes her reply. After beingtranslated and printed we e-mail her reply to you. We notifyyou if the letter is returned to us for any reason. Whenyour account is over we will send you a balance withdetailed report of your expenses. The payment system in our agency is likely to be the mostflexible in comparison with other agencies. We can get thepayment by bank transference from USA, Europe and Asia. Wesupport the following payment systems: Western Union(, MoneyGram ( Soyou can send money using these systems to the name of yourlady. If you send money through Western Union you write in yourdocument: the name of receiver ANNA SOSEDKOthe TOWN LUHANSKthe address KOROLEVA, 45zip code 91085country UKRAINE If you want to make payment through MoneyGram system, youshould send money to Exim Bank, to the name of ANNA SOSEDKO,your correspondent, Ukraine. Choose the most comfortable system for you and use it! As soon as you make a payment, please, inform us about yourfull name, country you are from, the number of the transferoperation (MTCN) and the sum you sent. With Western UnionMTCN has 10 figures and with MoneyGram there are 8 of them. Thank you for your interest in our services! Sincerely,Oleg Popov"BOFLco"Product-sales managerPh. +380502361446