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Hi! I hope that my little message will find you in good mood. My is Gunya. I'm from in Azer. I am 28 years old. I'm a rather diffident girl at first. I open up a little more as I get to know someone. I do not know what to write, I'm very excited, because I never used the Internet for acquaintances. My lady friend has told that I can find the good and kind man in the Internet Services. I always wanted to get acquainted with the kind man not from Russian Federation. In Russia it is a lot of alcoholics. Men here do not respect women. I hope that my letter has interested you. Also I send my Photo. I will write more about myself and I will send more Photo if you write at me.
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She scammer me Late week
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Hello your answer was so nice to get. I'm sorry that you've been waiting my
letter. your answer is already a lot to me, and as I got it
in the folder "SPAM" and I watched all the settings. Thus I
advised to create another e-mail. So you can always write to me and I
I could see your message right in the "incoming". I will try
Now use the computer frequently. I was in an Internet cafe and found
your profile on one of the many dating sites, there was a
your e-mail, I did it for a long time and did not dare to write to you before,
but now it's time, and I still decided and wrote to you, I
Hard to name a site that was long ago. But this is not important for me
only to inform you. The main thing that I can not answer you now
tell me more. I need someone who can be responsible for their
words and deeds. We both need to understand that we are not children, and there is no
space games, you have to clearly understand that, and out of my head all
games if these were in your head. It is important for me to give the care and
I love my man and to dedicate his life. But it must be
serious man who knows what he wants in life. I understand and how
difficult to understand in this world and to find their right path. But we
We have to do it with the right purpose and mind. to find
the one who can trust their feelings and try everything in life
together. I turn on the TV and see only the horror that occurs in
world. Only war everywhere and people can not look for common solutions and even
live together. I think then people will realize that you need to stay
together. Constant struggle for the lead to no good or will
and only the loss of life. Always I wanted to understand it and read a lot of books
stories. If you have served in the armed forces? it's not quite for me
it is important, but I'm just trying to understand what war can teach people there.
I probably do not understand anything in this. Although I graduated from the Institute
in Baku. I think that the important thing for human life and the need to share
all the pleasures with your partner. And if you are already in, we will never
lose. I want to say a little about yourself. I can write to you in English
language always. So once I know their language of Azerbaijan, I tried
learn Spanish and 4 months is also a little Italian. I could b
learn to talk more. I am 28 years old and live alone in the city of Ganja,
Azerbaijan. I never have been married and have no children. The fact is that
After my father's death I had to become an adult and most decide
their problems in life, on the day I was engaged in its own
affair with things. And opened a small business. Most part of time
I was doing these things, and had no time to build a personal
life. Now I am engaged in more than a last year I try
go to the pool at least 2 times a week. I also attended classes
yoga. And I like to be inspired by it, listen to quiet
oriental music. Trying to imagine when inhaling only the best,
I want to take myself in life. And when you exhale let all the bad
inside themselves. Thus, after these sessions I feel better and
I am trying to reach all the goals that I have outlined. I have a cheerful mood
and I feel it in my life as a holiday. I would now like to learn
more about you, in more detail to have an idea about you. Than
do you like doing and what are you listening to? I see that among us there
long distance. But why should we interfere at this time? I
a realist and understand that we live in the real world. I do not know if you
interesting all this, but I would like to get an answer. And I will wait and
even if it will take time to answer. I send you my
heat Gunay.